Sudan resumes press censorship

Osman Mirghani, is an editor-in-chief of Al-Tayyar newspaper, he is one of the editors who have received censorship warning on Monday. “They said they wanted us to concentrate on the issue of unity. They said anything that might disturb the government in the South might make problems”, Mirghahani said.

"We are back to square one … Starting from tonight they say they are going to visit every newspaper to check if anything should be prevented," he said, adding he had been forced to scrap Tuesday’s print-run of Al-Tayyar because there had not been enough time to remove the offending article about tribal clashes in the South”, Reuters quoted him as saying.

The Sudanese government has history of arresting and intimidating journalists. In May, Sudan intelligent agents closed a newspaper linked to Hassan al-Turabi’s political party. The editor-in-chief of paper and at least a dozen journalists were detained.

Last year, Omar al-Bashir lifted press censorship in the run up to April’s elections but private newspapers dismissed it as nothing but an attempt to ease international criticisms.

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