Sudan signs peace with Darfur rebel group in Qatar

July 22, 2010 (Doha) — The Sudanese government on Thursday signed peace deal with one of Darfur rebel movements, the Liberty and Justice Movement, Qatari mediator told AFP.

LJM Chief Tijani Sese and government representative Amin Hassan Omar signed the agreement in Doha, Qatar.

Qatari minister of state for foreign affairs, Ahmed Al-Mahmud, said Doha peace process is for all Darfur rebel movements.

"Doha process is open to all. We will continue to invite Brother Abdelwahid to join with Khalil Ibrahim and return to the negotiating table. He said he hoped this would lead to a "resolution that will satisfy all the concerned parties in Darfur”, Ahmed Al-Mahmud, was quoted by AFP as saying.

The Liberty and Justice Movement is newly formed rebel block and has no visible military force in the region.

But the two major rebel movements, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) boycotted the meeting. Khalaid Ibraham is the leader of Justice and Equality Movement, and Abdelwahi al-Nur, is the head of SLM.

On Wednesday, the leading rebel movement, JEM, signed deal with the United Nations (UN). The deal is aimed to protect children from harm. Under the deal, JEM is required to release and hand over to the UN, anyone under the age of 18 caught up in Darfur conflict.

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