SPLM PB is Hoodwinking Southerners: Referendum is Already Postponed

By Dr. James Okuk

August 19, 2010 (SSNA) — This is just politics of sugarcoating while the real bitter realities are hidden beneath the surface. The census and elections experience is still fresh in minds of the critical people who don’t like dishonesty. For example, the Census was conducted despite the statement from the SPLM and GOSS that it will not take place before the issue of religion and ethnicity is resolved. Yasser Arman and the whole Northern Sector were withdrawn from elections race despite the SPLM PB statement that SPLM shall participate in the elections at all levels, including the national presidency. Not only this but Salva Kiir and many SPLM leaders voted for Al-Bashir when they were vocal that he is an ICC convict who deserve to be behind bars rather than ruling the Sudan, and etc.

But the rope of a lie is very short. Let wait and see how practical this statement of the SPLM PB will hold water before it runs under the bridge sooner as the 9th January 2011 pass with nothing happening for the timely conduct of the referendum. Let’s not deceive ourselves.

As far as I know the referendum is already postponed for either six or one year as far as the implementation of the remaining parts of the CPA are concerned and in relation to the 2009 Southern Sudan Referendum Act.

The future is not very far to expose the dubiousness and hoodwinking of the innocent public by both the SPLM and NCP Machiavellian politicians and power-hungary human beings. Let me prepare my eyes for tears of sorrow when what the SPLM PB says here becomes contradicted in very near future as the very SPLM leaders will tolerate postponement of Referendum of the people of Southern Sudan.

Dr James Okuk is a concerned Southerner reachable at [email protected]

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