Congratulations to Leaders For South-South Dialogue

By Dr James Okuk

September 14, 2010 (SSNA) — With Southerners’ recuperated strength from unity of purpose from South-South Dialogue due to kick off in Juba by mid October 2010 as decreed by the GoSS president, all our bullets and pens shall never again be pointed to our own selves. No second bullet in 2000s shall be fired at the separatists again like the first bullet in 1980s because all shall become separatists for securing the dignity of the green and fertile pure African land blessed with lakes of oil and plenty of sweet water though without a sea or ocean or gulf port. We shall create one.

Yes, George Athor, Gatlwuak Gai, David Yau Yau, Gabriel Tang Ginya, Robert Gwang and others shall be ready to be there for the greatest good of South Sudan. It is our chance and it is our time to face with tide hands and joint legs, the Khartoum and its regional and international sabateurs’ allies against the split of the Sudan into two countries. We should know it well that nobody will give us our independence on a silver plate; we have to take it with our own laborious hands and active minds of strengths. We should not miss to enjoy our dignity from the independence.

Thanks to H.E. Salva Kiir, H.E. Dr Riek Machar, Hon. Dr Lam Akol, Hon. Bona Malwal, Hon Wani Igga, and all others who love unity of Southerners for the successful referendum. This is excellent a move with rewarding!

Unity of South Sudanese Oyee under H.E Kiir Mayardit’s revised leadership as it was in the beginning of his entry into Juba. Let this continues from now and forever and ever. With our unity, surely the victory of our independence is certain! Forward Ever but Backward Never. End.

Dr James Okuk can be reached at [email protected]

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