The transparency between SPLM & NCP during referendum process is sine qua

By Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

“Palestineis the cement that holds the Arab world together, or it is the explosive that blows it apart.”   Said by Yasser Arafat

October 5, 2010 (SSNA) — The long time France colonialism to Algeria was one of the most remarkable one in Africa’s modern history. The Inter- marriages, and citizen resettlement, which led Algerians to adopt French culture, and traditions. Yet Algerians were not content with, therefore, a million of Algerians died during the struggle for independence, (the land of million martyrs).  But when former French president, General Charles Dig’ geol. realized that; there is actually a huge divided sea called Mediterranean Sea between French and Algeria and they have never been one country as many French rulers allegedly imagined. Then, he decided to give Algerian people their independence.

Since, the war erupted between Israel and Palestine after recognition of state of Israel by the British foreign Minister Lord Belford in 1948, which is notoriously known as “Belford Declaration”, that cost the conflict between the Arab nations and Israel, continues to this day. Essentially, some Arab nation, especially Egypt suffered a great deal, both in lives and economic ruin that have a long lasting impact on Egypt.

But wisely enough, the former president late; Annuar Al saddat of Egypt acknowledged that: this is only between Israelis and Palestinians, and not between the Arab world and Israel, as it has been perpetuated. “The Egyptian government doesn’t have any Camel in this conflict, he said. Therefore, he made a deal with Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Began in Camp David (in Mary land, outside of Washington, DC, with the help of American President Jimmy B. Carter Jr. From that time up to present Egypt and Israel are living in peace and harmony.

Another long time conflict was of course, in South Africa, between the indigenous and the minority white’s invaders’ regime in the country, which led to imprisonment of the emblem and former president of South African Nelson Mandela and his comrades for decades behind bars.

But former president John De Clark of South Africa reached a conclusion that, there have indeed been all kinds of discrimination policies, and injustices against the indigenous, therefore something must be done. His government ordered the release of all political prisoners, and eventually the new page was opened.

Furthermore, the Bible tells us about one of the most well-known story in the Bible; the story of Moses. When the Egyptian king pharaoh enslaved the Israeli people and built one of the world wonders, the “pyramids." God said to Moses: enough is enough. Let my people go. Therefore, the Egyptian king Pharaoh freed the children of Israel, and left Egypt by crossing the Red sea to their promised land.

And the list goes on and on, but I guess you (readers) know where am heading to.

More so, during Peace talk in 1993 in Nigeria capital Abuja, between SPLA/M led by Comrade William Nyoun, and on government side led by Mohamed El Amien El Khalifa, and both sides concluded that self determination should be viable option to resolve the conflict.  The master-mind of NIF/NCP,  Dr. Ghazi Selah El Din al Atabani was quoted as saying, in a televised statement in Khartoum that, many Intellectuals, scholars, and high ranking officers in Sudan Arms Forces ( SAF), and almojahhideen, lost their precious lives in the bushes of South Sudan, defending the unity of the country, and now many people’s   are talking about the so- called self-determination for South Sudanese to determine their fate in a referendum?, then he added; who is going to be blamed, or held responsible for the death of those people?. He added.

Also on the same line, the Sudanese First Uncle and owner of al Intibaha news papers, El Taib Mustafa, was once quoted as saying: “We have nothing in common with the Southern Sudanese people; they don’t speak our language, we don’t shared the same religion, and they don’t look like us."

Quite frankly, Mother Nature divides south and north geographically, and the boundaries are naturally demarcated. If that’s actually the case, then why in the world the Northern elites wouldn’t just let us go in peace?

Plato says it best: “Better a little which is well done, than a great deal imperfectly."

In conclusion, the so called Sudan debts, south have nothing to do with, because the many was used for manufacturing of weapons, which resulted in the death of two million southerners, we cannot buy our freedom, we will fight, if we are pushed to.

I urge our brothers’ northerners to respect the aspiration, and our choice to secede in peaceful manner, for south to go fairly and the war will stop, is better insisting for a unity and the war will continue.

Let South Sudan go in peace. Shalom.

The author reachable at [email protected] or [email protected] 

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