Violent Separation is out of question!!

By Butrus Ajak, Australia
December 15, 2010 (SSNA) — It was on 13th Dec, 2010 when “NCP’s political secretary Ibrahim Ghandour accused some SPLM officials of mobilizing citizens to vote for separation without heeding the dire ramification of a violent Separation he warned”.
By a brief glance at above quote, who can’t see beyond any reasonable doubt this thuggish regime of NCP had a hidden agenda and wants to impose disastrous Unity on people of South Sudan? Could international community pretend not to have heard an aerial bombardment of South Sudan territory? Have they said anything yet? Why can’t inconsistent Obama administration waits for Referendum to finish before taking Sudan off the terrorist list and other sanctions?
As Separation waves shake the Sudan, NCP stooges are more becoming like madmen with loaded guns, they are furious and highly desperate, and are uttering all venoms they have at their disposal on going away South. One Kenyan politician said and I quote” frogs croaking doesn’t prevent animals from drinking water” It is the case here. Calling earth and heaven isn’t solving anything in our midst with NCP!!! South is seceding no matter numerous threats and other insincere sabotage by NCP and our Southern parochial brothers who allow themselves be taken for a ride by callous Jellabin.
Here are their threats amongst others:
a. To mobilise their youth to take up arms and fight south if it secedes.
b. Not to recognize independent results as there is low turnout in Khartoum and other Northern centers.
c. That South will be wholly covered with War smoke if it secedes.
d. That South is unable to rule itself and would be better of if we (NCP) rule them.
e. That unity is the best option to save South from being a fail state.
f. That Southerners in the North will not be rendered medical services and other basic necessities if south secedes.
g. To arm South Militias and other pliable South Communities to cause insurgency during referendum votes.
h. To use head of SSRC Prof. Ibrahim khalil as their invisible hand to cause unnecessary hitching tactics to referendum votes.
i. That they have contingency plan for South if it secedes.
With aforementioned few remarks is there a better Unity still in place if Southerners vote Unity? Of course not!! Our County Sudan has been in Unity since its independence from British and to be honest with anybody reading this piece, South had been subjected to numerous cruelties by NCP resulting in several million lives lost, there had been massacred of Southerners by NCP’s Jihad. Our people suffered a great deal in that so-called trapping Unity not again!!!
In a common story that some of you might have heard, there a time all local chiefs from South Sudan were collected and all slaughtered for pretext they supported and worked in collaboration with Any-Nya 1, my grand grandfather was thrown into a well alive, some were skinned alive and left for beast and birds of the universe to feed on as they died slowly by the then NIF which is now NCP. These are bitter memories if one hears word Unity with the same Jellaba again. NCP is just unfortunate partner!!
Honestly, NCP is solely responsible for the balkanization of the Country as it happens. If anything, NCP must blame it selves for all the atrocities it committed on people of South Sudan, NCP exploited and marginalized native of the land for many years. So the SPLM and his allies bear no reproach whatsoever, they were forced into choosing Separation as a result of unfaithful, insincere, marginalize, considered inferior, genocide, oppression and exclusion among others.
NCP is reliable for not allowing the Country to enjoy peace ever since. And so, Ibrahim Ghandour and his NCP’s abysmal agents have to be informed to forget about violent Separation in the aftermath of looming South Separation. Violent Separation is out of question!!! South doesn’t want War as our President made it clear on several occasions that south isn’t interested in War at the time, south eyed for its benchmark which is conducting Referendum plebiscite serenely but this shouldn’t be taken by NCP’s inept as a chance to terrorize Southerners, we had been at War and I suppose NCP knew the capabilities of SPLM the time it was in the bush unless those who didn’t partake.
It would be a deadly mistake if NCP instigates War now, if anything, NCP will definitely lose this War. SPLM/SPLA is exceedingly capable of wiping of NCP in the Sudan and therefore NCP must consolidate and appreciate it is given portion of the Country to stay in, something they aren’t entitled to. NCP must warn its Warmongers not to awake a sleeping giant SPLM/SPLA it will turn nasty if the latter respond. This is right time to forge a bilateral agreement, promoting healthy relationship between the two to-be countries. It serves no purpose to hit your partner twice if he/she doesn’t react, SPLM/SPLA has shown this clearly in number of scenarios and not because it can not retaliate there are times for everything, now is time for referendum and possibly War later on if anyone wants.
NCP must, and must only blame it selves for exploiting, exclusion and mishandling their true and innocent partner (Southern Sudan), Dr. Ann Itto rightfully said it, SPLM officials are following people of South Sudan who are frustrated by NCP’s unhealthy relationship, that was true.
Finally, it is high time to test new mania which is Separation. We, Southerners had been in rocky life as I have mentioned above. Since independence, we had no stability just because of Unity with Jellaba. We, common people of South Sudan are tired of NCP’s dodgy deals and Separation must be tested this time. Our fathers grew up in the War and we too grew up in exile as well and our children are now growing up in the same predicaments resulting into many generation gaps in our lives.
Butrus Ajak is a concerned South Sudanese, an erstwhile red-army and Swinburne University graduate who live in Australia, and he can be reached at [email protected]
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