Who is the enemy of Shilluk in South Sudan?

By Gordon Buay

March 17, 2011 (SSNA) — It is time for the people of Upper Nile State to call spade a spade. The enemy of Shilluk people in South Sudan is a Shilluk politician. From 2005 to 2008, the most powerful people in the South were Shilluk politicians. The foreign Minister of Sudan was a Shilluk. The Secretary General of the SPLM was a Shilluk and the Chief-of-Staff was a Shilluk.

It was Pagan Amum and Adwok Nyaba who campaigned for the removal of Lam Akol. When Salva Kiir appointed Lam Akol as a minister of Cabinet Affairs in GoNU, Pagan Amum threatened to resign. Lam Akol was removed before being sworn in. Pagan has a strong dislike for Lam Akol that he wanted to eliminate him physically. It was Pagan and Adwok Nyaba who kicked Dr. Lam out of SPLM.

If Shilluks are being killed today, they should not blame Nuer and Dinka. They should blame Pagan Amum and Dr. Adwok Nyaba. This time I will defend Salva Kiir because he never thought to harm the Shilluk. But it was Pagan who orchestrated all the killings in Shilluk land. Salva Kiir even refused to do all the dirty works of Pagan for moral reasons in many occasions. The one who is killing the Shilluks is Pagan Amum and Adwok Nyaba.

Pagan Amum knows that Shilluks will never vote for him that is why he is using the Nuer and Dinka to kill them. It is Pagan who is now destroying the SPLM by confusing things.

The Shilluks need to call a conference where they will resolve their differences before blaming Salva Kiir and Riek Machar. Pagan is now killing the Shilluks so that he will not lose SPLM SG position after July. That is why he is now painting the entire Shilluk population as militias of NCP. He is trying to save his position by killing the Shilluks. The Nuer and Dinka do not want Pagan Amum to be SG after July that is why Pagan wants to blackmail them.

I am appealing to all Shilluks to know who is killing them. Please, don’t blame Nuer and Dinka but Pagan Amum Ukech and his mentor Adwok Nyaba.

The author is a former Secretary General of South Sudan Democratic Front and a signatory to Washington Declaration between SSDF and SPLM merge in 2008. He could be reached at [email protected]

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