Dr. John Luk Jok is a real voice in the wilderness!

By Paulino G. Kedok – Juba

May 10, 2011 (SSNA) — As far as the CPA provisions are concerned, Dr. John Luk Jok a day lawyer by profession and the incumbent Minister of Legal Affairs and constitutional Development, GOSS, has actually demonstrated to the people of his constituency in small Akobo and to the entire international community that, he, John Luk is an exceptional and a right man possessing true senses of a real democracy at the wrong pressing time in this nascent state.

In an authentic democracy, Dr. John Luk is a real voice in the wilderness and a staunch adherent to unconditional democracy, who has professionally and constitutionally understood it that, the voices of poor people of Akobo who had voted him only a wooden spoon in favour of his chief rival Taban Juch, could not be deprived of their democratic rights and obligations.

Moreover; If truth be told, more by design than by accident, the counterparts of such a role model John Luk right across the region , were fraudulently worming their ways into the ballot boxes by not only cooking electoral books but also turned the tables to suit their long expected disillusionment.

By a hair’s breadth, had they followed John Luk‘s bold example, alas 70% in that august house today would be out of any honorific titles because it was quite an ill wind which did blow and left nobody any good from all SPLM candidates.

The Sudan‘s 2010 presidential, national assembly, gubernatorial and States parliamentary elections, which were stipulated to bring to a dignified end a transitional period, whose existence began in 2005 , only were the best examples or experiences of its kind in history unmasking a bombastic democracy of which the whole country meant.

One has to cheaply agree with a modern school of thought of political realism which said that, “if you want a comprehensive peace prepare for massive war" which became an empirical reality to north south conflict in Sudan. a two decades long second Sudanese civil war came up with an exhaustive treaty the (CPA ) which for the first time in Sudanese’s sixes and sevens shapeless History, granting the people of south Sudan their overdue regional autonomy as well as enshrining the country to be governed through two systems in a six years interim era.

Furthermore; the CPA necessitated the Sudanese from Nimule to Wadi Half and from Genniena to Hamishkoreib and Port Sudan as (Dr, Garnag) put it, to conduct their multi party elections halfway of interim period as a test of the country to corroborate its irreparable unity which was badly alleged to be somewhat mended and to be made attractive in which many southerners the author included spat the poisoned saliva to it of being worsened instead and made unattractive by the clique of domestic colonialists.

However; in accordance to the genuine articles in the CPA in the spirit and letter, those elections were to be held from March to April 2009. unfortunately, something fishy had it that the elections were to be delayed up to April 2010 due to much more pollutions in population census, shamelessly rumoured to be of technical ambiguities all along stemmed from registering, counting and tallying which gave the vastly and densely populated south a toy figures of ranking third in the broad daylight. Therefore, the census irregularities foretold the fate of a bane day in the elections results.

It is to be recalled that between the original times from April 2009 and April 2010, there were some other dates mentioned for elections to take place but all fell on the rocky soils. But as a naked truth, the said tortoise’s paces might have been triggered by the ICC disruption which was so freshly an irresistible headache to our decision makers in the glass houses in that cursing season.

The elections which reluctantly or painfully took place on 11th April 2010, were supposed to be over by original deadline of 13th. but owing to some logistical and technical limitations in some remote ends electoral commission emphasized; the date was extended to 48 hours more, that was 15th April 2010 and which was believed to be relevant to whatever killing a giraffe without injury nor disease thereupon resulting in a golden chance for every candidate from any ruling elites to win either by hook or crook. the latter the (crook) was the order of straining one ‘s nerve from both ruling North and ruling south (NCP & SPLM) who were accused by all of their political opponents and international observers, fundamentally of vote rigging, fraud, unduly intimidations, and many unlawful abuses contrary to the electoral laws and international standard.

All opposition parties probably, felt like fielding against Jesus Christ‘s church and Mohammed Alrousul’s mosque, were bitterly up in arms before they were caught red handed like young lady whose petticoat fell in the busy street. The dwarf parties went to pieces, gnawing teeth and pointing all fingers to the two giants, which had colluded of not fielding against each other following tactful resignation of SPLM Candidate who was meant to have been fighting on palace ticket and whose giving in signaled the consensus of dual agreement mutually with an avowed intent from the two top dogs parties to maintain status quo as far as Aden and Mecca are concerned.

Despite all of those malpractices, a brave man of laws known as John Luk of SPLA journalistically nicknamed, did maintain his professional and judicial ground without being swayed by his personal wants and motives of gains as the search for power nowadays is a source of garnering wealth in the 21st Century.

People of Akobo must be proud and fond of John Luk for respecting their discreet brainstorming and indeed Mr. Hon. Taban Juch is challenged to salute his majesty Luk one hundred times for assuming such seat because of John Luk‘s dignity in human rights and human conscience.

Thus; John Luk is a real voice in the wilderness and must be tasked to educate people of south Sudan to embrace and master democratic characteristics in good faith in any forthcoming elections.

Many thanks go to his Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit for he has realised the diligence and loyalty of Gentleman Jok who first and foremost sacrificed his piety to serve the interest of his constituents before serving himself first.

Let credit be given where it is due and Dr. Luk forthwith is a democratic prince of people, for people and by people. a single voice in the wilderness scratching his head hopefully in advocacy for a democratic state owned by the democratic citizens who would elect their democratic representatives in a free, fair, transparent and democratic comportment equivalent to international norms of democracy.

The Author: is a Student of International Relations & Diplomacy the Bridge University Juba and he can be reached at [email protected]

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