Has Late Maj. Gen Sham El Sidine Resurrected?

By Paulino G. Kedok / Juba

June 8, 2011 (SSNA) — Khartoum Junta clique has backed off to its 1990s war colours by eliminating its own army members through conundrum techniques and stratagems.

A cursing decade known as 1990s was one of the most disastrous eras, which was witnessing and experiencing a great deal of massacre within Sudan Armed Forces itself when and where Bashir and his criminal student Sham –el Sidine were crying wolf killing their own subjects in cold blood using SPLA guerrilla name as their atrocities cover.

Many SAF professional officers, NCOS and men were brutally murdered either by being dropped by an Antinov at the highest altitude or being soaked with gas and set ablaze using match stick before being poked into a pit without pity of burying human beings alive and kicking.

To make matter worse, the frequent disappearances of those victims either at night or in the air at the sheer day light was being attributed to the SPLA marauding results which only a fool and an insane could nod at it or satisfy with such game of a crocodile feeding on her own brood at the expense of others whereas SPLA in its holistic fight for freedom, equality and justice was renowned for fighting a just war as all prisoners of war (POWS) of SAF in all forms were being spared in the battlefield, being treated, nurtured and kept alive till peace and subsequently released to Khartoum without ransom witnessed by the international community at all levels.

Ironically, was a single prisoner of war belonged to SPLA released by Khartoum‘s inhumane system? I guess no is my assurance since Khartoum government was and is an evil government governed by evil self employed thugs believing in evil spiritualism whose motto is blood, power or else cemetery.

Those crooked practices were related to what happened in Abyei on Thursday 21st May, last month when the same hat of trade used to be being operated by Sham el sidine and his criminal school of thought mentor Bashir, has again been recycled and experimented in the same ideological business. This is what promptly compelled someone like me who was so familiar with those infidel tricks to ask in a very silly manner whether if Sham Elsidine has ever resurrected and forthwith embarked on his long served manoeuvres of killing his own men and pointed his dirty finger to SPLA dating back to those dark days of hiding and seeking play.

Common sense and with the help of an impeccable source has it logically that a sizeable force of intelligent cadres who have just undergone an anti-terrorism training in Asmara has been flown to Abyei and made to lay an ambush on its SAF while withdrawing unwillingly at the behest of UNMIS pressures.

As a pretext, the aforementioned criminally organised spy was advised to sing SPLA slogans whenever acting against their own likes as well as wearing different types of tattered uniforms to confuse the environmental sensibility and detection.

Prior to that SAF had already prepared for massive offensives at a stone‘s throw adjacent to Abyei territory aiming at Abyei area occupation and its vicinity. The only problem was how to begin it and thus they utilised this terrorist group’s availability which is not well known to their regular army and whose ideologies meant for accomplishments of political assassinations within or without.

The said notorious criminals were said to have been trained purposefully to eliminate all opposition parties’ leaders versus the NCP politically and militarily whether internally or externally.

Sooner than later their work is to strike on both ends biting with mouth and stinging with tail either in the Northern or Southern Sudan.

Therefore, if Khartoum junta revert to this al Qaeda network of classless killings to which it was accustomed to over the past decades, then Sudan regionally will dive in to a very serious cobweb of instability and statelessness in the Africa continent.

However, should Maj. Gen Sham el sidine resurrected, he has to know that the SPLA of today is neither an SPLA of yesterday nor one of 1990s and should not be defamed in the face of international community by somebody who is killing its essential actors mysteriously and later on would transfer his faults to others who should not kill like magic except through exchange of an audible fire.

Khartoum Junta is too deformed to be reformed and has got no keen sense of any art of possibility in spearheading its blood thirst applicability and must therefore be condemned for stepping onto shoes of Southern territory and must pay dearly for Abyei invasion.

Abyei etymologically known as (Bieh Deng Kuol) whose literal meaning was Deng Kuol‘s Highland or flat terrain a name derived from their Neighbour Nuer according to the plain history before it was soiled with coming of Arab history which came and twisted the terrestrial facts and figures.

It is to be noted that Dinka ethnic groups like prefixing letter A to all nouns of place and thus Bieh was prefixed Abieh until such a rotten Y is included.

However, even Prophet Mohammed knew and still knows that Abieh was not and will never be having an inch of its land annexed to the northern territory and the wrong guest called Miseryia must be shown its direction with which it crept without stuttering for occupation of their good Samaritan host‘s estate. if prophet Mohammed is not arrested by the Almighty Allah for these gross sins being committed by his believers against the humanity especially the animist Christians of African Descent of Nuba Mountains, Funj Kingdom and South Sudan for a century and beyond.

People of Abieh traditionally are very hospitable tribe versus other sections of Dinka communities and thus Miseryia tribe was or is just notorious for their shameless and thankless guesthood without fear of Godly punishment. Miseryia nomadic baseless groups is an eye broken guest who doesn’t recall how much they had suffered before given a sanctuary by Abieh Community and must be soon given a taste of their own medicine to go back to their roaming ages without grazing accommodation in any part of Southern Sudan.

What goes round comes round and Abyei people mustn’t regret their hospitality. This is an altruistic characteristics of humanity of which black people must be boasting for but fighting off the intruders using all means of diplomatic approaches whether for defence or offence.

The Author: could be reached for comments at [email protected]

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