President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir Caught the Malaria of Col. Muammar Gadhafi

By Peter Reat Gatkuoth

“The Sudanese army fighters, offering Eid prayers in Kurmuk are praying to the Imam of war criminals. They are not offering respect to Jerusalem but to the skulls of those dead, and war victims in the Blue Nile offensive” (Hon. Yasser Arman, November 4/2011).

November 9, 2011 (SSNA) — International community has been witnessing human Rights atrocities and killing of children in the region of Sudan since the time Field Marshall president Omar Hassan Al Bashir took the power through military coup. Detention and torturing has been the objective of the regime. Thousands of the prisoners were in jail since June 30 1989 in the main Sudanese torturing center, El Kober in Khartoum. When South Sudanese were enjoying their right and the due process of referendum day, Bashir on the other hand was aiding the Southern militia in the region until these days with military equipment to destabilize the South Sudanese nation. It is his hope that one day, he will follow majority of the Sudanese to hell as his promise and slogans is “if you get him, kill him and If he got you, you died.”

Last six months ago, Bashir ordered thousands of troops to attack South Sudanese base in Abyei. This Abyei is homeland of Nine Chieftains Ngok Dinka tribe: – an indigenous African tribe that had been there since the migration of Arab from Gulf to Sudan. They burned Abyei and leave the children lying down dead on the streets like birds. Nubian citizens were also on run as the Air bombardment and shelling cease and calm the weather in the Nubia Mountains. It is one of the toughest time for the civilians and indigenous African in the region as Field Marshall Omar Hassan Bashir’s tempter after the indictment of ICC is hottest than a boiled mental.

On Thursday, November 3/2011, President Bashir has called upon the Sudanese forces to launch an attack to Kurmuk, a process that he has been designing and scheduling for the celebration of holiday praying in Kurmuk. Thousands of the citizens, women, children and the brave fighters of the SPLM-North (Kurmuk citizens) left on streets as the town was burned to ashes within few hours. In his own words, Sudanese president Field Marshall Omar Hassan Al Bashir “announced in his speech in Khartoum that his military men would offer prayers of Eid Al Adha, which will be celebrated on Sunday from Kurmuk;” a celebration of slaughtering the indigenous African community first, and then clean the town for the holiday celebration.

Notwithstanding though that in the event of the departure of Col. Muarmur Gadhafi, Darfur community were mourning and crying that Muarmur Gaddafi’s death was unexpected since he was about to offer them a generous and a kind of help that can assist them to defend their basic human rights and their territory in the Western Sudan. They were calling the spirit of Col. Maurmur Gaddafi to leave something small. It eventually became and remains as tail because when Col. Gaddafi was leaving the earth to hell, he was sneezing all over the area while going over the territories of Sudan. It was not a surprise that he was calling for Field Marshall, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir since both Presidents stood opponents against each other in the continent.

The public remain surprised and wondering to why the American president who has caught and killed the faster hyena (Osama Bin Laden) on earth is not responding to the human rights atrocities and abuse in the Sudanese territories. Bashir stood high on earth, disgracing the world superpowers and called them dictators, for the real dictator has never thought of his own dictatorship activities. Human Right abuses remain high in Sudan as President Field Marshall. Omar Hassan Al Bashir knows very well that his life will result in an unhappy ending.

Field Marshall President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir is not acting on good faith and he sees the Sovereignty State of the Sudan as not a subject of the international law in the fullest sense. He seems to be the leader who owns the life of human being in Sudan. He has been committing human right abuse for decades and yet the world superpowers see nothing wrong in Sudan while the slogan of legal perspective started that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (Martin Luther King Jr., April 16, 1963).

The regime in Khartoum threat the life of all human being and all social activists, youth organizations such as Al Grifana activists were jailed, tortured and they are in severe conditions. Young children as old as 16 years old were jailed for just the simple reasons of club partying and youth gatherings. The Security personnel walk naked on streets in Khartoum as if they are crazy persons but man, they are serious killers. By then the public is in fear by itself and most individuals could not chat and share ideas about the legitimacy and function of the Khartoum government. The revolution is in their hearts all across the Northern territories but it is like “don’t ask and don’t tell revolution.”

The fear of the conflict escalation is high as he warned the whole region that “Al-Kurmuk would not be the end” of his occupations, hoping to capture some territories in Upper Nile and resume its military activities in Southern Kordufan while supporting Southern insurgents and rebels with military supplies. Had it not been because the revolutionary soldiers in the South Sudan respect the international norms and regulations, Field Marshall Omar Hassan Al-Bashir can face critical confrontations in all directions.

The North Sudanese had already voiced their concerns but starting it, is as hard as unimagined. The Eastern Sudanese community especially the Beja (African indigenous Muslim) were against the regime in Khartoum for years, and the Western Darfur tried many time to capture the towns as they always penetrated easily to Khartoum center. There is nothing much in support of the Field Marshall President Omar Hassan Al Bashir. If War breaks out, all civilians will act to join the opposition as soon as possible but who can start the civil strife and touch the tail of Field Marshall President Omar Hassan Al Bashir? This is the toughest things the community felt undecided about.

The sustenance of peace settlement and the negotiation of all major demarcation and proposed plans to achieve the lasting peace in areas are nothing but the war noisy of Hassan Al Bashir is loud as like the thunder of rain in his heart. Bashir wanted to go to hell with thousands of individuals in the Sudanese territories and he doesn’t care how much destruction will happen when the war breakout. The Blue Nile region supposed to practice their right of the public consultations and the same as the Southern Kordufan. He knew very well that these African indigenous communities could not choose to be in the North rather than acting to join their brothers in South Sudan where they share commonality and other African traditional practices.

As far as human right atrocities is concerned, President Barack Obama, Prime Minister David Cameroon, Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Nicolas Sarkozy, Prime Minister Stephen Harpen and the other international leaders should take a multilateral actions and puts forth another scathing indictment because Field Marshall President Omar Hassan Al Bashir has undermined the global human rights laws. It is regrettable to know that Field Marshall Omar Al Bashir’s behavior is a sign of willingness to cause the war in the region. Therefore, the international leaders and the Security Council should enforced and sanction the Sudan government again, economically and politically. The ability of international community to assuage the fear and enforce tough law could have reduces the symptom of Bashir’s war attitude in the region.

The author is the contributor for the South Sudan News Agency (www.southsudannewsagency) and The Upper Nile Times ( He is currently graduate student of international law and Human Rights. You can reach him at [email protected] or visit his blog at

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