South Sudan’s Main Rebel Group Questions the Motive of Maj. General Tong’s Rebellion; Threatens with Rejection if he Does not Change his Manifesto

Dear Cde Tong,

December 30, 2011 (SSNA) — The SSLA Military High Command has asked you to change your political stance if you want to work with SSLM/A whose position is to change the system in Juba while maintaining the independence of South Sudan. The people of South Sudan voted overwhelmingly for separation and nobody can reverse that. The democratic choice of the people of South Sudan has to be respected.

We have given you one week to change your Manifesto if you want to work with other South Sudan rebels. If you don’t want to change your stance, then, we will not work with you. The idea of confederation between the North and South Sudan is a joke of the 21st C because the people of South Sudan voted for separation in January. If the people of the South want to abandon their independence, it will be a decision of a democratically elected parliament that will exist after the removal of Salva Kiir. For you to form a Movement to fight for unity of both North and the South ten months after overwhelming vote for separation is a complete madness if not idiocy.

The position of SSLM/A, SSDM/A, SSDF and NDF is to change the system in the South while maintaining the independence of the people of the South. You have to know that the people of South Sudan fought for over 50 years for independence. You should also be reminded about the cultural differences between the North and the South that will work against John Garang’s idea of confederation.

We want you to change your Manifesto in a week if you want to be included in the alliance that would be formed shortly. Failure to do so means you will not work with us. You need to respect the democratic vote of the people of South Sudan for separation. No South Sudanese who is sane can fight for reuniting the North and the South. You need to respect the democratic will of our people if at all you are fighting for democracy and not something else. Let me remind you that we are not fighting for positions but for total change of governance in Juba. Our liberation must address popular frustrations and grievances against the regime of Salva Kiir. If you don’t understand that the priority of the people of South Sudan is not confederation but equality, end of corruption and justice, then, one would conclude that you are from a different planet.


Maj. Gen. Bapiny Monytuil
South Sudan
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