Egypt Is a Racist Judge for Sudan

By Gabriel M. Tor

We have no crime committed other than our own skins and religions.

January 17, 2012 (SSNA) — I once read a caption that reads “This Machine has no Brain, use your own”. The same thing applies here: Our tribes, religions, nations and leaders are completely nothing, until we start using our wise brains to reason well and do better for the world and humanity. We [all races] did not choose to be in the complexion we found ourselves. Those among us with wisdom, like their own skins, in whichever color it came in, without prejudice; either being red, yellow, black or white, if that’s how you read us.

You cannot claim an offer of mediation to the people you divide yourself and even classify.

The civil wars fought in Sudan between oppositions, or South Sudan and Khartoum are many wars, fought for a number of years which sum up, up to almost over a century and the struggle continues. Southern Sudanese knows they went to a civil war with North; the Sudan government – to end injustices on thin lines of race and religion under Khartoum as a faker.

What I am driving at here is Egypt’s recent offer, to mediate between South and North Sudan’s post Referendum and Independence of South Sudan as an independent Country. There are a lot of issues between Juba and Khartoum, regarding borders, South’s oil taxes and charges for transportation through Sudan to the Red Sea’s Port Sudan and refinery, Abyei and Sudan debts among other cases, which two Sudanese seats of governments have failed to understand, or agree upon. And this is where Egypt came in, to help the process according to; “Egypt offers to Mediate Between Khartoum and Juba”, January, 10th, 2012.

Whereas South and North were at war, Egyptian government chose to support North Sudan by sending forces and ammunitions to Khartoum to be used against dissidents or non-Arabs. Some troopers were killed, caught and identified as Egyptians who did not like the idea of South Sudan to succeed nor exist. So Egyptians decision makers must know that all the dirty jobs Egypt has done to South Sudan during those decades are still at their fresh point. No matter what Cairo do, or say, our eyes are on Egypt for justice for our murdered brothers at Refuge for unknown cause.

Why is Egypt a racist nation? Over two years ago, a Southern Sudanese found in Alexandria Beach water, Egypt, was told by Egyptians to get out of the water, and ordered to go take shower and come back clean. This was not a homeless Southerner, but a regular Southern Sudanese, who resides in Egypt at the time as Egyptian resident, who was abused, insulted and threatened, not that he, is dirty, but because of his dark complexion. The things we wash off our bodies every single day, are never things we came with during our birth, but the things we encounter, stuff that live with us on daily bases, you may say dust. No one, non among could wash his own nature clean, but nature itself.

Egyptian troops and police have been killing Southern Sudanese as their target for decades since then and the reasons were religion and race. In an article written by Human Rights Group, in Sept. 2005 carrying a headline of 20 Sudanese Refugees Killed by Egyptian Police after the attacked Sudanese Refugee Camp in Cairo. The description of the police by witness was, “these are not men, they are animals”. People who were either of South’s origin, Darfur, Khordofan and Blue Nile states were beaten to death without gun wounds mercilessly, some shot dead. This is not the Egypt we want to see claiming an offer of mediation for Sudanese people. They have nothing good to offer.

In another different writing by Houda, “Egypt Accused of Brutally Killing Sudan Refugees” crossing the border to Israel. In a single border crossing, 4 Sudanese expected to be Southern Sudanese were again shot and beaten to death in a single attempt. Egyptian government had never intervened nor investigates all these cases. See Egyptian Armed forces to Egyptians, and try to understand it yourself, if justice exist in Egypt before Egypt step out empty handed for negotiating other people’s affairs.

The Nile River waters which run through and in more than five African Countries has its 80% of its waters control and used by Cairo. Is there fairness here? Egypt must come clean, by paying for all the dead it has helped killed and reduce its Nile share to something less than greediness. We should see justice plaid on Cairo streets and tables, than in Juba or Addis Ababa. Egyptian government must cease violence against Egyptian Christians before she seek to be a judge.

Egypt’s government is Bashir’s platoon.

South Government should not allow Egypt as a mediator between Juba and Khartoum; they have been bribed and sent.

The Author can be reached at [email protected]

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