Gai Lel Ngundeng Joins Jonglei Peace Initiative, Pledges to Help Bring Peace to Jonglei

For Immediate Release

“I had this vision since 2008 because I don’t want war” (Gai Lel Ngungeng – Juba)

The above [quote] was the reaction of Gai Lel Ngundeng after being briefed about the Jonglei Peace Initiative and its core vision.

February 20, 2012 (SSNA) — The Jonglei Peace Initiative Leadership had a 30 minutes phone conference with Gai Lel Ngundeng, the grandson of the revered South Sudan Prophet, Ngundeng Bong, on February 19th, 2012. Having been informed of the JPI’s work, Mr. Ngundeng said such initiatives are the only way to bring a lasting peace to Jonglei because they are youth-led, community and grass-root based. JPI is planning to send 30-persons strong delegation, two from each county (11) of Jonglei and 8 from the JPI and church leaderships, to tour the state together, will meet with youth leaders and chiefs from every county, get their grievances, study them, and convene an inclusive conferences in Gadiang where these grievances will be discussed and resolved by all the stakeholders. Only after this conference should any plan for disarmament be discussed, and then executed, if it is to be peaceful and successful.

JPI has joined hands with a number of peace partners both at home and abroad and continues to look for peace partners because it feels that there has to be only one master plan for peace or we risk confusing the civilians. If there are three or four different peace initiatives, each advocating for a different peace, the civilians will not know what to think or believe. We are, therefore, calling on those working or planning for peace to join forces with us so that we go to the payams, bomas and villages singing the same song under the JPI umbrella. To this end, JPI thanks Mr. Gai Lel Ngundeng for taking this step and many others, who have already joined us from Australia to Canada, Europe to Africa and particularly Jonglei leaders in Juba, who support our mission and share this vision of peace with us. JPI chairman, Paul Mator Manyok summed it up well when he quoted prophet Ngundeng, who said “gatmar, bec ni mi neen ram kele,” (Nuer for ‘brothers, the worse thing is being the only one seeing something’) as he addressed and welcomed Mr. Gai Lel Ngundeng. Now that the citizens of Jonglei have realized that grass-root peace initiative could be answer, the only thing left is to do it.

While Mr. Gai Lel Ngundeng will join our delegation to tour the Jonglei counties, development experts, public and private from US and Canada, will also be on the team so that they can share their vision for post violence development plans across the state with the warring communities and underscore the importance of peace and tranquility. It should be noted, however, that we cannot do this without the stoppage of violence, and we are calling on all communities once more to exercise calm and restrain, and the government of the state of national to ensure it.


Paul Mator Manyok –JPI President, USA ([email protected])

Lero Odola –JPI Vice President, USA ([email protected])

Dr. Isaac Gang –JPI General Secretary, USA ([email protected])

James Manyabol –JPI vice General Secretary, USA ([email protected])

Miyar De’Nyok –JPI Information Secretary, Canada ([email protected])

Rev. Goanar Chol –JPI Spiritual Leader, USA ([email protected])

James Mawich Bichok –JPI member, Canada ([email protected])

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