Rebel Group Accuses SSPLM/A Leader Of Fabricating His Political Revolution, Calls For His Arrest


For immediate Release
SSLA Military High Command, Mayom, South Sudan
February, 25, 2012

February 25, 2012 (SSNA) — It came to the attention of SSLA Military High Command that Tong Lual Ayat, who declared himself last year as leader of South Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army, is an agent of the government of Juba who was created as a rebel Movement to discredit the revolutionary forces fighting to liberate the people of South Sudan from corruption. Since forming SSPLM/A last year, Tong Lual Ayat never met with leaders of revolutionary forces although he was approached to do so many times. We have discovered that he lives in Malakal town under the supervision of SPLA military intelligence with the aim to deceive the international media by sending out statements which discredit the revolutionary forces.

Three days ago, Tong Lual Ayat sent a message to international journalists claiming that the revolutionary forces are being militarily assisted by Iran to capture South Sudan. He claimed to be based in Renk County and said to have a force being supplied by Iran through the government of Sudan. We want to inform international journalists that Renk County is under the government of South Sudan and the only forces which control it are SPLA forces. Neither the SSLA nor SSDA has forces in Renk County. Therefore, his claims of having forces in Renk County are factually false. Even the SPLA army leadership in Juba is aware that Renk County is currently under the government forces.

The SSLA and SSDA ordered its forces throughout the South to look for Tong Lual Ayat to bring him to justice for tarnishing the image of the revolutionary forces fighting to liberate the people of South Sudan. The people of South Sudan are aware that this person calling himself Tong Lual Ayat is nothing but a hoax created to tarnish the image of the revolutionary forces. When he declared the formation of a fake Movement last year, he called for reunification of the North and the South. Immediately, the SSLA issued media release condemning him because the problem of the people of South Sudan right now is to get rid of corrupt government in Juba. Reunification with the North is nonnegotiable and anybody advocating for it is an enemy of the people of South Sudan.

We call upon the people of South Sudan in Malakal to arrest Tong Lual Ayat if they see him anywhere. He is a criminal and an agent of corruption created by Salva Kiir to tarnish the image of revolutionary forces. All the supporters of SSLA should exercise the right of citizen arrest to detain him anywhere they find him and bring him to SSLA Headquarters in Mayom to face Court martial.

For any question:

Maj. Gen. Bapiny Monytuil
Deputy Head of SSLM/A
Mayom, South Sudan
Tel. +249-912150206
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