Lack of patriotism is Beyond the Line!!

By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

“Me and my brother against my cousin; me and my cousin against a stranger" Source unknown.

April 20, 2012 (SSNA) — To begin with, none of us can deny the fact that we were raise in a country that was divided since its establishment, but the truth of the matter is; when it’s comes to the label of South Sudan verses another nation, we all stood tall and did whatever it took in our capacity to support our motherland, brushing on the face the principles and the teachings set forth by our forefathers, and our old folks.

Certainly, it’s been quite a long time, yet I still remember when the notorious and the first enemy of South Sudanese people of all time, the Egyptian former president, Jamal Abdul Nasser passed away in 1970s. By then, we were just kids in elementary school, but, unknowingly, his death was sad day for pupils in our school, and we mourned him as if he were a Sudanese president.

But when it came time when we lost one of our own, a person of importance to our lives, and a VIP, former President of the Republic of Sudan, the late Luweje Adowk of Council of State, there was never a State mourning, and hardly anybody ever mentioned his name, much less his legacy, or even paid respects and offered condolences to his family on the national TV.

Thanks to Uncle Shoggi El Badri, who reminded me in his article a year ago about the members of Council of State that was appointed that day on January 1st 1956 to take over the power of the Governor General until a new constitution was agreed?

Speak of double standards!!

In short, the point I am trying to make here is that we all have a common enemy, which doesn’t recognize us as human beings who deserve respect and that alone should serve as uniter not a divider. However, since the beginning of the tension and ultimately the wide-scaled warfare between North, and South Sudan, I have been monitoring and observing some of the behaviours and attitude of some South Sudanese citizens, who are engaged in a shameful war of bashing and unreasonably criticizing our government for no genuine reasons, instead of standing together to condemn the bombardment, killing of innocent civilians in the  urban areas and towns in Unity State and others area in the south  by Khartoum elites, using  Jets fighters “ MIG’s and Antinovs. It seems as though some unpatriotic are fully rejoicing and enjoying the show like they are living in the Moon!!

How dare them!!

There is the phrase that goes; “they came first for the communists, and I didn’t speak up, because, I wasn’t communist. Then again, for the Jews, but, I didn’t speak up, because, I wasn’t Jew. Then, they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up, because, I wasn’t trade unionist. Then, they came for Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because, I was a protestant. Lastly, they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up”.

You know the rest of the story.

Together, no one can defeat us, and it’s self evident by the progress and advancement achieved by our troops with very limited logistics military equipments, they managed to destroyed the enemy’s modern sophisticated machineries, and captured the well protected guarded oilfields, and they are still standing foot on the ground, despite what seems like a daily shelling by missiles and long range artilleries.  Frankly speaking, they blended, and deserve complements from us all. And for our mytres, who lost their precious lives, your names will forever be written with golden words. We will always remember that they were indeed our heroes.

Therefore, the compelling question is; what’s the position of our runaway generals, who are still fighting along side the Khartoum fugitives against their own people? It’s time for them to put our country above their greed, and remember that history has a long memory, a memory that they should pass on to their children.

Thus, the runaway generals should learn a lesson from unanimous decision made by our traditional enemy in Khartoum, in which the Sudan National Assembly, along with all the opposition parties that South Sudan’s the enemy of Sudan. Ironically, even those whom we have thought all along that they were our friends, especially in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), and Can you imagine that last Friday, Ustaz Farouk Abu Eisa was very furious and outrageous in Khartoum national Assembly calling for the downfall of our nation? Can you imagine? I did not even mention that same (Friday), all the mosques in North Sudan were praying and calling for the downfall of South Sudan.

Now, isn’t that enough to unite us? I don’t know what to tell you!

Personally, I can care less whether Hijleeg is an old Sudan land or South Sudan. At this juncture, we have an obligation to support our troops and stand behind South Sudan government, under the leadership of 1st Let. General Salva Kiir Mayardit.

I care less, whether if this government is corrupt or not, because this isn’t the right time for judgment. We are at war that was imposed on us, and we must stand together to win it, keeping on our minds that, there is no greater gift to our kids than to be born in a free country and in harmonious society, for better tomorrow starts today.

In conclusion, please, let’s seize this golden opportunity and stand up where ever you are to salute our military personnel, for the job well done. Also, I urge all fellow citizens from all walks of live, for solidarity to join their hands by generously donating in kind, especially, those who are in Diaspora, and support our braves men and women in uniform in this tough situation, whether you are opposing the government, Muslim, or Christian. South Sudan is above all.

Kalashnikov on your right hand, and olive vine on the other

South Sudan Nation Oyeeeeeeeee

The author is a concerned citizen, living in USA, can be reached at [email protected]

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