South Sudanese abroad condemn the double standard of the UN and AU

H.E. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations
H.E. Barack H. Obama, President of the United States of America
H.E. David Cameron, Prime Minister of Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
H.E. Hu Jintao, President of the Republic of China
H.E. Dmitry Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation
H.E. Nicholas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic
H.E. John Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister of Sweden
H.E. Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of the Royal Norwegian Government
Ms. Hilde Frafjord Johnson, UN Special Representative for the Secretary General to South Sudan
H.E. José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission and head of the (EU)
Son Excellence ObiangNguemaMbasogo, Chairman of the African Union
The Secretariat of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD).
Sir Derek Plumbly, Chairman of the Assessment and Evaluation Commission

A Statement Condemning the double standard of the UN and AU

Date: 21 April, 2012

We South Sudanese Citizens worldwide condemned the statement of   the UN secretary General Ban Ki- moon that South Sudan must withdraw its forces immediately from PANTHAU (the so called Heglig) without conditions, as he called “An infringement on the sovereignty of Sudan and a clearly illegal act.”

Your Excellences,

April 24, 2012 (SSNA) — Over many years, confusion, disingenuousness, and silence on the part of the International Community have endangered and/or diminished the chances for a sustainable peace which was ushered in by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) on January 9, 2005.  Although both Khartoum and Juba claimed to have not received all they wished from the agreement, we believed it was the only way forward for peace and peaceful coexistence for our peoples. We have watched with deepening dismay for more than seven years as the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime’s consistent attempts to renege on agreements, refuse to respect the terms of the Protocols comprising the CPA. Instead and contrary to the letter and spirit of such agreements, they have chosen to act with increasing military aggression in, for instance, Abyei, contested border areas, and/or in what is clearly the sovereign territory of the Republic of South Sudan.  

During the civil war in which more than 2 million of our people died, one of the primary instruments of destruction was indiscriminate aerial bombardment by Antonov "bombers" which are nothing but instruments of civilian terror.  The world remained silent which emboldened Khartoum to continue their barbarous war crimes.  And the bombings never stopped. On the contrary, they have been ongoing with increased viciousness and barbarity. For example, prior to recent, massive onslaught of aerial attacks on South Sudan, 40 attacks had already been launched on sovereign Southern territory since November 2010- This was also true during and after the self-determination referendum of January 9, 2011.  Moreover, sixty (60) more attacks on Bentiuand UN compound were struck which inflicted major damage on untold number of civilian lives and property.

Sadly enough, none of these barbarous and indiscriminate, deliberate and savage attacks and bombings on civilian targets had been condemned by the International Community in the strongest possible terms. This unforgettable and unforgivable international silence in spite of atrocities being committed against our brothers and sisters in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan and Blue Nile is mind boggling. The treacherous NCP denied them all that the CPA gave them by way of ‘popular consultations’. What they got in return was their incessant aerial attacks clearly designed to destroy agricultural livelihoods and starve civilians. These attacks and silence by the International Community has condemned to death by starvation many hundreds of thousands. Disappointingly enough, in spite of such blatant denial of Nuba, Darfur and Engessana people to humanitarian access, the international community remains feverishly passive. 

Unsurprisingly enough, this international silent whispers rather than strong face to face condemnation of brutality and brutal politicians in Khartoum have emboldened NCP regime to continue to bomb to death and destruction the people and their belongings inside Unity State. Some of these bombings happened on November 10, 2011 on the refugee camp at Yida. Although these indiscriminate bombings and carnage were half-heartedly condemned, they made no difference.

Prior to the current aggressive violence by Khartoum’s forces and militia proxies in the PANTHAU (so-called Heglig) area, in Kuek (Upper Nile), and Western Bahr el-Ghazal, there have been many precedents.  In May 2008 Khartoum’s Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), along with its Misseriya militia allies, attacked and destroyed Abyei town, killing many people and driving tens of thousands of DinkaNgok to South Sudan.  The virtual silence of the international community on this occasion certainly figured deeply in Khartoum’s decision to seize Abyei region militarily on May 20-21, 2011, forcing virtually the entire population of DinkaNgok—some 110,000 civilians—to feel to Warrap and other Southern states. 

Khartoum became emboldened simply by the failure of the international community to secure for Abyei’sself-determination referendum guaranteed by the CPA. Khartoum even went against the ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (July 2009) which led to significant reduction of Abyei in area. South Sudan Accepted this ruling and decision in spite of the pain it inflicted on the NgokDinka people. Khartoum simply dismissed the June 20, 2011 Agreement in which Khartoum was to withdraw its troops from Abyei followed by deployment of the Ethiopian brigade under UN peacekeeping auspices. Khartoum disregarded the said Agreement which they understand to mean no more than lack of commitment on the part of the International Community to see that the regime held to its commitments.

Khartoum had enough evidence on many other occasions to defy the International Community on commitment. Earlier, Khartoum had deliberately precipitated violence in the South through its sponsor of militia and militia attacks on civilians and SPLA in Malakal (Upper Nile) in 2006 and 2008.  This should have been disputed by any serious investigators sponsored by the International Community but was not. 

Undoubtedly, Khartoum did not stop there. Defying the international standards and norms that ban arming of civilians against civilians, Khartoum continued to supply, provide logistics, and offer sanctuary to "rebel" groups to unleash instruments of civilian confusion, terror, death and destruction. Much evidence exists from various findings such as Small Arms Survey (Geneva) and the capturing of a Khartoum-bound helicopter bearing personnel closely associated with former rebel militia leader Georg Athor (the helicopter was displayed in Juba).  Besides, Khartoum continued to arm and sent self-styled "South Sudan Liberation Army" to Unity and also Warrap states to reap havoc on civilian populations. All these tactics of destabilization and civilian fragmentation had never been strongly condemned by the international community. Only half-hearted and formalistic demands that fall short of true condemnation were made. This failure and silence have all emboldened Khartoum. We have heard nothing of significance about these deeply destabilizing tactics on the part of Khartoum, or only formulaic demands that "both sides" refrain from assisting proxies.  But there is no equivalence of the sort suggested in the phrasing, and again the regime has been emboldened by what amounts to silence.  Too often if there are words, they are uttered without conviction, without threat of consequences, without seriousness.  They are thus worse than useless.

The South has no wish for war; we have suffered too much, seen too many people die or have their lives violently uprooted.  We have made many good faith negotiating gestures and offers, including President Salva Kiir’s recent announcement that the SPLA is prepared to withdraw from PANTOUH(so called Heglig) if an intervening UN or international force guarantees the site will not be used again for offensive military purposes.  Whether in Juba, Addis Ababa, or indeed Khartoum, our president and our negotiators have made clear that our overwhelming desire is for peace—but that we will not allow the South to be comprised militarily or through arrogance that refuses to recognizes our rights under the CPA.

The only way forward is for true international commitment to see the CPA fully implemented, and this begins with border delineation and demarcation.  The current ambiguous borders benefit only Khartoum, while it is obviously in our interest to have the borders decisively delimited and then permanently demarcated along the entire border.

Unless the international community hears us, unless the international community speaks with the required integrity and commitment, war looms ever closer.  This is not our choice; it is a grim reality thrust upon us by those who find the claims and grievances of South Sudan inconvenient.  But war, we can assure you from long experience, is much, much more than an "inconvenience. 

It is only the international community that can recognize the political, diplomatic, and military equities of the present situation; it is only the international community that can speak in ways that will compel Khartoum to listen.

But all we hear are convenient words—and silence. 

Sign by South SudaneseCitizens:

1 Ms. Gisma Mou Mou, Sweden
2. Ms. Aman Kulok Bol, Sweden
3. Mr. Deng Kuereng Garang,Sweden
4. Mr. Justin Antony, Sweden
5. Mr. GabrielMarial Diu, Sweden
6. Ms. LubnaYar Waal Abraham– Sweden
7. Mr. Martin Mapour JohnMajak, Sweden
8. Mr. TittoAlekMajet
9. Ms. NyadaelBajok – Sweden
10. Ms. Mary Riak
11. Mr. Lam Kong Gai, Sweden
12. Ms. Mary Riek,  Sweden
13. Ms. Nyandeng Garang, Sweden
14. Mr. Luka Timothy, Sweden
15. Ms.Sara Daniel Koat, Sweden
16. Ms. Nyanail, Sweden
17. Mr. David Atak , Sweden
18. Mr. David DakMachar, Sweden
19. Mr. Saimon Pagan, Sweden
20. Mr. WekPuotWek, Sweden
21. Mr. Stephen Lemi, Sweden
22. George CholAnwan, Sweden
23. Ms. AfutuRamdanAndaria,  Sweden
24. Mr. Remo Ladu, Sweden
25. Mr. James Lado,  Sweden
26. Ms. Stella Peter,  Sweden
27. Ms. Abog Deng Ajou, Sweden
28. Ms. Veronica Riak, Sweden
29. Ms. Elisa Deng, Sweden
30. Mr. Deng Jok , Sweden
31. Ms. Mary Tikimo, Sweden
32. Ms. Edwina Patrick,  Sweden
33. Mr. JowelDanial , Sweden
34. Mr. RojerRaway , Sweden
35. Mr. Padang Anyuondit,  Sweden
36. Ms. Mary Mayiik,  Sweden
37. Mr. Deng Mayiik, Sweden
38. Ms. Christina Dahia,  Sweden
39. Mr. Emmanuel DianlKoat, Sweden
40. Ms. Makal Simon, Sweden
41. Mr. Nikson Garang, Sweden
42. Ms. Rebecca Nyanhial, Sweden
43. Ms. NyandenkaMayiik, Sweden
44. Mr. Mathews Daniel Koat, Sweden
45. Mr. Eddy Daniel Koat, Sweden
46. Mr. Moss Rambson, Sweden
47. Mr. CholMajakAnie, Sweden
48. Mr. Aler Kur, Sweden
49. Mr. Deng Ding Deng, Sweden
50. Mr. Ketali Posok Samuel, Sweden
51. Ms.Mary Akon Deng, Sweden
52. Mr. Hider Salah, Sweden
53. Mr. Adel Slama, Sweden
54. Mr. Ahmed Osman, Sweden
55. Mr. Altyeb Hamdan, Sweden
56. Mr. Yussif Ahmed Mohammed, Sweden
57. Mr. Bassi Mahammed, Sweden
58. Mr. Salhi Mahjdin, Sweden
59. Mr. Mosa Tirab, Sweden
60. Mr. Sharon Abker, Sweden
61. Mr. Awatif Mahjdin, Sweden
62. Mr. Mohmed Salh, Sweden
63. Ms. Kadeja Mohamed, Sweden
64. Mr. Babker Abdelalim, Sweden
65. Ms. Achol Maniel, Germany
66. Mr. Adam Tombe, Germany
67. Mr. Kino Jada , Germany
68. Mr.Amato Wani,  Germany
69. Ms. Awoor Bullabek, Germany
70. Mr. Biong Bullabek,  Germany
71. Mr.Bol Mawien , Germany
72. Mr. Bob Lumana, Germany
73. Mr. Bona Bende, Germany
74. Mr. Danil Makoi, Germany
75. Ms. Diana Diere Ater, Germany
76. Mr. Duer Danier, Germany
77. Mr.John Tito Adibo, Germany
78. Mr. Fr.HilaryBomaAmol, Germany
79. Mr. Francis Wado, Germany
80. Mr. .Galuak Tiem, Germany
81. Ms. Gisma Daoud, Germany
82. Mr. Gregory Abyei, Germany
83. Mr. Gur Makoi, Germany
84. Mr. James Andrew Lokudo, Germany
85. Mr.John Jak, Germany
86. Mr.John Zakaria, Germany
87. Mr.Joseph Ariki, Germany
88. Mr.Joseph Wol, Germany
89. Mr. .Maliet Chol, Germany
90. Mr. Manut Aliab, Germany
91. Ms.Mary Sabino,  Germany
92. Mr.Modi De Kiden, Germany
93. Mr. Moses Soruba, Germany
94. Ms. Niandeng Athian, Germany
95. Mr. Peter Dubdub, Germany
96. Mr. Samuel Aru, Germany
97. Mr. Samuel Toka, Germany
98. Ms.Tabitha Chagai Mabor,  Germany
99. Mr. .AnaiAbdonAtem, Germany
100. Mr.HakimMayolJouk, Germany
101. Mr.Yoda Abedaya, Germany
102. Mr. Santo Deng, Germany
103. Ms. Abuk Dual – IL,USA
104. Ms. Abuk Kuel – lL,USA
105. Ms. AbukMakuac – IL,USA
106. Ms. AbukNuolBol – IL,USA
107. Ms. Abuk Ugong Kuel – IL,USA
108. Ms. Achai Deng Kuol – IL,USA
109. Ms. Abuk Dual – IL,USA
110. Ms. Abuk Kuel – lL,USA
111. Ms. AbukMakuac – IL,USA
112. Ms. AbukNuolBol – IL,USA
113. Ms. Abuk Ugong Kuel – IL,USA
114. Ms. Achai Deng Kuol – IL,USA
115. Ms. AchelWurok  – IL,USA
116. Ms. Achol Deng Ajing – IL,USA
117. Ms. AcholDut – IL,USA
118. Ms. Achol Kul – IL,USA
119. Ms. Achol Maker – IL,USA
120. Ms. AcholMawud – IL,USA
121. Ms. AcholRengAgudit – IL,USA
122. Ms. Achol Ring – IL,USA
123. Ms. Acol Kuel – IL,USA
124. Ms. AdauAkok – IL,USA
125. Ms. AdauArop – IL,USA
126. Ms. Adaw Bak – IL,USA
127. Ms. Adhieu Atem – IL,USA
128. Ms. Adiel Bol – IL,USA
129. Ms. Adior Abram – IL,USA
130. Ms. Adua Deng- IL,USA
131. Ms. AdutAher – IL,USA
132. Ms. Adut Ajang – IL,USA
133. Ms. Adut Deng – IL,USA
134. Ms. AdutKuol- IL,USA
135. Ms. Adut Paul – IL,USA 
136. Ms. Adut Paul – IL,USA
137. Ms. AfafAnyel – IL,USA
138. Ms. AfafAyek – IL,USA
139. Ms. Agnes – IL,USA
140. Ms. Agnes Kide – IL,USA
141. Ms. AguemManyiel – IL,USA
142. Ms. Agum Abyei – IL,USA
143. Ms. Agum Aciek Deng – IL,USA
144. Ms. AgutAyok – IL,USA
145. Ms. Ajak Ashot – IL,USA
146. Ms. Ajak Maker – IL,USA
147. Ms. Ajak Muoranyar biet – IL,USA
148. Ms. Ajak Phillip – IL,USA
149. Ms. Ajok Deng Ajing – IL,USA
150. Ms. Ajok Deng Ral – IL,USA
151. Ms. Akach Atme – IL,USA
152. Ms. Akec Majok – IL,USA
153. Ms. Akoka Layolo – IL,USA
154. Ms Akolda Arol – IL,USA
155. Ms. Akolda Manyiel Arol – IL,USA
156. Ms. Akoul Ador – IL,USA
157. Ms.AkoulAmous – IL,USA
158. Ms. Akoul Deng- IL,USA
159. Ms. AkuanyAkuak AV, USA
160. Ms. Akuol Albino – IL,USA
161. Ms. Akuot De Dut – IL,USA
162. Ms. Akuwal Magak – IL, USA
163. Ms.Akuwal Majok- IL,USA
164. Ms. Alanakiir Deng – IL,USA
165. Ms. Alat bol – IL,USA
166. Ms. Alice Mogga – IL,USA
167. Ms. Along Kuot- IL,USA
168. Ms. AlualArop – NC, USA
169. Ms. Aluel Martin – IL, USA
170. Ms. Aluk Majak – NC, USA
171. Ms.   Amaat Tong Arop – IL, USA
172. Ms. Amairatere– IL, USA
173. Ms.  Aman Kon – IL, USA
174. Ms.   AmauNgoth – IL, USA
175. Ms. Amira Seaid – IL, USA
176. Ms. AmouJurdforial – IL, USA
177. Ms. Angelina Jenku – IL, USA
178. Ms. Angelina Nyanawan – IL, USA
179. Ms. AngethMajok – IL, USA
180. Ms.   AnibChol – IL, USA
181. Ms. Anib Maker – IL, USA
182. Ms. Anida Magaya– IL, USA
183. Ms. Anida Rifad – NC, USA
184. Ms. Anna Rihan – IL, USA
185. Ms. Antonite Jurbi – IL, USA
186. Ms. Arek Akot Autiak – IL, USA
187. Ms. Arek John Akot – IL, USA
188. Ms. Asiya Madiet – IL, USA
189. Ms. Asunta Bol – IL, USA
190. Ms. Asunta Boldit– IL, USA
191. Ms.AsuntaChol– IL, USA
192. Ms. Asunta Lawrence Komungagi, NC USA
193. Ms. AtapMaywein – TX, USA
194. Ms. AthewAjak – MO, USA
195. Ms. AualMayak  – TX, USA
196. Ms. AwadiaMangok  – KS, USA
197. Ms.  AwadiaMangokMabok – MO, USA
198. Ms. AweinLual – MO, USA 
199. Ms. AwenKuot  – TX, USA
200. Ms. Awie Shan – MO, USA
201. Ms. AwienBaic – MO, USA
202. Ms. Awing Mayor – MN, USA
203. Ms. AworAlange  – NE, USA
204. Ms.Awour Deng  – TX, USA
205. MsAwoutAyieny – MO, USA
206. Ms. AyakAngui   – TX, USA
207. Ms. AyakKuol  – NE, USA
208. Ms. AyenKok – TX, USA
209. Ms. AyuenMalwal, TX, USA
210. Ms. AywalMalek – KS, USA
211. Ms. AywalMalek – MO,USA 
212. Ms. Betty Lotara  – TX, USA
213. Ms. Bibianathiel – NE, USA
214. Ms. Bok Koul – MN, USA
215. Ms. BronicaAkeg – MO, USA
216. Ms. Christina Agok  – NE, USA
217. Ms. Christina Gol –  NE, USA
218. Ms. Christine Tut – IA, USA
219. Ms. CiciliaTako  – IA, USA
220. Ms. DaboraMalek  – KS,USA
221. Ms. Debora AcholMachik  – MO, USA
222. Ms. Debora Nydiar  – MO, USA
223. Ms, Deborah Lieng Malek -MO, USA 
224. Ms. Dominica Itto  – NC, USA
225. Ms. Doris Yatta  – WA, USA
226. Ms. Dr. Sarah Alier – NH, USA
227. Ms. ElesaAnyuat  – TX, USA
228. Ms. Elizabeth Ajongo – NE, USA
229. Ms. Elizabeth Akol  – MO, USA
230. Ms. Elizabeth Akot  – NC, USA
231. Ms. Elizabeth Bec  – MN, USA
232. Ms. Elizabeth Domach  – Fl, USA
233. Ms. Elizabeth Kuch  – PA, USA
234. Ms. Elizabeth Majok  – IA, USA
235. Ms. Elizabeth Malwal  – NE, USA
236. Ms. Elizabeth Puk  – TX, USA
237. Ms. Erika Matayo  – IA, USA
238. Ms. EstallaMajak – NC, USA
239. Ms. Estella  Marrile  – NC, USA
240. Ms. Ester Jobicson – TX, USA 
241. Ms. Ester Sprague – VA, USA
242. Ms. FadiaAwan  – KS, USA
243. Ms. Fatima Giwa  – MIN, USA
244. Ms. Flora Oromi  – IA, USA
245. Ms. Gisma Majak  – NC, USA
246. Ms. GissmaDabora  – AZ, USA
247. Ms. Golda Jada  – NC, USA
248. Ms. Hager Helou  – IA, USA
249. Ms. Hayat Atem – NE,USA 
250. Ms. Hayat Atem  – TX, USA
251. Ms. Helena Bahkit- MN, USA
252. Ms. Helena Lueth  – VA, USA
253. Ms. Howa Mousa – FL, USA
254. Ms. JacklineManou – NE, USA 
255. Ms. Josephine Wol – FL, USA
256. Ms. JovanaMawuen – MN,USA
257. Ms. Joyce Tor  – NC, USA
258. Ms. Julia Basoda – IA, USA
259. Ms. Julia Kojo  – MN, USA
260. Ms. Julia Martin – TX, USA 
261. Ms. Julia Obul  – NE, USA
262. Ms. KalthoumaOkilo -TX,USA
263. Ms. KarimaMuorwel  – MO, USA
264. Ms. KhadigaZail – MN,USA 
265. Ms. Khadija Bill – MN, USA
266. Ms. Lena Wol  – NE, USA
267. Ms. Lisa Akuol – IL, USA
268. Ms. Lona Baba – NE, USA 
269. Ms. LucinaChol  – MN, USA
270. Ms. Lucy Achan  – TX, USA
271. Ms. Lucy Mera  – TX, USA
272. Ms. Maimuna Anna  – NC, USA
273. Ms. Mama Madalena Juan – IA, USA
274. Ms. MankorManyang  – NC, USA
275. Ms. Margaret Kembe  – NC, USA
276. Ms. Margaret Lasu  – IA, USA 
277. Ms. Margaret Lokule – IA, USA 
278. Ms. Margaret Rut  – NR, USA
279. Ms. Marguet Kum  – TX, USA
280. Ms. Marhta Bec – MN,USA
281. Ms. Maria Chol  – IA, USA
282. Ms. Maria Duor  – IA, USA
283. Ms. Mariline Ambua – NC, USA
284. Ms. Mark Majak  – IL, USA
285. Ms. Martha akuol Ngok  – IA, USA
286. Ms. Martha Bol  – MN, USA
287. Ms. Martha Dajo –  IA, USA
288. Ms. Martha Lual  – MN, USA 
289. Ms. Martha Machuac  -MO, USA 
290. Ms. Martha Osman  – IA,USA
291. Ms. Mary Amer  – NC,USA
292. Ms. Mary Amoso  – MN,USA
293. Ms. Mary Bol Ring – MO,USA
294. Ms. Mary Deng  – NC, USA
295. Ms. Mary Ijong  – MN, USA
296. Ms. Mary Kambamba – NC, USA 
297. Ms. Mary Koldang  – IA, USA
298. Ms. Mary Philip –  IA, USA
299. Ms. Mary Phillip – IA, USA
300. Ms. Mary Tap  – TX, USA
301. Ms. Mary William Deng  – IA, USA
302. Ms. Masu Tor  – NC, USA
303. Ms. Matelda Kolo –  CA, USA
304. Ms. Monica Abiel  – IA, USA
305. Ms. Monica Agoldeer -MN, USA 
306. Ms. Monica Deng – TX, USA
307. Ms. Monica Mapor  -KS, USA 
308. Ms. Monica Riak  – MN, USA
309. Ms. NafisaChol Mading  -NE, USA 
310. Ms. Nagala Mohamed, KS, USA 
311. Ms. Najema Riek, TX, USA
312. Ms.Nancy Geri  – VA, USA
313. Ms. Nancy Loal  – MN, USA
314. Ms. Naserah Deng – MN, USA
315. Ms. Natalina Malwal  – VA, USA
316. Ms. Natalina Tor, NC, USA-
317. Ms. Nor James  – IA, USA
318. Ms. Nora Awan – KS, USA
319. Ms. Nora Awan Riak -MO, USA 
320. Ms. Nunu Tor – NC, USA
321. Ms. Nyadeng Deng  – NE,USA
322. Ms. Nyadun Wiw Sara Jatk  – TX, USA
323. Ms. Nyaluak Agak  – TX, USA
324. Ms.Nyamow Dop – NE, USA
325. Ms. Nyandid Deng Kuol  -IA, USA 
326. Ms. Nyandit Deng Kuol  – IA, USA
327. Ms. Nyankiir Deng  – IL, USA
328. Ms. Nyankir Mabior  – NE, USA
329. Ms. Nyantie Chang – NE, USA
330. Ms. Nyanut Kuethpiny – TX, USA
331. Ms. Nyanwaat Baipath  – KS, USA
332. Ms. Nyanwuor Deng- TX, USA
333. Ms. Nyarek Negola – AZ, USA
334. Ms. Nyariak Koul – AZ, USA
335. Ms. Nyawarga Gile – NC, USA
336. Ms. Nyayat Keat – TX,USA
337. Ms. Nybol Akok – NE, USA
338. Ms. Nybol Bol Ring – MO, USA
339. Ms. Nybol Majak – NC, USA
340. Ms. NybolYel – MO, USA
341. Ms. Nydhal Majak – MO, USA
342. Ms. Nyibol Manyiel – KS, USA
343. Ms. Nyibol ManyielArol – MO, USA
344. Ms.NyibolYol – KS, USA
345. Ms. NykorMachar – MN, USA
346. Ms. Penina Bangolo – NC, USA
347. Ms. Precilla Choln – TX,USA
348. Ms. Priscilla Nihr – NC, USA
349. Ms. Rachel Kachol Jok – MN, USA
350. Ms. Rachel Koch – MN, USA
351. Ms. Raya Mangok Mabok – MO, USA
352. Ms. Rebecca – NE, USA
353. Ms. Rebecca Akur – KS, USA
354. Ms. Rebecca Chol Mabor – MO, USA
355. Ms. Rebecca Deng – NE, USA
356. Ms. Rebecca Deng – MO, USA
357. Ms. Rebecca Goup – MO, USA
358. Ms. Rose Coordination – MO, USA
359. Ms. Rosa Lugor – MN, USA
360. Ms. Rebecca Mabany – TX,USA
361. Ms. Rebecca Manok – TX,USA
362. Ms. Regina Deng – KS, USA
363. Ms. RehamAbuanga – KS, USA
364. Ms. Reya Mangok – IA, USA
365. Ms. Rita Zachariah – MO, USA
366. Ms. Rosa Deng Ajing – IA, USA
367. Ms. Rosa Majock – NC, USA
368. Ms. Rose Michael – NE, USA
369. Ms. Salma Ladu – NC, USA
370. Ms. Sara Gach – TX,USA
371. Ms. Sara Jatk – TX,USA
372. Ms. Sara Maluk – TX, USA
373. Ms. Sarah Benjamin – TX, USA
374. Ms. Sarah Cleto – MA, USA
375. Ms. Sarah Majak – NC, USA
376. Ms. SarraAbuanga – KS, USA
377. Ms. Selma Abuanga – KS, USA
378. Ms. SidoniaWol – IA, USA
379. Ms. Sunday Taabu – NC, USA
380. Ms. Susan – NC, USA
381. Ms. Susan Alier – TX,USA
382. Ms. Susan Ater – KS, USA
383. Ms. Susan Awal Deng – MO, USA
384. Ms. Susan Gew – MN, USA
385. Ms. Susan Manyielarol – MO, USA
386. Ms. Teresa Chol – NC, USA
387. Ms. Teresa Dhoal – AZ, USA
388. Ms. Teresa Dou – NE , USA
389. Ms. Teresa Machok – NC, USA
390. Ms. Teresa Maolt- NE, USA
391. Ms. Teresa Maw – NE, USA
392. Ms. Theresa Dual – IL, USA
393. Ms. Theresa Jok – IL, USA
394. Ms.Tina Lugor – NC, USA
395. Ms. TokrielManyiel – TX, USA
396. Ms. Tuta Bahgo – FL, USA
397. Ms. Tygul Niahl – TX,USA
398. Ms. Veronica Arop – NC, USA
399. Ms. Veronica Simon – TX,USA
400. Ms. Victoria Awar Deng – MN, USA
401. Ms. Victoria Baic – MO, USA
402. Ms. Wilma Missen – NC, USA
403. Ms. Yar Along – MN, USA
404. Ms. YarGrang – NE, USA
405. Ms.Yar Kook Dut – TX, USA
406. Ms. Yar Longar- KS, USA
407. Ms. Yom Bol – MN, USA
408. Ms. Yom Riak –TX, USA
409. Ms. Zohour Hamid – NE, USA
410. Mrs. ApiuMayen  – The Netherland
411. Mr.Amol Mabior – The Netherland
412. Mr. Kuol Mabior – The Netherland 
413. Mr. Garang Mabior – The Netherland
414. Ms. Athieu Mabior – The Netherland
415. Mr. Nicknora Gongich Chol Ngueny -The Nethelands
416. Mr. SantinoAtem Deng – New Zealand
417. Mr.  Abannyor- New Zealand
418. Mr. Peter Lomode- New Zealand
419. Ms. ApoloniaAbolo- New Zealand
420. Mr.  Monica Jok- New Zealand
421. Mr.  Robert Byer- New Zealand
422. Mr. Sarah Reat- New Zealand
423. Mr. Simon Nguot- New Zealand
424. Mr. Peter Deng- New Zealand
425. Mr. Robert Madut- New Zealand
426. Mr. Joseph Kichere Luri – Canada
427. Mr. RailaDanga – Canada
428. Mr. James Majok – Canada
429. Mr. William Oching – Canada
430. Mr. John Jal – Canada
431. Mr. Moses Bornyi – Canada
432. Mr. Joseph Siriaki – Canada
433. Mr. Onoria Mursal – Canada
434. Mr. Lumumba Emman – Canada
435. Mr. ButrusAgok – Canada
436. Mr. Deng Deng Marial – Canada
437. Manybany Dau – Canada
438. Mr. Simon Ajak – Canada
439. Mr. Michael Mayen- Canada
440. Mr. James Ring – Canada
441. Mr. Manjloak Yel – Canada
442. Mr. Malak Mabior – Canada
443. Mr. Paul Wel – Canada
444. Mr. Manyang Kon – Canada
445. Mr. YohanaWur- Canada
446. Mr. Santino Ayom – Canada
447. Mr. John Lofty – Canada
448. Mr. John Majok – Canada
449. Mr. Mark Mayotte – Canada
450. Dr.Mogga, Stanley Josephson Norway
451. Mr. Fred Osuru Obeyok – Italy
452. Dr. Dominic Nello Akwoj – Italy
453. Mr. Dalmas Saturnino Kimio – Italy
454. Mr. Jarves Noi Mayot – Italy
455. Mr. Richard Omene Albino – Italy
456. Ms. Mary Magdalene Naketu – Italy
457. Dr. Stanslaus Arumete Clement – Italy
458. Mr. Paolo Boyong Germano – Italy
459. Mr.  Moses Samason Kirba – Italy
460. Mr. John Laki Mikaya – Italy
461. Mr. Daniel Deng Leek – Italy
462. Mr. William Attak Mel – Italy
463. Mr. William Deng Deiwol – Italy
464. Mr. John KwalMajok – Italy
465. Mr.  George Lollos Salvatore – Italy
466. Mr. Deng Lual – Italy
467. Mr. Deng PiulMajok – Italy
468. Ms. Susan Solomon Obeyok– Italy
469. Ms. Mary AkokMawien– Italy
470. Ms. Abuk Deng Deng– Italy
471. Ms. AyienAkok– Italy
472. Ms. Joyce ConcyFulli– Italy
473. Ms. AngressLemi– Italy
474. Mr. AugostinoLomotAbudwaya– Italy
475. Ms. Awatif Joseph – Italy
476. Mr. Clement OsuruObeyok– Italy
477. Mr. Zackaria Ring Madut– Italy
478. Mr. Gabriel VuggaUjjiga– Italy
479. Mr. ErenestoMorbe– Italy
480. Mr. Abur Carlo Louis Kuot– Italy
481. Mr.  MayienMayienYel– Italy
482. Ms. Suzie Diya George – Italy
483. Ms.  Marika Batista Ukello– Italy
484. Ms.  Christine Tito –Italy
485. Ms. Achol Omar – Italy
486. Dr.GabrielModiNyarsuk – Italy
487. Mr. Johnson ManutTur – Italy
488. Mr. Mangok Mangok, USA 
489. Mr. Ladu Jada Gubek, USA 
490. Mr. Thabor Ding, USA 
491. Dr. Isaac Gang, USA 
492. Mr. Joseph Majok, USA 
493. Mr. Steve Paterno, USA 
494. Mr. Peter Majok, USA 
495. Ms. Nyibol Akok, USA 
496. Ms. Rose Oduho, USA 
497. Mr. Gatluak Puoch, USA 
498. Mr. Eltayeb Elamin, USA 
499. Ms. Veronica Ajak, USA 
500. Mr. OthowAwang, USA 
501. Mr. SantinoMayek Deng, USA 
502. Mr. Joseph Makuer, USA 
503. Mr. David Bum Choat
504. Mr. ChuorChuor, USA  
505. Mr. Hakim Ladu, USA 
506. Mr. Gau Garang, USA 
507. Mr. DhalbanyMalual, USA 
508. Mr. Abraham BulAguer, USA 
509. Ms. Diany Kuot Deng, USA 
510. Ms. Aluk Bak, USA 
511. Mr. Peter Gak, USA 
512. Mr. Gideon Abraham, USA 
513. Mr. Dut Mangar, USA 
514. Mr. James AropMajok
515. Mr. Jacob Mach, USA 
516. Mr. DuotAguer, USA 
517. Mr. Makoi Paul, USA 
518. Mr. Samuel MacharBak, USA 
519. Mr. Arol, USA 
520. Mr. Michael Kolekon, USA 
521. Mr. Ben Arthur, USA 
522. Mr. Jacob Deng Mabi, USA 
523. Mr. Deng Ngor Deng, USA 
524. Mr. Lero Odola, USA 
525. Mr. AgotKuolAgot, USA 
526. Mr. Duol Rut, USA 
527. Mr. AbielAkol, USA 
528. Mr. Emanuel Mayen, USA 
529. Mr. Dut Deng Leek, USA 
530. Mr. George Kuot, USA 
531. Mr. William WolMayar, USA 
532. Mr. TokmachAbol, USA  
533. Ms. AdolAluong, USA 
534. Mr. Chuol Both, USA 
535. Mr. Lawrence Becu Moga, USA 
536. Mr. Deng Deng Nhial, USA 
537. Mr. Michael Debela, USA 
538. Mr. Michael Kuay, USA 
539. Mr. Wal Peter MourAnyar, USA 
540. Mr. Wol Manon, Canada
541. Mr. Arik Chol, Canada
542. Mr. Mario Ayudo, Canada
543. Mr. Felix Dumo, Canada
544. Mr. Akon Arik Kuol, Norway
545. Ms. Alwet Wol, Norway
546. Mr. Arik Mouwein, Denmark
547. Ms. Rebecca Paul, Finland
548. Ms. Achai Chol Arob, Finland
549. Ms. Tereza Francis Luga, USA  
550. Mr. Mouwein Lang, USA
551. Ms. Awuein Mayan, Canada
552. Mr. NazarEltahir  Oxford – UK
553. Mr. Paulino Biel Lul, Ethiopia
554. Mr. OodngiIbaluKirram,South Africa
555. Mr. Tut Gatwech Garang, Danmark
556. Mr. Arek Akot, Danmark
557. Mr. Autik Bymarken, Danmark
558. Mr. Christopher Obuaa Ogwetta, Danmark
559. Ms. Nyakuany Juk Riak, Danmark
560. Mr. Reath Kuang, Danmark
561. Mr. Joseph Deng  Arou, Danmark
562. Ms. Theresa Nyantch, Danmark
563. Mr. Kur Deng Kiir, Danmark
564. Mr. Aleu Mur Mur, Danmark
565. Mr. Majuec Mayuom Abol, Dan, Danmark
566. Mr. David Kur Deng; Danmark
567. Ms. Jessica Joseph Mohamed, Danmark 
568. Mr. Deng Deng Kul, Danmark
569. Mr. William Akec Deng, Danmark
570. Mr. John Deng Deng, Danmark 
571. Mr. Ngelo Garang Alau, Danmark
572. Mr. Angelo Makuei, Danmark
573. Mr. Deng Mallual, Danmark
574. Mr. Justin Juk Ring; Danmark
575. Mr. Bang Lul Guangdong, Danmark
576. Mr. David Gatluak Nyang, Danmark
577. Ms. Nyabol Douth Chuatwey, Danmark
578. Mr. Yien Deng Chol, Danmark
579. Ms. Rebecca Nyakong, Danmark
580. Ms. Nyaluak Makuach, Danmark
581. Ms. Nyariek Dey Jang, Danmark
582. Mr.Gordon Nhial Bok Ajak, Canada
583. Mr.Mamor Awol Mamou, Saudi Arabia
584. Mr.Louis Makon,
585. Mr. Isaac Khamis Paul, JUBA
586. Mr.Paul Wel, JUBA
587. Mr.Agoyom Akomjo, Alamart
588. Mr.Jackson January, Syria
589. Mr.Abeny Kual, Canada
590. Mr. Arik Ring, JUBA
591. Ms.Victora Anib, Australia 
592. Mr.John Makor Marial, Syria
593. Ms.Adem Mayan Agym , USA
594. Mr. John Kuol Mawein, South Sudan
595. Mr. Jimmy Mou, South Sudan
596. Mr. James wani, South Sudan
597. Ms. Tuna Lomorow, South Sudan
598. Ms. Nyoka Johnson, South Sudan
599. Mr. Kok Kuol Mawein, South Sudan
600. Mr. Sabir Ater Demalwil, USA
601. Ms. Tereza Laila Jube, USA
602. Ms. Gloria Mariano
603. Mr. Simon Konyi
604. Mr. Jok Beong
605. Mr. George Machilino
606. Mr. Machw Chut Machew
607. Mr. Ashwil Alor
608. Mr. Kook Mawien, South Sudan
609. Mr. Malong Muorwel Gum, Asturalia
610. Ms. Nyadeng Kuol, South Sudan
611. Mr. Wol Wol, South Sudan
612. Ms. Achol Deng, Uganda
613. Ms. Biyanka Lado, Egypt
614. Mr. Wani Sabit Lemi, South Sudan
615. Ms. Nora Mores, South Sudan
616. Mr. Akon Arik, Uganda
617. Mr. Arik Koul Koul, South Sudan
618. Ms. Foni Lemi, South Sudan
619. Mr. James Naberto, South Sudan
620. Mr. David Mou, South Sudan
621. Mr.Haron Deng, South Sudan
622. Mr. Ramdan Sabit, South Sudan
623. Mr. Gordon Ajak, South Sudan
624. Mr. Kamis Salhe Lemi, South Sudan
625. Mr. John Lado, South Sudan
626. Ms. Mary Frances Luga, South Sudan
627. Ms. Jokudu Lomorow, South Sudan
628. Ms. Angeth Akoon, South Sudan¨
629. Mr. Tonjh Mayan, South Sudan
630. Mr. King Salah Lemi, USA
631. Mr. Fitiya Mohamad, South Sudan
632. Mr. John Tut, South, Sudan
633. Mr. James Ayok, South Sudan
634. Mr. Koul Mou, Sudan
635. Mr. Seyama Lemi, Sudan
636. Mr. Deng Tag Bol, Texas-USA
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