Lam Akol, Shut Up… Just Shut Up!!

By: Luk Kuth Dak

“Corruption is a disease that no one nation is exempted from”, The Author.

August 2, 2012 (SSNA) — Former al Basher’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chairman of the so-called Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM-DC), Dr. Lam Akol may think that his treacherous acts of evil against the people of South Sudan are all but forgotten in just the pass year and some months since the first anniversary of our independence.

It didn’t work!

Of all people in the Republic of South Sudan, Lam should be the last soul to ever dare disparaging the SPLM heroes on a slew of unfounded allegations about corruption, and what he called, “ bad policies” by the government of South Sudan.


Truth is, President Salva Kiir Mayardit has publicly admitted that corruption does exist in South Sudan, but so in the entire world’s nations including the oldest democracies. Not only that, a commission to eradicate corruption, under the leadership of the veteran Justice, John Gatwech Lul is diligently investigating and chasing those who might have embezzled public funds.

But if I were advising Dr. Lam, I will tell him that the first thing he ought to be doing right now to regain the confidence of the people of South Sudan, is to publicly apologize, and quite honestly seek their forgiveness for all of the betrayal, the profound collaboration with our historical oppressors in the NCP, and for his soundly rejecting holding the referendum as agreed upon in the CPA.

But no!

Instead, Lam took advantage of the freedom of speech at heart. And now, he’d made it his business to berate the party that carried our people to the promise land. In addition, we all can’t read what’s really going through the mind of the NCP golden boy, but I do not believe that Lam does understand the peoples’ feeling towards him. But, if he were to read the negative comments being made by the readers at the tails of all the articles he had written, he would have found out that South Sudanese in all of their different ethnicities including his on, repudiate everything he stands for, and have a profound hatred for him- not just because of mistrust in him- but also because he laid the groundwork to destroy the South, and denied its people from attaining their alienable rights of becoming an independent people.

Finally, may be it’s the right time for Lam to denounce his past and try rekindling everything with those he had hurt so much over the years.

The author can be reached at: [email protected]

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