An Open Letter to H.E.Leutenant General Salva Kiir Mayardit

President of the Republic of South Sudan
State House, Juba
South Sudan.

Subject: Wau Street Shooting of Civilian protesters by state Security forces

Mr President,

December 15, 2012 (SSNA) — The grisly scene of Wau Street killings captured on Al Gazeera video camera demonstrably represents nothing less than the handiwork of a gory and unrestrained monster that must unreservedly be denounced by all including the government of South Sudan. Such abysmal disposition of the Western Bahr El-Ghazal governor exhibits all the hallmarks of both an irresponsible and politically imprudent government functionary. The recent spine-tingling slaughter of the unarmed street protesters in wau town is reminiscent of the somber picture of the 1967 massacre in the same town of which the current state governor Mr. Rizik Zakaria Hassan should have been sentient. The only difference distinguishing the two massacres is that the actors bear unmatched identities and motives, but all the same, they acted in similar fashion. As a concerned South Sudanese citizen, I would simply at this juncture request your government to do at least three things:

1) Hold an immediate moratorium on the controversial relocation of the Wau County seat to the new site until such a time that an amicably consensual solution could be made available, perhaps through the state Parliament, or by organizing a referendum to sort out the issue, but certainly not the State Council of Ministers;

2) Swiftly remove from office, the culprit(s) responsible for sanctioning the shooting of those protesters and duly prosecute them in a competent Court of law, as the act executed is absolutely an inexcusable feat by any conceivable gauge; and

3) Strive to make some limited compensation to the families of the victims as the loss has created unfixable void and may well crystalize into a potential urge for retribution, leading to brutality and counter brutality.

South Sudan is under international scrutiny and is expected to become a flourishing rather than a flagging democracy. The world is likewise becoming increasingly somnolent and to some degree disillusioned with the acts of horrifying brutality and the accompanying sluggish turning of the wheel of justice in the newest world’s state. The flickers of progress that the government of the Republic of South Sudan is attempting to uphold should not be extinguished by unsavory acts of some fiends or bloodthirsty behemoths. The rule of village tyrants as demonstrated by the governor of Western Bahr El-Ghazal should be abandoned forthwith and replaced by a construct of thoughtfulness, equanimity, accountability and integrity.

Thank You Mr. President.

Peter Lokarlo Marsu
Former Casual Lecturer,
Graduate School of Business and Law
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.
Cc: H.E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Vice President of the Republic of Sudan
Cc H.E. James Wani Igga, Speaker of South Sudan Parliament;
Cc Council of Ministers, the Government of South Sudan
Cc The entire Community of Western Bahr El Ghazal
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