Cry the Beloved Greater Bahr el-Ghazal?

By Deng Mangok Ayuel

December 21, 2012 (SSNA) — Every bead has a story, truly invincible and unbelievable in Western Bhar el-Ghazal State. When I visited the town of Wau yesterday, I thought that I was on the road with enemies than my own people of Bhar el-Ghazal in South Sudan. I used to be in the public places in Wau in order to chat with friends and enjoy taking tea with anyone closer to me but it was a nightmare yesterday. People were“physically enemies” to each other through appearances when looking at them and they cautiously move unfriendly on the road. That was not how these people have lived as citizens of Wau in the past!

In this part of the world where citizens are mindful and proud of their tribal heritages and the land of their ancestors, it is not easy for someone to say that there are people who are really complicating the situation in Wau. Anyway, it is the work of security and the government to protect the citizens in the country. If we fought for decades for the sake of peace and freedom, then why should we kill ourselves after we became a nation? I thought that Wau town has been resided by citizens who are peace lovers, care of welfare of their children instead of being tribes’ members who wish to mess themselves. Where towns are resided by the so-called “tribes” is considered more dangerous than foreign country where individuals dwell and look different among the people in foreign soil.

The destruction of property and the killing of innocent civilians in Wau deserve proper investigation in order to find the root causes of the problem and those behind it. There is no smoke without fire. Whenever a citizen of Wau proudly says Wau nar, Wau nur, I do overwhelming feel proud of him/her in the bottom of my heart. But what is Wau nar now? Protest over transfer of county headquarters and the killing of civilians? What is so what in Western Bhar el-Ghazal?

“Sending towns to people” according to the late Dr John Garang de Mabior was not forcing towns to people. Towns are sent to people who are ready and organized, aware and willing for townships. Unwilling donkey can’t drink even though appeased with 100 kgs of sorghum.

The state governor has been trying to bring change; others are trying to fail him. Why are people refusing light? I would like to assure the citizens of Western Bhar el –Ghazal that demonstration is not the solution to problems in South Sudan. Never did our forefathers once chanted on the roads and protested in their villages lest they don’t know their rights and the rights of others.

Again, peaceful protest is guaranteed when there are well trained law enforcement agencies that shall not see demonstrators as saboteurs. If you protested near my hut in Aweil for instance – do you think I will join you? I can’t join you but I am not a coward. Our policemen are appreciated when they paraded and marched during occasions. But if demonstrators wanted to fight policemen, what would you purpose? I am not saying that policemen should kill people but it is legal right for police to disperse demonstrators.

It is lamentable that people died for what is not supposed to kill them while approaching Christmas. People should live as one in the eye of God and love each other. Let follow the law and be law abiding citizens in our country. If you are the first class citizen in your country, so what next, confusion, blaming or cause troubles to overthrow the governor?

More than anything, I remembered good and bad things in life. The world itself is complicated. There is no devil than man. The real devil hides from my eyes but I don’t like to see it. Politicians are different people in the society, scientists are the nature confusers and policemen are trouble igniters and healers of our daily crimes. What is the devil now?

It is better to live happily and enjoy simple life in this world than facing unpleasant truth with elites and leaders. Man is unique in the animal kingdom. He has creatively devised ideas to become law that he doesn’t follow well and divinely enshrines his doings for the sake of God and society. Will those who shot demonstrators and those behind demonstration in Wau be brought to book if found?

As the situation is under the control now, I urge the citizens to feel calm and return to their normal way of living. Where citizens are driven and wheeled by politicians, there must be a problem. Wau is not exception after the commissioner resigned over transfer of the county. I don’t blame the commissioner for his resignation but would like to remain silent in his own house.

Honestly, I wanted the leaders to unite, think big and love what they are doing for the sake of community and God. I am happy to hear that the situation is calm in Wau and I would like to assure you that truth has an eye. It can mirror itself or be seen by others, that is why many people have penned their thoughts when seeing others dying in Western Bhar el-Ghazal.

Deng Mangok Ayuel lives in Aweil. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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