Dr Michael Wal Duany: A life Worth Living

January 3, 2013 (SSNA) — As we enter into the new year 2013, death has robbed us of our dear colleague and brother, Dr Michael Wal Duany who passed away in Nairobi on the 1st of January 2013 after a long illness.

Dr Michael Wal Duany was born in Akobo. He joined the liberation struggle for South Sudan at a young age, and served with diligence, commitment and self-sacrifice. Dr Michael Wal Duany is soft spoken and a consensus-seeking man. He will be greatly missed for his caring and wisdom.

Below are but a few milestones in his illustrious life:

  • March 1965 he participated in the Round Table Conference representing SANU led by Aggrey Jaden.
  • He was a member of the First SANU National Convention representing Upper Nile Province. The Convention took place in Kampala on 7-14 October 1964.
  • He was appointed by President Aggrey Jaden as Secretary for Finance in SANU Executive Council in October 1964.
  • After the conclusion of the Addis Ababa Agreement he was appointed in April 1972 as Minister for High Executive Council Affairs in the Regional Interim High Executive Council.
  • He held several other public positions including being Director of the Regional Development Corporation, Minister of Finance in Upper Nile Regional Government.
  • He left the country for the USA in 1984 due to the deteriorating security situation at the time.
  • He and his family settled in Indiana State where he pursued post-graduate studies that earned him a PhD degree.
  • In the USA, Dr Duany has been active politically on issues pertaining to Sudan and the world at large.
  • After the Peace Agreement was signed in 2005, he was appointed a member of the Interim South Sudan Legislative Assembly, a position he held until 2009.
  • He is survived by his indefatigable wife, Julia, an intellectual on her own right, and several sons and daughters.

May the Almighty God rest his soul in eternal peace.

Dr Lam Akol,
Chairman, SPLM-DC
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