Jonglei Peace Initiative-North America’s Conference Resolutions

Jonglei Diaspora Community Peace, Donors & Investors Conference

Jonglei Community in North America, United for Peaceful, Secure and Prosperous Jonglei

June 1 – 2, 2013
Doubletree Hotel: Washington, DC, USA
Hosted by Jonglei Peace Initiative – North America (JPINA)

JPINA Conference Resolutions:


Washington, DC, June 9, 2013 (SSNA) — We the delegates and participants of this judicious conference;

  • Cognizant of the need to unite and mobilize our community in North American and at home to promote peace , harmony and development in our state;
  • Rallying behind the current and future state leaderships as they guide this great state towards a brighter and secured future;
  • Acknowledging and embracing the diversity, the importance of, and the need to embrace it in our state;
  • Gravely concerned about the insecurity and underdevelopment cause by the insecurity and insurgency in our state;
  • Appreciative of the role played by the NGOs, particularly the USAID, World Food Program, UN and UNIMISS while urging them to do more particularly at the flashpoints across the state;
  • Motivated by the opportunities we have in North America and the need to take advantage of them in shaping the future of our communities and state particularly in soliciting and bringing investors to the state in order to improve the livelihood of our communities;
  • Invigorating the historical significance of Jonglei and incentivizing the youth to embrace education, sports, and peaceful activities across the state;
  • Realizing the urgent need to put our differences aside, and step up our efforts to create effective and efficient state while working as sons and daughters of one mother and father with one destiny;

Recommend and resolved the following:

I. JPINA will generate fund from its membership and other sources to support its mission and operation particularly peace, education and investment across the 11 counties.

II. To significantly contribute to the ultimate goal of harmony and peace in Jonglei State, JPINA will continue to be inclusive of all the members of the counties in Diaspora and in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

III. JPINA will reach out to more members, ladies and men, of Jonglei State in North America, and to ensure that JPINA team have one mission and one voice in the process of pursuit of peace in Jonglei State.

IV. JPINA will pay particular emphasis on women inclusion in its own leadership, and in the entire process of peace building as this imperative.

V. JPINA will ensure equal ethnic representation in its procedures and conference by establishing policies that will guarantee that any county with more than one ethnic group will be represented at most by two individuals.

VI. JPINA, in it process of peace advocacy, will advocate peaceful coexistence between all communities, and for the establishment of the rights of minority ethnic communities, as well as mechanisms to safeguard such rights.

VII. JPINA will help organize youth groups in each county or ethnic group to follow up with the peace process and sponsor enter communal activities such as sport and others.

VIII. JPINA will advocate for decentralized and equal development across the counties in Jonglei State.

IX. JPINA will capitalize on its network, and establish mechanism to identify and report verifiable and documented cases of child and woman abductions across the state.

X. JPINA will emphasize education and training, and inter-ethnic interactions as tools to change aspects of cultures of all the ethnic communities in Jonglei State.

XI. JPINA will assist in the promotion of Jonglei State’ natural resources and generation of potentials investors to develop the state by responsibly extracting the resources with well established policies and procedures.

XII. JPINA will strengthen, and broaden its partnership, with Government of South Sudan, the state government, Ngo’s and other agents of peace and development in the state in order to complement rather than duplicate peace effort across the state.

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