Projections of the South Sudan Presidential Republican Decrees

By Peter Gai Manyuon

July 24, 2013 (SSNA) — Since on Tuesday evening when the President of the Republic of South Sudan made a decrees of relieving the Vice President Dr Machar and dissolving the all cabinets, people have begun having different imaginations, others are serious looking for the positions which they will not managed due to the too corruption that is in place in South Sudan public offices beginning from the Presidency up to the bottom. The all country was so quite when the Republicans decrees were released to the Media out lets. However, it was not really surprised that the President dissolved his government accept himself and the Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly comrade Wani Igga and most of the people did not sleep for the all night other spent their times on internet, other on phones , other writing issues that might take this great nation to another level.

People are having different perceptions and analysis of what might be coming in some days coming, everybody is in his/her own house. Based on what is taking place in the Country, people are seriously waiting for the new appointment whether he will still bring back Dr Machar or not, other have begun imagining the outcome of the lean Government the President of the Republic of South Sudan is talking about and the people who will run the lean government since he said in his decrees that, some of the Ministries will be amalgamated to some to make eighteen National Ministries. Citizens are waiting and the President is also sweating on how to bring people and who not to come, he is in the stage of squeezing. Am projection is that, nothing will happen in the Republic of South Sudan unless if the President will not be wise enough in his awaiting appointment which he said in his decrees until further notice. The confusing question now is that, who is going to be appointed as the New Vice President of the new Republic?

Other people are viewing the current Decrees as the reason of eliminating corrupts officials but the question is who are these people in South Sudan government since their names were not released to the Media and the citizen? Other begun wondering whether the former Government from the Presidency up to the last was not all part of the too much corruptions within the newest state. Some people are regarding the decrees as some things that will take back the newest Nation and other are suggesting, it might be the beginning of the new dictatorship on earth, other are saying it is the blessing for the new Nation. Comments and perceptions differ from people, and most of the people are waiting for the final decrees that might take place any time from now.

More so, since the creation of the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) in the year of 2005 when Dr Late Garang was still alive, there had been a lot of disputes here and there, that was almost lead to the disagreement between the current President of the Republic of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr John Garang De Mabior and eventually Dr Machar managed to convene his brother Salva Kiir Mayardit and up to date when the late Dies in Helicopter crashed between Uganda and South Sudan Kiir and Dr Machar were leading the Country until Tuesday 23th 2013 when President relieved his Vice President. It has come to the citizen concern and attention that most of our politicians in South Sudan are politically desperate in one way or the other that is why they don’t have principles that might guide one another in this Country. Everybody is fighting for his/her own seat to maintain it and talks about evils things about other politicians and I hope it is not me alone seeing that happening in South Sudan, I think all of us are observing. I might not mention who is desperate and who is not but, I assumed that we all know our politicians very well from their way they are doing things in South Sudan context.

It might take us years and years for our people to get acquainted with practicing a good politics that is not going to divide my fellow South Sudanese Nationals in this country known by the good name as the Nation of the black people who have a lots of ambitions oh how they want to progress in life. Going back to the way political system of South Sudan set up beginning from the inception of the peace deal up to date, you fine that, only the same people are the one ruling and controlling the rests who might not have good ideas on how this great nation should be taken to the promise land, to me we have not yet reached the promised land why? Due to the fact that, some of the South Sudanese people within the system are refusing transformation of the new Nation to a better nation that can be respected in the all world. No transference in the parties system in this country, there are a lots of brief case political parties even does not do their mandates, missions, visions but they are just concentrating on one individual interests and I hope most of the South Sudanese about the twenty seven political parties in this Country and the rests are coming since formation of the parties is the only way for the survival for the politicians.

It could be good if all the twenty seven political parties are doing the needful to the citizen of South Sudan by promoting good democracy fighting for the good rule of law and the respect for the human rights and dignity but rather they have digress from their own way of making a strategic planning for the country. According to my view and analysis political parties are supposed to be the doing the needful by regulating and advocating for the freedom of transformation of our government in to the better government ever on earth.

I was very amused last years when the President of the South Sudan reshuffled his cabinets , some people who were left out due to unknown reasons begin to hated the President and his former Vice Dr Machar, others were saying it was the influence of Machar that have led to his/her nullification from the list of the appointment , that make the politics so interesting, other are claiming to have been the people that can be do the best more than the rests , right now they have begun making serious lobby for the positions that I hope they will not manage to run due to the too much corruption in the hearts of the most of the politicians, others have changed most of their cars tires due to frequent visiting to the Presidency office, and that is the reason as per why there are a lots of political disintegrations within the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) because even those who does not know how to pronounce something in English want to be appointed in the government. Very interesting country, South Sudan.

The author is the Independent Journalist who writes for Juba Monitor Newspaper as the Columnist, you can reached me at;[email protected]

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