Mr. President, the cabinet is too good to be true!!

By: Daniel Abushery Daniel, USA

August 6, 2013 (SSNA) — Late senator Daniel Patrick from New York once said; “you’re entitling to your own opinion, you’re not entitling to your own facts”. My friends, the fact of the matter is; our historical and people’s party of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) will ever be the same again.

Its bugs me when people know the truth, and digging their heads in the sands, thus, instead, to be a fared how to heal the damage that inflicted on this brand new country called South Sudan. Therefore, “a true leader walks his talk”, that’s the rules and norms of leadership we are looking for. 

The truth of the matter here is that; the SPLM, which monopolized the whole South Sudan for more than two decades, is now declined to itself by loosing its popularity among its members. Honestly, it was a stagger ling loss to the nation heritage and its liberation struggle history.

Nevertheless, my take, and I am fully entitle to my opinion about the new cabinet of the federal government in Juba that was temporally withhold by South Sudan legislature assembly (SSLA) to conduct a thorough background check of it’s new ministers that was appointed by president Kiir without consultation with caucus and stakeholders of the SPLM party, this decision is normal and healthy for the nation.

It’s worth mentioning that; the majority of the Ministers and their deputies are not permanent or well-known members of SPLM; leave alone the mysterious appointment of purported lawyer, with no experience what so ever and whom many citizen are questioning his ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as Minister of Justice and advisor of the President Mayardit, That’s remains questionable and need to be thoroughly investigated by the caucus!!

The phrase goes; “you can not be the defendant and the Judge at the same time”

Some Ministers in that cabinet miserably failed in the past to deliver any services to the people of South Sudan nation, we don’t suspect a miracle after their first failure? And the most challenging thing is; there are also permanent members of Khartoum ruling party known as (NCP) who just joined the SPLM and came back home after the declaration of our independence from Khartoum. Not only that; some of them derisively, impertinent imitation the people of South Sudan during referendum process in the national and international forums and  media, sarcastically circulated the lies and rumors that;

“South Sudan is not yet ready to be a nation”
Again; “the southerners are not capable to rule themselves”,
More importantly, “South Sudan will be a fail State”. Many stressed.

I brought up these phrases, because, many good citizens was victimized by our government that; “we don’t trust those who worked with Jallaba”, they are traitors, they don’t participate in liberation struggle, they don’t deserve to be seated as hierarchy officials… so on and so forth.

Don’t quote me wrong; I am not against them personally, but I am against their belief and principle. As the phrase goes; “there is no permanent enemy, but there’s permanent issues or principle”.

And you know the rest of the story! It’s absurd, ridiculous, an ethical, and they owed people of South Sudan an apology.  Just to say the least.

Nevertheless; Kuol Manyang Juuk should be the first Minister of Defense in the beginning together with Chief of staff James Hoth to reform our Military. By the way; I like his toughness and braveness during the liberation struggle. But, after he serves as the governor of the most Turmoil State in the country, due to inter-communal violence and an infective Justice system in the State, he miserably failed to deliver any services, and to be the Minister of Defense and veterans affairs? In my opinion; sorry comrades is too late! 

The man failed big time to govern only one State with population less than one million, plus, his mischievous behavior and anger management problem.  I take to the hill, what government in the world would give another chance to such a leader?  

My friend; I put my money where my mouth is; God prohibit, without any doubt; the man will dragged us to war shortly with our neighbors. Trust me on that! 

In conclusion, I urged and appeal to our Honorable members of South Sudan legislators “ laws makers” and all the caucus to adequately check the background, and question with bold all cabinet members, you don’t need to be a neuroscientist is just a common sense.

Remember, you are the elected and legitimate representatives of our constituencies’ Honorable members; therefore, we all rely on your judgment, and your last decision.

Once again, this is my perspective!!

The author is a Criminologist, and the founder of South Sudan Peace Forum in 1997 can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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