Telar out of the Dream Cabinet; this is just a Beginning

By John Smith

Dear south Sudanese and world of good wills,

August 13, 2013 (SSNA) — I would like to register my profound appreciation for our NLA for the job well done. This is just a beginning of what can and will become the most heroic job of our people. We need to clean our house from people like Mr. Fake lawyer.

You may recall the list of “75” whom the letters were sent has to recover the missing $4B. Well this has turn out to be just a fictional invention by “Mr TRIPLE Ts”: Telar Ring Deng, Tor Deng Mawien and the gentleman, if I may call him, by the name Tett, an American-Ethiopian who worked as a UN adviser to president Kiir.

Mr Tor is believed to has left juba( or at least hiding in Nairobi), Mr Tett, is no longer advising the president and Mr Telar is just being slaughter like a goat by the parliament just few hours ago. This important achievement by our NLA, must be treated has a beginning of the end of an era of “TRIPLE Ts”, however it is in my view a bitter and shamble commence of H.E.Mr President Mayardit fall. Now it is up to Gen. Kiir to overpass the NLA and make Mr Telar his Cabinet member as well as his chief adviser, thus to maintain the cross cover up.

In article aired August 12, 2013 by Tribune, in which Mr. President admitted to have order his former legal adviser to procure $600m for a land.

“South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has accepted authorizing his appointed justice minister, telar Ring Deng, to approve $600 million on behalf of the government, apparently to acquire for the national security services…” the statement read in part. I mean $600m of foreigner currency? You gat be kidding me?

This however rise very critical questions about the way our government has been and may continue to operate the affair of the baby nation? Why would a presidential legal adviser act on behalf of the government, leave alone the national security? If such adviser be charged of the duties that supposed to be responsibility of the nation minister of justice, than why created a minister of justice and legal affair? Why the president would has bypassed his own party and has relied in people like Mr. Telar, to base his vital decisions, despite the crying out by his very colleague, instead he rewarded them a “thief tag”? Do Mr. President and Mr. Telar believe that while all these abomination was gaining ground, no one was watching and listening?

The answers of many of these questions can be only found through their own mismanagement and miscalculation of the recent events which have steered us to the light of the hidden truth. If we carefully examine the papers submitted by various entities including this author, we can simply head our senses toward the magical mysteriously missing $4B charged to the “75”.

Let make a simple arithmetic procedures: During the vetting process, Mr. Telar was found to have rewarded himself and his untitled firm a $1B. Mr. Telar has also fight to get $6m for his friend Garang Deng Aguer (The Home & Away co-owner and many others business nationwide). Whether he has succeeded or not, that remain to be charged on his care. The admission of $600M by Mr. President on August 12, 2013 as it is described above. The rest of the allegedly missing $4B can be attributed to DURA SAG CASES.  It very clear to me and I hope to you too. Mr. Telar has been knowingly blackmailing the president and the entire country for his personal political gain. Who is corrupt now, the 75 or the “3T”? Draw your own conclusions, I have already drawn mine.

The author can be reached at [email protected]

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