Do Husbands Advice Their Wives About Badness of Skin Cream in South Sudan?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

October 21, 2013 (SSNA) — My dear Countrymen and ladies, when I talk about Culture and civilization in the Republic of South Sudan, other people might be wondering about the topic that I have selected, and other might find it very interesting as well. Moreover, I don’t know whether cream is good to be used by ladies in South Sudan in this very sunny whether that sometimes changed the color of people but I have just analyzed it implications on the human in South Sudan context let be say.

The reason I have chosen this topic is that, it was early this week I chaired a minibus with some ladies, I think they might have come from Khartoum or other parts of the world, I was heading to my house within juba, interestingly after the ladies entered the minibus, people began complaining about the smelled of the cosmetic which is known as “cream” due to the heat, the smell within the minibus became terrible, even me too I experienced it. Other people begin telling the driver to stop the minibus from moving, and other begin coming out and began looking for other alternatives. I decided to follow the same group of people, and the driver and conductor told us to come back and entered if the issue was the smell caused by ladies, he the driver told the three ladies to come out from his minibus and begin telling them that sorry since majority have complained about the irritating smell that might cause other diseases among the people.

Why do I have interest to write about that?

Having experienced the bad smell in the minibus that I have witnessed with my necked eye and my own noise when I was inside with them, I conclusion that, there are a lots of things that need proper attention from the head of the families in South Sudan because otherwise, some of our ladies are going contrary to the real civilization which is supposed to be practice , other people have use it without knowing the principles of applying the “cream” , I hope there might be some principles from the companies that are producing the oil.


However, based on world perception and God, South Sudanese are known to be black people excluding the migrants that came from different part of the world in the earlier centuries. Moreover, in the holy bible South Sudanese are mentioned to have been black and tall people but currently, the Country is having different people that have come from different parts of the world, where by other people are brown and the rests are in the middle not too black or brown but base on the current history, people are using modern way of changing color from the real color to something very terrible, and to me I can regarded as the  violation of God plan and wish, if I may say this.

South Sudanese people since the originality, when they were created by the God almighty, black skin was the only identity but looking at the way people have got the modernization, some people have turn to be brown especially the ladies. Most of the ladies have started bleaching up to the extent that, they begin having different colors in their bodies, others are brown, others are yellowish and other remained as black people as well, which is the natural identity.

Recommendations to the cream users in South Sudan

There is need to use cream properly because disorganizing the passengers in the minibus always will not be good for other people health, I know everyone is having freedom to do any things she/he wishes in South Sudan as per the Constitution of South Sudan 2011 bill of rights whereby there were some rights given to the citizen of South Sudan.

Head of the families in South Sudan should at least give some restrictions and advices to their wives because having the wife who smells in the room might not be good for your own health as the person, because some time other smell like cockroaches which is very horrible situation.


South Sudanese are adopting cultures which might take this Country backward; the issue of bleaching is becoming critical even now it is a very big challenge to Doctors who are working in the hospitals because operation sometimes is critical among the ladies who are using cream as the way of beautifying themselves.  We all know that ladies should look very clean and shiny but they should not go beyond their original color. I really get confused when I see some ladies moving with their husbands when they are moving, I don’t know whether they don’t smell or they are becoming addicted to the culture of cream and etcetera.

The author is Independent Journalist and writer who wrote extensively on the issues to do with democratization in South Sudan and former Senior Reporter of the Citizen Television in South Sudan/Newspaper. You can contact him through; [email protected]

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