The indecisiveness of the Governance, is South Sudan going to hold?

By Lual Garang De Lual

We admit of no government by divine right, believing that so far as power is concerned, the beneficent creator has made no distinction among men; that all are equality and that the only legitimate right to govern is upon the expressed grant power from the governed.” Burke McCarty, The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Arya Varta Publishing.

November 6, 2013 (SSNA) — The article posted by Rengo Gyyw Rengo, Jr. in June 2013 to New Sudan Vision website asking “Do you think your new nation is going to hold?” is indeed plausible and commendable for its logical and practical expressions there contained under.

In any functioning country, the prime responsibility of the government is to protect human lives and property. For example, the Government of France recently paid 20 million Euros ransom to Islamists in Niger and Mali in return for the release of four French citizens (what a price negotiated by the intelligent group). It is normal in South Sudan for a human being to be killed and the leaders (authorities) are tight-lipped due to either fear or incompetent, the rest will fill the missing words. That brings me to the article of Rengo Gyyw Rengo Jr. which asks “Is this country going to hold?” Rengo’s article asked, I wanted to answer his question yes, but I remembered that on the 20th October 2013, the day armed to teeth David Yau Yau militias attacked Paliau and Maar respectively in which 82 innocent people were killed, 88 people wounded, 52 houses and worship centers (churches) burned to ashes, 24 children and women abducted and 25,000 herds of cattle raided, the President was busy in preparation to welcome Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al Bashir, the Vice President was busy officiating on the World Hand washing day. Therefore, as if there is Commander In-Chief in command the people of Twic East were slained to death in hundreds and abandoned to the mercy of God alone. This shows lack of leadership in the Government Gen. Mayardit in what is considered to a priority, rescuing lives and property or welcoming foreign diplomat in a house on fire? Hope Mr. President was keen on welcoming President Bashir to secure oil flow through Sudan pipeline as a means of getting enough revenues for his second term bid for the Presidency forgetting that the (82) eighty two people confirmed dead and 24 children and women abducted were voters and could constitute a voting major in his favor (who knows).

I wanted to answer yes, but I remembered the Defense Minister saying no fuel to fly troops to the affected area, while the army budget allocation is 50% of the overall national budget. The national army (SPLA) is the sole responsible force capable to protect peoples’ lives, property and territorial integrity of this nation. The words like no fuel and mobility for the army to say is a slap on the face of South Sudanese populace who trust them with civilian protection. It is unfound word that looks unprofessional, unconvincing, uncalled for and fearful to the civilian.

I wanted to answer yes, but I remembered the United Nations top representative in South Sudan was called to salvage the situation by providing helicopters to go and monitor the situation and movement of the attackers; she quickly responded by asking the local MP whether fighting is over or still. The MP responded that the fighting is still and here are her words, “Let the fighting first stopped and the UNMISS will go, assess, investigate and assist in transporting the wounded” Please, with the above response from the UN top representative in South Sudan mandated with Chapter 7. To those who are not knowledgeable or aware of Chapter 7, it is all about UN providing protection to vulnerable people affected by armed conflict and were government can’t be able provide protection. My little literal translation of the UN top representative words are here under, “she was meaning that let the people be killed first then UNMISS will go, count dead and wounded, picked the dead bodies and wounded people.” What puzzled me as an observer at South Sudan conflict is the double standard of the UN in this Jonglei conflict. The UN behavior is suspicious and unconvincing to other communities in Jonglei, for example in 2010 and 2012 when Lou Nuer youth mobilized and moved to Pibor, the UN intelligent was able to raise alarm but when Murle or Yau Yau Militias in particular attack Walgag (2011), Jalle (15th October 2011), Jalle and Pan Piol (5th December 2011), Makuach (10th December 2011), Duk (Paleng 16th January 2012) Pierri in Greater Akobo (8th February 2012), and recently Paliau and Maar in Twic East {20th October 2013} respectively but no single warning has ever been issued by the UN intelligent (very puzzling indeed).

I wanted to answer yes, but I remembered 82 innocent people killed, 88 people wounded, 52 houses and worship centers (churches) burned to ashes, 24 children and women abducted and 25,000 herds of cattle raided in Twic East attack by Yau Yau Militias and the flags of both National (South Sudan Flag) and state (Jonglei state flag) were still flying as if nothing had happened. To me, it is a dishonor to deceased victims and the bereaved families and hence, the President (Mr. Mayardit) has to account whether in office or later.

I wanted to answer yes, we will hold but I remembered the Head of State (The Symbol of national Unity) Mr. President Salva Kiir Mayardit condemning Twic East attack 5 days (Thursday 24th October 2013) after the incident, I hope he was not sleeping, ill or mentioned yourself. It is only South Sudan in the 21st century were the Head of State is unable to convince a press conference after major incidences which affects lives and property of people. If I can remember Boston Marathon bombing which killed Three (3) and injured Seventeen (17) people only, President Obama came out with an official condemnation 76 minutes after the attack.

I wanted to answer yes, we will hold but I remembered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation spokesperson responding to the attack {Monday 28 2013} 8 days after the incident. “Kene yen eke kene cok nyic”. People are boosting of getting their independent but this independence may slip away from our hands if we are not careful in analyzing things of the past to correct the future. The diplomatic face of our nation needs to respond swiftly to the diplomatic world at the right time within their right mandate; otherwise responding to the attack eight days after the incident will frank ling tells the world body that you are not serious about the lives and property protection. Commitment is not saying it is about doing things as they are evolving.

I wanted to answer yes we will hold but I remembered our government has sold the country to foreigners; for example, in one of the Ministries (name withheld) here in South Sudan, a foreign national working for the Ministry is delegated to follow the claims of the Ministry from the Ministry of Finance, Commerce, Investment and Economic Planning while the Director General of Finance and Administration concerned is there. What a messed? No functioning system in this world that can delegate a foreigner to see into finances, claims and chains of follow-up for another country.

I wanted to answer yes but I remembered, the National Legislative Assembly (House of the People) debated on 30th October 2013 (10 days after the attack) whether David Yau Yau can be labeled a terrorist and also resolved to summon the Defense and Interior Ministers (too late Mr. Speaker). This was not the time for your house to issue a summon or debate any issue related to security but could have been Monday 21st October 2013 if your house is the house of the peoples’ representatives.

I wanted to answer yes but I remembered a mere General in the Army (SPLA) is refusing a recall and redeployment (which is a normal process in the army), therefore, instead of reporting to the Headquarters, he deployed in the garrison (Pan Pandiar) without Central Command permission. What a pessimistic society?

Therefore, my conclusion is an advice to the people of South Sudan not the governance 

Learn this lesson before I conclude my article. If you see geeses flying, the next season you monitor them when migrating or going to a warmer place to sort the winter. Pay attention that they fly in a “V” formation. Maybe you will be interested in knowing why they do it this way. By flying in a “V” formation. The whole flock increases the flight efficiency by 71% compared to just one flying alone. By sharing the same direction and working as a team, South Sudanese populace can get to the destination quicker and easier. By helping ourselves, the accomplishments of this nation building will be  greater than the doomed wishes of millitias and the government failure to protect lives and secure properties.

When one South Sudanese leaves the formation, it is our resolve as citizens of this nation to stay in tune and united with those who are going in the same direction, our effort will be less. It will be easier and pleasing to reach the goals. I need everybody to be inclined to accept and give help. For South Sudanese to share the leadership, there must be mutual respect between us all the time. Sharing the hardest problems and tasks and gathering our abilities and combining our faculties, talents and resources for this nation will be a motivating factor even though when leadership seem relectant because of whatever is there in their minds.

When there is courage and encouragement, the progress is greater. A timely word of encouragement always motivates, helps and strengthens the citzens heart. This goes to Mr. President who is right now steering the wheel. Watch your thoughts, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your character. Watch your characters, they become your habit. Watch your habits, they become your destiny. Mr. President the World and South Sudanese are watching your thoughts, actions, characters, habits and will conclude their destiny in a short message not longer than 2015. It produces the best of benefits When a President focuses on issues affecting the citizens, e.g. flooding, insecurity, food insecurity etc to mention but a few. Like the other world leaders the steering of every information lies in the Presidency, it is the role of the government to help out  and protect it citizens. In this category, we the citizens of this nation must always stripe to protect our social environment by flocking togather whatever circumstances we faced despite the government lack of clarity on the necessary needs of its people.

Let’s South Sudanese stay beside each other no matter what the differences especially in times of difficulty and great challenges like now. If we bond together and support each other, understand the real value of being a citizen, make true the spirit of being good citizens regardless of our differences, we can rise to meet our challenge.


The author lives in Juba, South Sudan. He can be reached at [email protected]

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