Nuer Massacre Committed by South Sudan President Salva Kiir’s Presidential Guards and Government Security Agents

By NCDS USA Leadership

United States, January 01, 2014 (SSNA) — First and foremost, all these information have been received from reliable firsthand sources. They are families who lost their love ones, international, local media outlets and some government officials who asked their names not to be revealed to public media for security issues.

However, Nuer Community Development Services (NCDS) Inc. USA is hereby conveying unspeakable barbaric killings of Nuer ethnic nationality happened in Juba, South Sudan on December 15, 2013 after confusing clashed between presidential guards to the United States Citizens and people of Iowa in particular. Frankly speaking, every single Nuer stills on earth has or knows someone or close relatives who have been murdered or still missing in the aftermath of Juba massacred. It is a terrible event that South Sudanese have never witnessed in their war histories. It was indiscriminate killings.

Here is the brief history of root cause: this conflict led to this mass-murdered started with leadership struggle with in SPLM ruling party, and that it should be resolved peacefully within the party leadership, but that turned out not the case, as it finally reached military confrontations. The question is that, even if it reached military confrontations, it would remain there as those in military have no exceptions with those of politicians. They are one in different colors.

Many media sources revealed that the war broke out when president ordered partial disarmaments with in his presidential unite headquarter, the day after his rivals walked out from the ruling party National Liberation Council (NLC) meeting, and to conduct public rally the next weekends to enlighten public with deep-seated political fallout. Those partial disarmaments had caused suspicions among those guards, and then the war broke out as result and rapidly spread to all different military unites in Capital city. It was how conflict started.

After war broke out with in presidential guards unite, the President Salva Kir Mayardit came out the next day and accused his political rivals of attempted foiled coup, but his rivals completely rejected that and accused the president of started war as pretext to arrest them. They called it self-inflicted coup. We learned that about 13 political rivals arrested as results and they are currently in the government detention waiting for trails.

Back to topic of discussions: when we came here to this country in the 1990s we came as displaced people who had no hopes to see our own country. Today, we have our own country because of the vehement help we got from Americans people. As we got here we started talking to Americans friends in the Churches, refugee agencies, work places and government offices about our problems and slowly American people heard us and finally the US Congress passed Sudan act that brought us South Sudan Independence after Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed (2005).

Today we are facing same situations like the ones we had faced from Arabs in old Sudan. Because of that, we are here to inform the United States citizens and people of Iowa in particular once again about the attempted ethnic cleansing committed against Nuer ethnic nationality of South Sudan by President Salva Kir Mayardit’s presidential guards and government security agents which are only composed of Dinka ethnic nationality, the president’s tribe. They were recruited, trained and graduated about two months ago mainly to carry out this extermination business of Nuer Ethnic nationality in South Sudan who deemed to be main rival against Dinka supremacy in South Sudan.

Having followed the situation in Juba, South Sudan closely in the last 13 days, the Nuer Community Development Services (NCDS) Inc. USA has learned that presidential arm guards loyal to President Salva Kir and security agents have approximately massacred number between 3000 and 5000 innocent Nuer civilians in Juba. Recently, they ceased committed killings openly as they did between December 15 and 19, 2013 using guns and military tanks to run over houses. Hence, they are currently changing tactics to use silent weapons such knives and others to murder Nuer in their respective residential areas throughout Juba, so that nobody should know what they are doing.

The government had roughly put the number of fatalities over 500 to cover up that horror targeting mass-killings. The United Nation puts it at over 1000 dead, but in reality the death tolls that the community confirmed based on families surveyed stands at 3000 to 5000, as many as 2000 people are still missing. The number of families who had lost and missed their loved ones stands at 5000 families. We have five families in Des Moines, Iowa who their loved ones are still missing. Hence, some victim families have completely exterminated in that door to door mass-killings carried out by President Salva Kir Mayardit’s ethnic presidential militias from his home turf of Gogrial and Aweil.

Those security organs and soldiers loyal to President Kiir were:

a) Searching homes in Juba targeting Nuer, handcuffed them and took them away and shot them dead in secret places.
b) They selected Nuer among other South Sudanese based on their tribal identity and language.
c) In many occasions they killed Nuer and burned their bodies or cut their heads off, so that they would not be identified. Many people are still missing because they could not be identified as their bodies burned or have no heads.
d) Searching homes of Nuer politicians, civil servants and shot their families dead and destroyed their homes with army vehicles.
e) Kiir ordered mass burial of the deceases in a secret places and denied UN and western Medias access to those locations.
f) Raped Nuer women before they killed them.

The consequence of the inhumane acts committed by the Presidential guards led to the following scenarios:

a) 3000 to 5000 Nuer are being massacred in Juba,
b) Over 70,000 Nuer wounded,
c) More than 70,000 people flew to UN and UNMISS compounds in Juba and various places without basic necessities (i.e. shelter, food, water and other sanitation measures).
d) Where they will be taken is yet to be decided by UN.

On December 18, 2013 the South Sudan President Salva Kiir acknowledged mass-killings and alleged that criminals with soldiers’ uniforms went and killed Nuer Ethnic Nationality at their homes at night in Juba. We anticipated that this was intentional massacre planned against Nuer by Dinka elites mainly from president’s home turf of Gogrial and Aweil. Since this incident occurred, the South Sudan government officials have been denying this undeniable genocide committed by Dinka against Nuer in Juba, rather they were constantly projected false claims on both local and international Medias.

The question is, where did criminals acquire machine guns and military uniforms? Who was in control of security forces who executed night curfews the President was ordered from 6pm to 6am each days to protect citizens until the overall situation is brought under control? Were they criminals or nation military personnel executed security task? Why those criminals with soldiers’ uniforms strictly targeted Nuer Ethnic Nationality, and who are they? The other question is that, If the matter was really a political fallout between party members or leadership and nothing else added into, why did Nuer was intentionally targeted by President Kir’s ethnic nationality presidential guards? It clearly shows that, this wasn’t an accident, but ultimate order from president was served by those Dinka presidential guards.

These above unequivocal questions remain to be answered by President Salva Kir Mayardit and his nation arm (SPLA) leaders to tell the world about those criminals who involved in that indiscriminate killings of Nuer Nationality, and where they got their guns and military uniforms from. Should such criminals are found; they will be brought to justice. For this reason, we definitely need free world leaders, citizens and human right communities to help us with President Salva Kir Mayardit and his arm leaders to answer these questions and tell us exactly who were in the control of capital city security in the aftermath of SPLA military forces confrontations. Were they criminals or government security forces? We strongly believe that President Salva Kir Mayardit’s presidential guards and security agents had committed these targeting massacres of Nuer people for political reasons as his main political rivals with in the splm party, who he accused of attempted foiled coup hails from Nuer.

Lastly we are also need free world leaders, citizens and human right communities to make following items happening.

a) Put pressures on South Sudan government to disclose in full the number of Nuer people killed in Juba to march the correct number that the community confirmed based on the number of families who lost their loved ones, or allows UN, AU, US and human right actives to help them find correct number.
b) To provide people who are starving at UNMISS and other UN compounds with water, food and protection as they are currently in need of security and humanitarian assistance in Juba.
c) To ask ICC to investigate the genocide carried out against Nuer people by South Sudan President Salva Kir Mayardit’s government security agents.
d) To cooperate with IGAD investigation process and shown transparency by not preventing media freedom.
The Nuer Community Development Services (NCDS) Inc. USA
United States of America
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