Scandal in South Sudan Embassy in Washington, D.C.

By [name withheld for security reasons]

Washington, DC, January 13, 2014 (SSNA) — Just when you thought tribalism in the corrupt regime of tyrant Salva Kiir Mayardit could not get any worse, it reaches a new low, only this time it’s happening just about a few blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C.

Sadly, if there are three words to describe the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan to the United States, they are: The Dinka Embassy to the United States.

Let’s break it down:

At the helm of this corrupt Embassy sits one of the most, if not the most, tribalist, corrupt and bigoted diplomat in foreign service, Dr. Akec Khoc, who shamelessly and heartlessly has turned what’s supposed to be the people’s Embassy into a family business. He employed his own tribesmen and women to be the only ones at his official residence. All of whom are in the payroll of the Embassy.

In addition, two of his relatives are released for studies while they continue to draw their monthly salaries from the Embassy.

But if you think you have seen it all, think again. The list bellow reveals that Dr. Khoc is carefully following the same bad path that was once walked by his fellow tribesman, former Police Inspector General, Ruben Mach, which let to the " Kokora" and ultimately the destruction of the then Regional Autonomy in 1983.


1. Ambassador Akec Khoc: Bor/ Dinka
2. Ambassador Dhanojak Obongo: Ciro/ Anyuak
3. Moun Deng: Dinka/ Gogriel
4. Aban Pagan Lwak: Shiluk
5. James Chol Gekan: Nuer
6. Dombek Yei: Ngyok/ Abeyi/ Dinka
7. Ms. Angok Dhol: Rek/ Dinka
 8. Alison Faruak: Mudari/ Equatoria
9. Raymond Opi/ Dinka
10. Atem Garang : Twic/ Dinka
11. Adoor Deng( Military Attache) Twic/ Dinka
12. Lion Deng Kuach: Dinka/ Gogriel
13. Local Staff:
14. Ms. RoseItilo Lutoka/ Toriet
15. Ms. Nykan John Gile/ Nuer
16. Daniel Atem ( Public Relations Officer), Twic/ Dinka ( brother in- law.)
17. Jacob Nhial, Bor/ Dinka ( Akec cousin)
18. Peter Akuak , Bor/ Dinka ( Akec uncle)
19. Deng Nigor Malual/ Dinka
20. Ken Kuack Malual/ Dinka
21. Peter Bol, Lou/ Nuer
22. Manyok Khoc, Bor/ Dinka ( Akec cousin)
23. John Aywen, Bor/ Dinka ( Akec brother-in- law)
24. Chol Makol, Dinka ( Akec cousin)
25. Nybol Deng, Twic/ Dinka ( Akec sister-in-law).

Now, anyone with such record shouldn’t be our Ambassador to the United States or any other country for that matter. I am sure I sound anti-Dinka here. But that’s not the case. I’m just a disgusted citizen, who has witnessed such reckless, divisive and malicious actions from our Dinka friends.

Of all people in South Sudan, the Dinka are blessed with the most highly educated people in all walks of life, but apparently history is not one of them. Otherwise, why would anyone repeat the dark history that we continue to suffer from its consequences to this very moment.

We call for an immediate removal of Dr. Akec Khoc along with the army of his tribesmen and women.

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