Nuer Youth Community Leadership Council in South Sudan and Diaspora Condemns and Rejects SPLM-intra Party Reconciliation in Ethiopia

Nuer Youth Community Leadership Council in South Sudan and Diaspora strongly condemn and Reject SPLM-intra party Reconciliation taking place in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia

Press Statement
Date: 3/8/2014

March 11, 2014 (SSNA) — We, the Nuer Youth Community Leadership Council (NYCLC) in both South Sudan and diaspora, have strongly rejected and condemned with the strongest terms possible the so-called SPLM-intra party reconciliation proposed to be facilitated by appointing commission in Addis Ababa.

First and foremost, let us begin our rejection and condemnation to the so-called SPLM-intra party reconciliation by borrowing a famous quote from a former US Secretary State Collin Powell after the worst terrorist attack on US soil, historically known as 9/11 (September the 11, 2001) that said “we don’t forgive and we don’t forget”. On the same line of reasoning, the Nuer Youth Community Leadership Council will never forgive and forget the December 15-22, 2013 Juba Nuer civilians massacred. The Mass-Killings was intentionally ordered by President Salva Kiir and took over 10,000 innocent lives for such a short period of time, and the killings continue to date. The thirty one people who left UN compound to look for food have just killed last week in Juba. just The lives of our innocent young children, women, men and government civil servants which vanished in hand of a terrorist SPLM party leadership of Salva Kir could not be diverted to a useless SPLM-intra party reconciliation venue. Pursuing such a provocative strategy will lengthy a duration of this civil war. It will be a grave mistake, if pursued.

The criminal President Salva Kir was brought this war to us in brightest daylights and we, the Nuer Youths worldwide, must retaliated and dealt with it in way that it was brought to us. The present South Sudan civil war was imposed on people by a Dinka tribal president Salva Kiir (EKA: South Sudan Hitler of Twenty First Century) is no longer SPLM crises, but it is a national crises. A primitive man cannot manipulate the brains of scholars. This tribal leader of Dootku-Beny will never be accepted by Nuer society again except few individuals like James Gathoth Mai Mayardit, Simon Kun Puoch, Riek Gai Kok, Kok Ruei, Magok Rundial, Gatwech Gai, Justice John Gatwech Lul and Johnson Gony Beliew who are food lovers and desperate to feed bellies. They are cursed to death by Nuer tribe and Almighty God the creator of human beings for not having a gut feeling for the precious lives of unarmed Nuer civilians.

The DootKu-Beny Militias led by General Salva Kirr, Gen. Pual Maloung Awan, Gen. Marial Chacuom, Gen. Garang Mabil, Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit and Gen. Bol Akot notoriously killed Nuer unarmed kids, women and men. They coerced the captured Nuer, killed and burned their bodies, and then made other Nuer fellows to eat the burned dead bodies of their tribesmen and women. That is culturally not tolerable and forgivable. No matter what and how many years this war will take, South Sudan is definitely going to turn into anarchy state like Somalia, if Salva Kiir still in power as president. The bottom line is that, if the Dinka President Salva Kiir is not patriotic to the rest of South Sudanese, so does the Nuer Youth Community Leadership Council.

The 64 tribes in the South Sudan have given up all the resources such as oil revenues and gold from the Greater Upper Nile, and taxation from the Greater Equatoria to the people of Warrap for the last 10 years since the inception of the CPA. They even come to sense that they can carry out an ethnic-cleansing on other tribes without any body questioning their authenticity to do that on people because of that, they thought God has given them supremacy over the lives of none Dinka; therefore, it is up to Salva Kiir and his Warrap Dootku-Beny Militias, to either allow other tribes’ members in South Sudan to live or die. Mind you Salva Kiir, if you don’t swiftly acknowledge your crime against humanity, your days are numbered. Your indictment will not be the same as Charles Tellor of Liberia, but it could be like one of Mamur Gadhafi of Libya.

The SPLM opposition leaders who were pushing for democratic changes within SPLM and government were not from Nuer tribe alone. Therefore, there were six Dinka, three Shullik, four Nuer and four Equatorian politicians. What in the world a Dinka tribal president would order tribal private militias from home turf of Gogrial and Awiel to only massacre innocent Nuer civilians in Juba? To make the massacre fair, he would have also ordered his tribal militias to massacre Dinka, Shullik and Equatorians Ethnic Nationalities whom their politicians participated in that political discourse, as it was his intentional reason to justify criminal act. His failures to do that, has proved it beyond reasonable doubt that Salva Kiir is Anti-Nuer Ethnic group, hence, the Nuer Youth Leadership Council globally must deal with him accordingly.

The logical question the reasonable persons can ask at this point is that, does the cerebrum of Salva Kiir still functioning? If the answer is yes, therefore, Salva Kir would have remembered that, he had dissolved corrupt and terrorist SPLM structures, and that there is no National Liberation Council and Politburo. When did he re-appoints these two party structures? He would have also remembered that he had completely terminated the membership of Taban Deng Gai, Riek Machar, Lado Gore and Pagan Amum and charged them with sedition. As commonsense dictates, how Salva Kiir could appoint somebody who he dismissed from both the party High Executive Office calls Political Bureau (PB) and it membership. Mr. Taban Deng Gai who Salva Kir had illegally dismissed from party and charged with allegedly treason crime, while currently serves as Chief Negotiator for SPLM-In-Opposition is totally not in Salva Kiir’s leadership jurisdictions. Appointing him unilaterally to a membership of SPLM-intra party reconciliation team without rightful consultations and due process from both warring parties leaderships, is mere insult to a senior rebel leader who is currently leading the negotiation team on behalf of the resistance movement in particular, and also is an aggregate insult to the entire SPLM-In-Opposition leadership and the movement’s supporters. This incompetent and tribal leader Salva Kir must mine his business of disgraced other leaders whom he wholly disagreed with and disliked their diverse options.

If Salva Kiir formed SPLM-intra party reconciliation committee that composed of both warring parties loyalists, whom some of them were detained, dismissed and charged with sedition upon fabricated attempted failed coup should be logic. If so, is that move by President Salva Kir to appoint Taban Deng Gai and other three SPLM opposed leaders, whether it was intentional or unintentional, automatically categorize his foiled coup attempt claim as a fundamental white lie? And that he would have simply released the remaining four SPLM leaders who are currently still in detention, and then rendering an aggregately apology to all victims, include Dr. Riek Machar. Anyone with right mind, even the chief in the village, other than this tribal president, Salva Kiir, should automatically notice that there are no distinctions between Taban Deng Gai, seven SPLM former detainees, and four remaining detainees. Also he would have known that such move will hunt him down in negotiation table.

Strong warning to ex-vice President Riek Machar and General Taban Deng Gai

The leadership of Nuer Youth Community Council from the frontlines in Jonglei, Upper Nile, Bentiu and in diaspora has heard about the sad and very disturbing news that the South Sudan Hitler (Salva Kiir), the Dinka tribal leader, still not only instructing you of what to do, but also appointing you to head committee. The best example, is what so-called corrupt SPLM intra-party reconciliation committee. To us, it is an insult to the volunteer freedom fighters and lives of innocent Nuer civilians which vanished in Juba in the hand of this Dinka tribal leader. This is a strong and last warning to both of you because there couldn’t be game of chickens or joke at this moment when it comes to the issue of Juba Nuer Massacred.

George W. Bush once said after 9/11 terrorist attack that there are only two choices as there would be no neutral in this conflict against terrorist; you either be with us or terrorist. In this context, ones must be with Freedom Fighters or with Hitler of South Sudan Salva Kiir. If you are not representing the democratic principles and lives of our people who demised in the hands of dictator that reflects what we are doing on the frontlines and abroad as South Sudanese freedom Fighters we will abandon you and choose different leaders who must represent those abovementioned values.

It’s up to you whether you want to lead the democratic freedom fighters of South Sudan or the fighters will choose their leadership. It is said in the bible that if a salt is eroded and no more salty, you could not perpetuate furthermore to keep it in your mouth. There couldn’t be flip-floppy or vacillation in this war, if you lack propensity to stick to the cause and principle of the liberation, the South Sudanese freedom fighters will definitely cast you out of the mouths. Every human being is born and raised and then died. Nobody will live forever on this earth, and that we are therefore sacrificed our lives for this cause and we will stick to it until the last man.

NB: Nuer Youth Community Leadership Council calls on Greater Equatorian, Shilluk, Bor, Greater BG and Padang Dinka Youths to come out and join Nuer Youths to launch decisive war on this brutal South Sudan Hitler (Salva Kiir) of twenty first century. Fighting this brutal criminal and looter, is only hope and aspiration left for South Sudan to see the brightest future.

Finally, Salva Kiir has set up financial committee from Warrap in all the departments in the ministries that if you want to get your salary, you must kneel down worshiping in order to get your money. There many Nuer officials in Juba who working for free using a pretext that the government has put the many on army logistics and Ugandan mercenaries. The people of Greater Upper Nile are shamelessly begging their own oil money drilled from the Greater Upper Nile by Warrap people. What a shame on us. We must rise up and end this shame on us.

Signed by: Nuer Youths Leadership Council on frontlines in South Sudan and Diaspora

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