Kiir Guilty of False Allegation of Coup in Juba

By Manyok Mabiei

April 3, 2014 (SSNA) — From my field of Criminal Justice System, “a false allegation” is considered in which a person deliberately accuses another person of a crime that he did not commit and does so with the full knowledge that the accused person is not guilty of that crime. It is sometimes as a form of revenge, an attempt to divert attention away from a guilty side, or as a way for the accuser or accusers to prevail in an ongoing dispute.

The tactic for making false claims about a person’s behavior varies by jurisdiction in some places is treated as a crime in itself.

I consider a “false allegation” as a dangerous crime tough to over-weigh and approve beyond the facts of reasoning of mankind.

President Kiir Mayardit is a longest veteran of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and same time he is an elected President of South Sudan. There is nothing this leader was expected to learn from her nation and the whole world that he hasn’t learned from his long struggle in the bush.

However, Mr. Kiir Mayardit is ruling a nation with a dark style of jungle laws. The 1983 SPLA Manifesto has not been changed even though the South Sudan is fully an independent country.

As according to my understanding of the current Constitution of South Sudan there is no “term limit” for the President, which as a matter of fact caused violence in the nation.

Last July, President Kiir Mayardit reshuffled his cabinet and his party members at same time, though not the first time as President for 9 years, but this time including his Vice-President.

Well, Mr. President Kiir sacked his entire cabinet and fired all his ministers and deputy ministers, along with Vice-President Riek Machar Teny. No answer was provided for the entire cabinet reshuffle on July, 24, 2013.

A “presidential decree” from Salva Kiir, also ordered an investigation into the secretary general of his ruling SPLM party, Mr. Pagan Amum.

From my own presumption, the word “decree” use by President Kiir is unlawful to help the country. In any society of laws like United States of America, if president need any change, it can be approved by the Members of Congress and Senate. Then the request will work or it can die without return back to president.

It seems to me President Kiir is working alone avoiding his own cabinet and members of his party to share the public affairs. This seemed to me as a lack of confidence and mis-truth of fear to people around him as a part of problem.

Does any concerned citizen be blindfolded on that day that these politicians from top to bottom in the government were sacked and fired should go out and be silent without saying anything? I can say a person who is not in our living world can’t believe from that reshuffling that nothing could happen.

Besides, in mid-December Mr. President Kiir was overwhelmed with a lot of pressures within the party to a call general meeting. Saturday December 14, 2013 was a beginning of the first meeting in Nyakuron Cultural Center in Juba.

On day two Sunday, December, 15, 2013 there were “red eyes and hate faces” within the building as things were turning ugly as well. Mr. President Kiir mentioned in the meeting that, “some people were defected away in 1991,” such kind of language scared some of the politicians at that day without returning to the last meeting.

Monday, December, 16, 2013, was an ugly day in the history of South Sudan. President Kiir accused his Former Vice-President Riek Machar of a “coup” attempt, while Mr. Riek Machar was hiding in Juba from house to house to get exit, when things turned brutal.

Here is a right place I came up with this Title “Guilty of False Allegation Coup in Juba,” because Kiir side were presuming these politicians were not show up that day, maybe, they have plan “B” like a coup to overtake the government through military action.

If this was a planned “coup” by Former Vice-President and other politicians who were struggling to reform the system of Juba, why not these politicians were not found in one place during outbreak of violence in Juba?

As according to my understanding all these politicians were in Juba in their houses until the government ordered a warrant arrest, while other three escaped arrest including Riek Machar, Taban Deng, and Alfred Gore, who fled to Bortown at night.

If this was a planned “coup” maybe, Dr. Riek Machar was using plan “B” while the other politicians were not aware about his objective.

I still doubt that some of these political detainees could take the guns against their own people in terms of leadership.

What really happened in Juba might be “a coup” in some people[s minds, but I still doubt, as to say, “A political ideology,” of threat to the environment.

I will believe and join the believers of word coup if President Kiir Mayardit will not run in 2015. That’s the time I will agree as a “coup plotter” was designed by Riek Machar Teny with his allies in Juba.

Now, I will call it “a tactical scare allegation” to some of political candidates in coming election.

More to the point, some sources were described that there was no “coup” in Juba; because all the politicians were supporters of the South Sudan during struggle and referendum and they can’t make a coup to their own nation.

The United States and United Nations pointed out that there was no “coup” the time they look at it. Ms. Susan Page is Ambassador to the Republic of South Sudan from United States and she was invited to Northwest University in Illinois. She described much about the conflict in South Sudan.

Along the lines, it is difficult in my own view to make a “coup” to any leader came from Dinka side. It can happen, but it is dangerous to those who don’t think beyond the risk taken.

Similarly, Dr. Riek Machar was trying to overtake the liberation in 1991 against John Garang and he was failed to achieve power. To take power by force against Dinka man is a suicide in my own view.

It can be easy to make a coup against some of smaller communities in South Sudan, but it can be difficult to make a coup against a Dinka community leader through violence. This is bad to say, but it true from the nation I know where every citizen consider himself or herself as a tribal man or woman rather than consider himself or herself as a nationalist.

If December, 16, 2013 was a coup attempt against President Kiir through military action by Dr. Riek Machar, it could be worse nightmare and call it a 24 hour-President of South Sudan.

I know Riek Machar has not overall control of the military in South Sudan during an outbreak of violence.

This is a simple case there is no way the citizens should be fooled by individual because of self-interest in leadership. Dinka and Nuer had same similarities of culture background, since they were cousins in the history of South Sudan.

In term of braveness or aggressiveness no one can claim much better than other since in their competences in thousand years ago.

Dinka is a majority amongst 64 tribes, but does not mean that they can fight Nuer to an end in short period of time in South Sudan. That is a wrong assumption to do so; evenly Dinka is 3.8 million in South Sudan according a referendum records in 2010.

And to make calculation, 3.8 million against 1.6 million, it turns out that two Dinka and an extra would fight against one Nuer. This will not even solve the mass-conflict in South Sudan if people fight against one another.

This gives North Sudan a chance of happiness in the CPA agreements. But there is no easy solution the way I see South Sudan heading to. I don’t favor military solution should be answer, because there are a lot of consequences on it.

It is not a problem to any side to use self-defense between the government and rebel side, but there should be plan “B” in all sides.

It is not a bad idea to fight a long war with common enemy like before, but this war is a war of madness and greediness.

More to the point, there is no government that will function peacefully if there is a conflict between the communities. When I look at it, there is no easy solution, but there is an easy solution if government thinks wise enough to save the nation.

To avoid military solution will prevent a nation not to fall in long civil wars and sufferings.

If anyone is in Kiir’s position what will you do to make peaceful dialogue? I think the best tool to defeat your friend is just simply to thank and give him credit for serving his nation.

I will not agree with those who believed that the outbreak of violence in Juba was a “coup” while I called it a “political tactic to scare” politicians in the coming elections in 2015.

Manyok Mabiei who is currently in Chicago, IL. He is concerned citizen in terms of humanity and independent thinker. He is a one of the SPLA-Chapter Founders in Chicago and as a leader and Former Red-Army of South Sudan in 1987. He can be reach [email protected].

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