Nuer Students’ Union in Kenya Condemns the SPLA for killing Civilians in UN Compound


Nairobi, April 18, 2014 (SSNA) — Nuer students’ Union in Kenya conveys their condolences to the families of the deceased persons, who were killed in a cold blood by the SPLA officers in Bor on 17th April, 2014. We as an institution that represents the Nuer intellectuals currently studying in Kenya share with you the pains, sorrows and heart-breaking incident that occurred on the morning of Thursday 17th April, 2014. You were in UNMISS camp under the protection of the UN Security Council agent (UNMISS), because you are unarmed civilians so vulnerable who cause no harm or threats to anybody in Bor town.

On that particular Day your loved ones were shoot to death and some were badly wounded by the government that you overwhelmingly voted for in 2010 general election. At this juncture, we are together in mourning for the untimely death of our dear ones, they were good, loving, caring and had a brighter future for our country South Sudan, it is unfortunate that they died in such circumstances. They are our heroes and heroines. MAY GOD REST THEIR SOULS IN ETERNAL PEACE

The incident occurred in the present of the SPLA forces in Bor, the government of jonglei state was there, Why would such barbaric inhumane act happened in the present of all these dignified individuals/ institutions and those vulnerable people were not rescued?, this is an indication that the war is taking a different dimension which at this juncture we as an institution would want to name it ‘’ GENOCIDE IN SOUTH SUDAN’’. The killings of innocent children and women in Bor yesterday is an indication that the government of South Sudan has failed in its obligations to protect its citizens in the country, therefore, we conclude that there is no government in South Sudan for the simple reasons that if GOVERNMENT IS BY THE PEOPLE AND IS FOR THE PEOPLE, South Sudanese has no government that look after them, what we have in Juba is a group of dictators that manipulate the interest of the general public into their personal interest. These people only invested in impunity, corruption and dictatorial tendencies and only protect their families not South Sudanese at such.

We the Nuer Students’ Union in Kenya, condemned the cowardice act perpetuated by the SPLA forces in Bor yesterday the 17th April, 2014 by killing innocent children women and people with disabilities in the UNMISS camp. Those youth were not ordinary youth as purported by the government spoken person and Minister for information Makuey Lueth, if they were ordinary youth and the government did not planned to massacred those civilians why didn’t they rescued those vulnerable civilians under the UN protection?, it is clear that they sense the defeat from the freedom fighters as the greater Uppernile region is to be liberated soon. The SPLA soldiers were also frustrated by the fact that Unity State was recaptured and the civilians in all 8 UNMISS camps around the country stood up with joys and celebrations, they knew the consequences of their celebration though but they were not controlled by fear. You can imagine in the present of Kiir in Juba people stood up with jubilation. The SPLA soldiers are not nationalist and do not know their obligations.

We appeal to the UN Security Council that given the incident of yesterday, it is now so crystal that the government of South Sudan under the leadership of Kiir Mayardit is incapable of not only uniting South Sudanese but also protecting them. This is the government that ignites the enormity of the South Sudanese people and until and unless this government is out of office South Sudanese will kill themselves base on their ethnicity as revenge will always be the agenda of the fight. We raise our concern to the international community, UN,TROIKA, EUROPEAN union, IGAD, AU and all other interested parties to expeditiously and amicably bring to an end this war, you all know the genesis of this crisis hence you also know the solution. This is an international crime against humanity and international court of justice must open cases against this government and individual perpetuators to answer crimes they have committed against the people of South Sudan Nuer in particular.

We appeal to the freedom fighters that you are NOT fighting for revenge but for a free South Sudan, where opinions are express, valued and are judge base on the objectivity of their contents. A South Sudan where diversity is a blessing and a good to nation building, a country where its economic activities are not granted to foreigners but to nationals, a country where a jobs are given to competence citizens for service delivery but not on the basis of my origin. We have no doubt whatsoever the circumstances are,  that your conscious are clear that every South Sudanese matters for us to move together, we appeal to you that the propagandas aired out by Makuey Lueth that Bor youth kills innocent children and women this is a propaganda that is intended to divert your objective and might tempt you to revenge in the near future, that is not the objective of the struggle, your objective is the second liberation of South Sudan where all pillars of the SPLM/A slogans are realized i.e. EQUALITY, LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. This is not a war between Dinka and Nuer but a war between Dictators and Democrats.

At this juncture, we again send our condolences to the aggrieved families. These killings strengthen our quest for a free South Sudan from hostages.


Signed by: Nuer Students’ Union Leadership in Kenya

1. Bona Kueth Machar, Chairperson
2. Madow Johnson, Vice chairperson
3. Gatmai Nelson, Secretary General
4. Gatdel Riek, Treasury
5. Gatwech Kutei, Information and publicity
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