Iowa SPLM Chapter Defects to the Opposition; Condemns Kiir’s Leadership

SPLM Chapter
Iowa, United States of America
April 7, 2014

Re: SPLM Chapter of Iowa Condemned President Kiir Regime and declares its Supports behind SPLM in Opposition

Iowa, United States, May 13, 2014 (SSNA) — Dear Compatriots, Fellow Countrymen/women, and cadres, we in Iowa SPLM Chapter strongly condemned genocidal killing of innocent women, children and unarmed civilians in the Republic of South Sudan from Dec, 15,19,2013 up to date. We openly condemned the mass detentions in subhuman prison facilities and in unknown locations in and around regime controlled areas. We want to make it precisely clear that SPLM Chapter in Iowa and its South Sudanese communities no longer maintain support to President Salva Kirr’s regime. We would decisively like to make it clear and concise that President Kiir has lost support of people of South Sudan at it’s entirety.

Hence, we in State of Iowa no longer support regime that terrorizes its own people with the hand stains of blood of innocent citizens and self claim power monger that violated its own Transitional Constitution 2011. Iowa SPLM Chapter would like to publicly endorse and pledge its full loyalty behinds SPLM in Opposition that determines and embraces democratic reform. We declare our full supports to braves men and women who denounced act of autocratic rules imposed by the visionless President. Freedom Fighters are fighting just war for democratic transformations, justice, liberty and reforms in all sectors in the Country. These fighters were students and ordinary citizens fled death in Juba and around the country under regime of Kiir Mayardit.

It’s obvious and beyond reasonable doubt to all of us that the regime under Kiir has failed people of South Sudan for eight years or more. Indeed, Kiir leadership style has not only utterly failed to renders public good but also its obligations as government. President Kiir ordered his tribal militias to conduct systematic house-to-house searches for one ethnic community, resulted in more than 10,000 people killed. President Kiir established undemocratic means to reverse causes and hopes for developments and prosperity in the Country. Before and after independent, Kiir and his cronies jeopardized the nation and run it as personnel property. The meaning of liberation struggle during war and after CPA was all meant for Kiir to rules the Republic using decree to removes and promotes his patronage by hiring those who are unfit to leads. These self-interest and opportunist overregulated government institutions and agencies to protect Kiir dictatorship tendency. Since the death of self tested charismatic leader of SPLM; Kiir took it as an advantage to hijack CPA and created divide and rules to disintegrate peace loving people of South Sudan who coexist in peace and tranquility among themselves for centuries. Kiir regime created acts of disappearances, kidnapping, gang rapes and psychological warfare on civil population in the country during and before Dec 15, 2013 incident. In this regarding, the government lost legitimacy and credibility to lead the country. Juba regime turns the country into anarchy which Kiir have no clue to contain it.

However, we the people of Iowa in the United State are strongly marching to condemn the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit as morally corrupts. Salva Kiir Mayardit is not our president anymore. We come out censure openly as of today. We officially made it clear that SPLM Iowa Chapter General Assembly made a strong choice to deliberative for careful thought discussion and debate about what happen in the Republic of South Sudan today. We are withdrawing our support from Salva Kiir Mayardit government using a military force in the face of his civilians. We the SPLM Iowa Chapter support democratic transitions in which all citizens participated equally either directly or indirectly. We the people of Iowa SPLM Chapter here by firmly reject dictatorship of Salva Kiir Mayardit on how he is ruling the country on iron fist and declare allegiance to SPLM in Opposition under leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny fighting for the just causes to eradicate the suffering of our people.

We urges all citizens of South Sudan in Diaspora and in South Sudan to joins and collaborates with SPLM Chapter in Iowa and denounce President Kiir‘s government and rally their support behind our freedom fighters. People will enjoy the fruit of our historic struggles and the party without President Kiir who failed us. Our wellbeing and future of our beloved Country is uncertain under President Kiir regime. It’s our duties as the sons and daughters of South Sudan to hold Kiir and his foreign fighters accountable for all kinds of atrocities and destructions in the country and force him out of office. People of Southern Sudan have long been through frustrated by SPLM historical criminology and yet voted for their right to become independent country.

With best regards,

Undersigned by:

1. Simon Puok Dak, Chairman
2. Louis Ajack, Deputy
3. Manguany Khok, Secretary General
4. John Kanyo, Deputy General Secretary
5. Elizabeth Nyagak Puok, Finance
6. Nyakaka Ruey, Deputy Finance
7. Thon Reath Thon, Secretary of Information
8. Nyanhial Chuol Puoch, Secretary Women Affairs
9. Ruot Duol, Deputy of Information
10. Deng Tiir, Head of Political Mobilization
11. Mun Nam Koak, Deputy Head of Political Mobilization
12. Tiechbor Wany Riek, Deputy of Women Affairs
13. Nyadet Lueth, Deputy Adviser
14. Bol Kay, Secretary of Youth
15. Dual Chuol Deng, Senior Advisor
16. John Lado, Advisor
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