South Sudan conflict: What women silently do?

By Angelina Malual Dak

September 22, 2014 (SSNA) — As I scrolled and kept going through various daily articles in the media, I discovered that very few women are involved in writing articles which led me to enquire about the role of women in South Sudan’s conflict.

I also found many young men questioning the existence and the contribution of the females to end the country’s civil war. I was prompted to write an article where I can tell you exactly what a woman silently does.

I am not literally encouraging silence instead I am calling for the participation of all age group because when the execution of South Sudanese emerged it did not spared any particular age class.

Before I tell you what women silently do, I would like to recall an old time proverb which stated that; "Behind every successful man there us a wise woman, and behind every respectful child there is a great mother."

Beginning at home if we did not rest you and taught you to be wise and strong man who can distinguish his duties from others, today you would not care to reject the oppression; therefore, you must all admit that after God your mothers designed and silently made you the man and the fine lady you are today.

We traditionally educated and practically taught you how to literally stand your ground without stepping on others toe. We took you to the public institutions and taught you how to pick the right friend and the helpful wife who could be the best mother to you and your children.

I am not denying that there are also careless mothers who teach their children to live on other people’s sweat and could not live to be a man of his own which results on futile and purposeless life.

During war time when men are depressed, we, the women reconcile them and create a dependable environment to help them takes a triumph decision. When you were born I became the garbage cane where all dirt are thrown, I excitedly carried you for nine months and tried to please everyone even if they step on my core rights just for your sake. I sold out my most expensive necklace and tirelessly treated you when you were ill and advise you when you go astray.

My contribution on December 15 conflict

When I heard the first bullet on the night of December 15, I quickly ran and grape you by the hand and took you to a place that I can grant your safety until morning. Your father and I were standing outside guarding you when you were in a deep sleep.

By December 16, I was the first to go out to establish a save exit like a dove sent by Noah to check and confirm the life existence after the flood. Mothers like myself were helplessly raped and killed yet were glad that you will live to bring the man who abused their life to justice. I did not openly fight to escape my death because I confidently knew that I will live in you.

On December 18, we arrived in Tongping’s United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) camp and by evening I brought you the first meal and I went to bed with empty stomach for another two more days due to the shortage of food. I did not care because whenever I see you smiling and how energetic you are, the reflection motivates me and make the happiest mother I am today.

I am not a politician neither a soldier but a mother who gave birth to:

  • A brave warriors like Captain Nyapuoch and General Gatdet Yaka.
  • A wise and powerful leaders like Chancellor Angela Merke of Germany and Dr. Riek Machar of South Sudan.
  • A good decision maker like the Savior Malual Biel and Low Tang who saved Dr. Machar’s life.
  • Heroes like Mr. Mabior Garang de Mabior together with General Dau Aturjong Nyuol who preferred to answer thenational call.
  • The best South Sudanese artist like Zahra Ali (AKA – Queen Zee) and the peace Nobel awarded Emmanuel JalJok.
  • And the list goes on.

I know there are so many out there whose contributions shines like the Sun and their names are written in the center of every South Sudanese heart.

Why constant conflict in South Sudan and Africa as whole

With very limited knowledge and as a mother who was internationally labeled as the Minister of Interior in the most successful and happy family houses, I argue that the reason why South Sudan does not have peace is because we turned away from God which resulted on the Bible’s fifth book Deuteronomy 28:15-68. I don’t want to talk about how desperate the West will be if Africa (farm and village according to the West) decided to be independent in economic and political wise. Depending on the daily media outlet reports, it is obvious that African’s leaders are puppets to Europeans and Americans and the Africa’s citizens are slaves to their leaders.

"Unity will never come when we are not loyal and devoted to the nation"

As I come to the conclusion of my argument, I would like to call on the new generation of South Sudan to firmly stop exercising racism, tribalism, clanism, nepotism and injustice. I am urging you to stop blindly following your elder’s divisive advices.

Long time ago before technology was introduced, we used to build our knowledge base on family, relatives and friends told stories and their own life experience but presently you have a various verification sources where you can easily confirm any sensitive or general information; Please block and stop believing on our ill advices which brought regrettable destruction to South Sudan and Africa in general.

"Our tribes should not be seen as source of distinction but a source of national prosperity and strength."

My message to South Sudan elders and intellectuals; be advice that whenever a consultation subject about South Sudan conflict is brought up, we must all admit that Nuer were discriminately massacre, by implementing this, ultimate solution to our long-standing struggle shall be found. We, South Sudanese should learn to recognize our differences and respect them as they are for our common good.

I intentionally said that because South Sudan is a land of my children, I cannot sit and watch you destroying it in the name of politic when our age is virtually over. I am begging your pardon to seek calm in South Sudan for the sake of our children.

"If you don’t understand the energy it took to exit woman’s womb when midwife asked the mother to push, push and push, you would scarcely discern the force required to manifest a dream."

Finally, I would like thank you for giving me this chance to mention this few tips about what women silently do. It is our responsibility to teach our own communities the importance of dignity and respect for one another regardless of ethnic, economic or academic differences. – All females should join me in writing articles.

Long live South Sudan!
Long live citizens and nationals of South Sudan!

Angelina Malual is the chairperson of Bentiu women group in Egypt and the mother of Zee Machar. You can contact her via email: [email protected].

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