Corrupt Gelweng SPLM-USA Faction Would Never Allowed Non-Warrap to lead SPLM

By: Thabor Ding

December 4, 2014 (SSNA) — First and foremost, I would like to say I am better off now where I am not to be part of a genocidal SPLM tribal Juba faction and profoundly felt sorry for my former colleagues who are still coercively squeezing themselves in where they are no longer wanted as my agricultural background define weed is a plant which grows where it is not wanted. That is how I define my former colleagues Mr. Lado Jeda Gubek and Santino Mayik Deng. They are 100% knowledgeable that Salva Kiir and his primitive distance cousin Malong Awan had secretly recruited 3,000 Gelweng/DootKu-Beny primitive militias from Warrap who were deployed to Juba to commit genocide on ethnic Nuer civilians who didn’t have any link with SPLM politic. A person who is a believer of God would ask a genuine question, am I supporting an evildoer or a saint? By commonsense as a real human being, my gut feeling would bothers me a lot to be a follower of tribal leader who decimated more than 20,000 civilians in his own capital city.

The second point is that I don’t know if my former colleagues were oblivious that the US- SPLM Gelweng commander of Mr. Mangok Mangok Mayen who is tribally motivated to protect his Warrapism to death, no matter what comes across his way, he would fight to death.The US SPLM of Gelweng commander is very well trained to only recruit allies to help them fight their enemy (Nuer) but would not allow any attempt by anybody else to take over their leadership.

Thus, money lover and Salva Kiir’s puppet Suzanne Jambo has ignited a serous fight between SPLM Rumbek and Warrap factions. The two factions believes that they both own SPLM and I am not sure how their lead Master puppet Suzanne Jumba would reconcile them since the Rumbek faction is already been declared a defection group by a Gelweng commander of Warrap Mr. Mangok Mayen who has been deadly advocating a false self-makeup coup. Puppet Suzanne Jumbo praised a US-SPLM National Secretariat money embezzler “Mr. Mangok to be remembered for his tireless commitment and these tireless achievements.”

Miss. Suzanne Jambo, you are deadly wrong for the above epithet. Your Comrade Mangok should be remembered for the followings violations and suspensions below as a tribal leader Salvatore Mayardit is being remembered worldwide for 15, December, 2013 Juba ethnic Nuer genocide.

1. Running away from an official meeting to resolve serious crisis facing the SPLM party in the United States of America (violating the Basic Rules and Regulations of the SPLM 2006 Article 6 D);

2. Attempting to unilaterally relieve party officials without any convincing reasons (violating both Basic Rules and Regulations Article 22 chapter 4- B, D, G and the constitution of the SPLM 2008, Chapter 2 — the guiding principles and Objectives of our Party 7, 14, 17);

3. Undermining SPLM USA National Secretariat resolution of April 4th regarding the convention (violating the SPLM constitution 2008 Chapter 3 Article 9, 1 and 8, Basic Rules and Regulations Article 22 4- B, H, And Article 9 1 and 7);

4. Creating division among party officials (violating SPLM constitution 2008 Chapter 2 – 18 And Chapter 3 5 – 6, Guiding principles and Objectives 1, 14, 17, Basic Rules and Regulations Article 22 4- B, C, D, G, I);

5. Misappropriation of the SPLM USA National Secretariat account which resulted in blockage or Refusal to release financial report for the last three-and-half years (violating Basic Rules and Regulations of the SPLM, Articles 21; Number, 4, 5, and 22 4- E, F, I, SPLM constitutions 2008 Chapter 3 under Guiding Principles and Objectives 5, 9, 14, 19, Basic Rules and Regulations, Article 22 N, O). Obtainment of a SPLM debit card account and used to purchase many airline tickets to visit his family in Australia, Juba and rent rental cars in US.

6. Dissolving the Id Card Committee without the consent of the majority ;( violating SPLM Constitution 2008, Chapter 2, Article 6 and17)

7. Continuous gross misconduct during official party meetings by abusing National Secretariat officers due to the influence of alcohol (violating Basic Rules and Regulation Article 22 number 4O and M, N, O)

8. Conviction in the court of laws due to the felony (DUI: Check Google com)

9. Pragmatic of regional tribalism to promote divisions among the SPLM members (violating Basic Rules and Regulations Article 22 Number 1, 7 and 8)

Finally, I want to leave my former colleagues Mr. Lado Jeda Gubek and Santino Mayik Deng to denounce a genocidal Salva Kiir’s tribal government and SPLM of Gelweng faction and formally joint freedom fighters if you still possess nationality as intellectual since you are categorized as defected group. The SPLM under Killer Salva Kiir is too deformed to be reformed as Dr. John Garang said and therefore it’s full of blood and will die off no matter how many years this war will take to militarily remove him.

The Author can be reached at [email protected].

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