ASSD Calls on all South Sudanese to Commemorate December 15, 2013!

Press release

Washington, DC, December 18, 2014 (SSNA) — Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD) calls for all South Sudanese and best wishes around the world to commemorate more than 20,000 victims of December 15, 2013, JUBA MASSACRE. The tragedy that befallen the country on December 15th, 2013, when President Salva Kirr instructed his presidential officers to executive mass murders to ethnic Nuer civilians, which was based on ethnic identities that triggered the current civil war in South Sudan, that happened one year ago.

Tens of thousands of South Sudanese people have been killed and nearly 2 million of them were displaced with about 100,000 are resided at UN shelters across South Sudan since this conflict started last year. South Sudanese people have lived through senseless violence for too long. The government of Salve kiir has yet kept any promise of bringing this crisis to a peaceful solution which ASSD believes can be averted by addressing the underlying causes for a lasting peace and permanent stability in the country, as well as for the reconciliations among affected communities.

ASSD stands with people of South Sudan that are searching for peace, democratic, human rights, good governance, rule of laws and accountability. ASSD calls on international community and good wishes to pressure President Kirr’s government to bring a lasting peace and stop killing its people. The UN, USA and other international body must follow Europe led sanction of arm embargo for South Sudan to accept peace. ASSD calls for:

  • Relocation of IDPs from government areas to Upper Nile or other safe regions
  • Protect women and children from atrocities, including child soldier
  • Urge world body to declare Juba Massacre genocide
  • Demand foreign forces to leave South Sudan for peace to come
  • Sanction arm embargo and support IGAD leads peace process
Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD)
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Phone: +1(202) 709 – 7322

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