Thiang Nuer Youth Association’s Commemoration and New Year Message

Press release

December 31, 20014 (SSNA) — December 15 -16 2013 will go down in South Sudan’s history as respective days on which the contemptible Government in Juba had ignited the current an unnecessary civil war and on ethnic basis started a door-to-door slaughtering innocent civilians indiscriminately. The Thiang Nuer Youth Association (T.N.Y.A) was the first Association in December 2013, which condemned in the strongest term possible the carnage, in cold blood, of innocent Nuer civilians in Juba. We are, however, still condemning the so-called Juba Government’s continuing malicious/fatal activities; like what did happen last week in Bentiu (where 10 civilians were allegedly killed while crossing to Sudan) as well as in the northern part of our home county, Fangak’s Phom el Zeraf.

Therefore, the Thiang Nuer Youth Association (TNYA) has marked the 15-31 December 2013; plus the year 2014 as evil year brought about by the very contempt leadership in Juba. From mid-December 16 2013/2014 were the days and year in which over 20,000 unarmed Nuer innocent Civilians’ brutally slaughtered in their homes residents in Juba. So, if there is a point at which the South Sudanese people in general or the Nuer nation in particular would say; today, the war was started in Juba and tribally-motivated: it had to begin and ends here. We are in deep sorrow to mourn and will continue to commemorate our innocent people; we didn’t burry ourselves, however buried by the killers but in mass graves around Juba city.

The over twenty-thousand (20,000) Nuer civilians who innocently lost their lives in Juba, Bor etc, to the best of our knowledge, never did anything wrong to the Government in Juba. Instead, they were among the very South Sudanese people who anonymously elected the Government into offices in 2010 and overwhelmingly also voted for South Sudan’s Independence in 2011, Juba enjoys. Anyway, the Nuer Juba Genocide was fist commemorated last year 2014 worldwide by all patriotic South Sudanese people.

We can, therefore, congratulate these patriotic South Sudanese who have, with their all souls, joined the Nuer nation in mourning the death of such a big number of civilians.

Nationally, the mid-December 2013 crisis that has also been on; for the last entire year of 2014 didn’t only killed civilians but also destroyed infrastructures and the good reputation of the country. This is true, if a Government, any Government on earth, radiate a little or has no interest in bringing peace to the nation every thing can be trying but eventually end up in vain.

Even now, it is obvious, that the year 2015 will also be a monotonous grind year as 2014 unless a divine help could come from heavenly Father. However, the Thiang Nuer Youth Association would like to pray for the South Sudan Almighty God to quickly touch the heart of President Salva Kiir, as He (God) put in President Basher’s heart in 2005. And we wish all South Sudanese people a happy and prosperous New Year 2015.


Thiang Nuer Youth Association (T.N.Y.A)
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