EU disappoints over the delay of publication of AU Commission of Inquiry; urges the international community to involve in Peace Talks

Brussels, February 5, 2015 (SSNA) — The European Union (EU) has expressed its dissatisfaction over the handling of the African Union Commission of Inquiry which was tasked to look into the atrocities committed in the ongoing civil war.

The Commission was due to release its finding last month; however, some leaders of the East African leaders with backing of South Africa asked the Commission to delay the publication.

In a statement released to the media by the European Union External Action spokesperson, Catherine Ray, the EU said it opposes the delay of the publication of AU Commission of Inquiry’s findings, saying crimes with impunity are not allowed.

“The EU believes that the publication of the Commission of Inquiry’s findings and its recommendations on accountability are necessary to ensure that such violence against civilians cannot be undertaken with impunity,” Catherine Ray said in the statement.

The European Union also appreciates IGAD’s role and calls for the involvement of the international community in peace negotiations.

“The EU supports the IGAD-led process and encourages a closer involvement of the international community,” she added.

Mrs. Ray also said that collective international sanctions may be necessary.

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