Keeping Evildoer Tribal President Salva Kirr Mayardit in Power, Peace Will Not Materialize in the Republic of South Sudan

By: Thabor Ding                                                                          

No Justice, No Peace and Know Justice, Know Peace

February 24, 2015 (SSNA) — Who will trust who in the Transitional Government of National Unity with Salva Kirr still in power? IGAD, which is no longer a credible body to negotiate peace with anymore, perpetuating to enforce many fake peace agreements to sign, but none of them will materialize if the genocide issue is not faithfully addressed. I would say if there is anybody out there who really believes that the IGAD brokered peace formula of power sharing model, will bring a lasting peace is misleading the South Sudanese people. And indeed if this crippled power sharing model will work, the Juba genocide victims including late Dr. John Garang de Mabour will rise up from their mass graves in the Central Equatoria to get rid of their killer Kiir Mayardit.

The tribal man who spearheaded the assassination of the founding father of the SPLM (Dr. John Garang) in addition to the Nuer genocide, this war will be an everlasting until the last man and last bullet. He (Salva Kiir) is the one who started it and must be dealt with accordingly. Hiring UPDF, Sudanese rebels, Rwandese, and Congolese to fight this war for them, will only protract this war until they (Mercenaries) get tired and only we/us, the South Sudanese are left alone to fight. Paying foreign fighters with oil money to fight his own planned war shows that Salva is a craven as his history of war with Sudan shows.

Despite the absolute rejection of Dr. Riek Machar to reoccupy the a newly created position of first vice presidency as IGAD proposal, I would like to inform the adherents of Salva Kiir Mayardit that the SPLA army Freedom Resistant Movement, is not fighting for Dr. Riek Machar Teny to be reinstated to the vice presidency position, but for complete removal and total dismantling of a genocidal regime of Salva Kiir and his cousin Maloung Awan. The proposal by IGAD, to give a greenlight to an evil man to continue leading South Sudan as president and Riek Machar as first vice president, is not only an affront to the South Sudanese people who are still alive, but also a coordinated plan to kill a newly nascent independent South Sudan.

Consequently, I call this enforced peace negotiation in Ethiopia a counterfeit because I know my prediction will one day come true. There is no way under any circumstances that you would force people to accept somebody who massacred a complete population of county to still be a leader of the remaining population. Salva Kirr Mayardit annihilated a population equal to one county in Juba. The other deadly extermination of the South Sudanese civilians in Jonglei State, by the government of Salva Kirr, was the dropping of cluster bombs. The genocidal regime is implementing its scorched earth policy on ethnic Nuer tribe by bribing mercenaries such as Uganda UPDF, SPLM-N and Justice and Equality Movement.

My future prediction if the IGAD peace will accidentally happen, the most deadly war will breakout in Juba and everywhere in South Sudan which will be the last war and the magnitude of it will be immeasurable. Probably will be more than Rwanda or holocaust.  Salva Kiir will keep his allies forces to help him out in the event of deadly incident. And I am alerting my fellow comrades, the brave SPLA Army Generals on the frontline battle field, that the lethal event is truly imminent and the only preventative action of Salva Kiir’s future lethal event is to completely repudiate IGAD’s power sharing model, and persistently continue with Movement’s objective to militarily remove Salva Kiir and Maloung Awang from power. We cannot allow Salva Kiir and Maloung Awan to get away with the genocide. We must bring them to face justice like any war criminal in the world.

African Union Commission of Inquiry Repudiation to Release Crime Report on South Sudan War

What was the point of forming a commission of inquiry if the commission cannot overtly promulgate the finding?

As I quoted above this article, that when there is no justice automatically there is no peace and I think it’s a general rule of thumb. I have listened to the credible news media such as VOA and BBC, the solely reason for blocking the release of a crime report is that it may destroy the current unconceivable peace process in Ethiopia. Furthermore, I think this will also illustrates the complicity of the AU in the war crimes if it is preventing the culprits (Salva Kiir Mayardit) to be held accountable and for justice to prevail.

The African injustice institutions like AU and IGAD backed by American Susan Rice, have miserably failed to fairly negotiate the peace as corroborated by numerous peace proposals. Every time they have a Summit in Addis Ababa, they always bring new draft proposal to be signed even though they don’t work or make any sense. They are trying their best going around the bush in defense of Salva Kiir Mayardit neglecting the core problem which is Juba 2013 ethnic Nuer genocide. The malfunction of African Union (AU) is crystal clear for example the documented histories of unresolved African problems demonstrate.

The AU has never solved any African problems without involvement of America and the European Union.

In conclusion, in any country where there is no justice, there is always no peace and if people don’t know justice, then unquestionably they don’t embrace peace at all. If it happens that Salva Kiir was one of the presidents from a developed country, he should have been on death row in prison period. If it also happens to any American presidents, then it would only take him, five months to live temporarily on earth. Hence, I am urging my field commanders to stand firm on our Movement’s principle that we have to fight this just war of liberation for emancipation until the last day, hour and last minute of Salva Kirr and Maloung Awan. The IGAD peace process is a waste of time. This delaying tactic enhances the illegal president of South Sudan Yoweri Museveni and his vice president Salvtore Mayardit to commit genocidal act. We cannot go back under the dictator to kneel down and worship a criminal who massacred more than 20,000 innocent civilian lives.

What would be the guarantee or preventative action that he will not commit another horrendous genocide?

This is a question for everybody to answer. The ill formula of IGAD power sharing model under the pretext of Transitional Government is a recipe for another war. We must reject any attempt to share power with criminals; Salva Kiir and Yoweri Museveni. We must firmly fight for total dismantling of their tribal regime in Juba because it is a war between Yoweri Museveni, Salva Kirr and the families of the Juba genocide victims, not Dr. Riek Machar. Likewise, I believe it’s up to Riek Machar to be with the family of the SPLA Resistant Movement or with Salva Kiir who virtually assassinated him. I salute General Gatwech Dual, Peter Gatet Yaka, Gathoth Kuoth Hoth Nyang, Tang Ginya and James Koang Chuol Ranley, Gach Yoach, General Dou Atorjoung, Martin Kenyi and all field commanders for the bold decision they have taken to fight back and protect civilians from Salva Kiir’s policy of ethnic cleansing. Let us do more recruitment from the Youths because it is long war that will take years depending on the defeat of this regime and its ally forces. This war will end when he (Salva Kiir) is completely defeated or brought to justice.

Long Live SPLA Freedom Resistant Movement!
Long Live Dr. Riek Machar Teny

Victory is certain!

Thabor Ding is an Agronomist, Current National Advisor in the office of SPLM-USA National Secretariat and form Secretary General is the same office. This article is my own personal thoughts; it does not represent my position in the SPLM Resistant Movement. He can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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