National security accused of detaining and killing “Mading Aweil sons” in Juba

The Greater Mading Aweil group says this unidentified youth is one of their sons illegally detained in the Blue House. Photo: provided

Juba, February 4, 2019 (SSNA) — South Sudan national security is detaining and carrying out targeted killings against the people of Mading Aweil in Juba, a group linked to former South Sudanese army chief of General staff Paul Malong Awan says.

In a statement extended to the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA), the group which calls itself the Greater Mading Aweil Community claims that the national security interior unit led by Akol Koor is arresting and killing sons of Mading Aweil in what the group described as “killing spree,” accusing President Salva Kiir of ordering the killings.

“Mr. President: Gen. Salva Kiir, One begins to think that the targeted killings that take place in Juba are done with your approval. If indeed these killings were carried out without your knowledge, you would have acted against those who are killing innocent people in the name of protecting your leadership,” the document reads in part.

The group asserts that Kiir paranoia allows some corrupt security operatives to kill with impunity.

“Your silence in the face of these heinous crimes demonstrates you have surrendered to those who are exploiting your paranoia of the opposition to your leadership to settle their scores with others. Majority of those killed by National Security in Juba today do not pose any threat to your leadership. Some of these people are killed by security agents either because they are dating beautiful girls that the agents covet or they have money or properties that these agents want to take over after their elimination,” the group explains.

In the text, the group declares Kiir’s leadership as “destructive and visionless,” saying the national security agency transforms itself into “a den of thieves.”

The group also accuses the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) and Presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny of contributing to the disappearances of many Mading Aweil youths in Juba and warns that the Greater Mading Aweil community will retaliate.

“Mr. President, do not take comfort in the view that the so-called elders or that incompetent sell out, Ateny Wek will help contain the situation. These are the people who are pursuing the politics of stomach, but the majority of Aweil sons who value the right to live will not sit back and watch your government continue its policy of elimination without an appropriate response,” the text further explained.

The group also threatened to turn Mading Aweil sons into “unknown gunmen” to retaliate against relatives of Akol Koor and Salva Kiir.

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  • According to my own point of view, when you’re in charge of any Company or Organization you need to look @ everyone as your people irrespective of their tribe, religion & gender. I remember Gen Poul Malong Awan was a chief of general staff, the same claims by other tribes were raised regarding killing of other tribes based on ethnicity but he dismissed the allegations and describes it as a baseless. For my dismays the same government whom you first assigned a huge task praising and defending so seriously, why should you expose its secrete when fired out? Another point is, if you really know the regime is heinous, why don’t you let the world know when assigned a crime task when still working for the same government being criticized after? For me, Kiir’s administration is good, because the same people who contributed together for destruction or development of S. Sudan are the same people claiming to be innocent when fired out. There is certain proverb says” when chickenpox attacked your neighbour don’t laugh” cozy next tomorrow their natural body immune system will be boosted either using vaccines or other preventive mechanisms compare to you who stood and spreading the disease seriously not knowing tomorrow it could be you and your family.

  • This shit seem to never end. Agents killing people for primitive urges and delinquent tendencies should NEVER be allowed to serve in the first place. All that are allowing this, including the so-called president, need to disappear. Give us a fucking break. We South Sudanese people have been waiting for so long to build a country. Somewhere to call our own, and now you and your comrades are shitting all over it. I agree with the statement. You and you government are vision-less, and have no moral compass to stop you from taking someone else’s life. I pray God strikes your hearts with fear and dread, because your punishment will not be fulfilled on this earth. It’ll be done in front of all to see on Judgement Day.

  • Mading Aweil community should stand together to condem this barbaric act of Akol koor as well as Ateny Wek Ateny.

  • William madeng
    February 11, 2019 9:13 pm

    There is no ground that a single man with whom security arrest for security reasons can be made as subject and cuase to disstabilize the nation by invited entire malual community for actions of condemning the act. No such act had been Carry out at NBS as region so didn’t invited the sleeping Dog a gain to the extreme problems which had already been done by heartless community of south Sudan.


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