Ugandan truck driver killed in Western Lake State

Photo: Paxton International

Juba, February 21, 2019 (SSNA) — A Ugandan truck driver was shot dead by unknown gunmen dressed in South Sudanese military uniform, a source with South Sudan’s national security told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) on Thursday in Juba.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he does not want his name to be identified said a Ugandan named Samu Nyonjeza Yako – the truck driver in question, was killed in Western Lake State’s Rumbek town on Wednesday after his car was stopped by the gunmen. The source explained that the driver was killed after he delivered goods to the town and that there are many unhappy government soldiers who resorted to robbing drivers including humanitarian agencies. The source blamed the government for the practice.

“You know people here including soldiers go for many months without salaries. This government practice of not paying people for months is causing a lot of chaos in the country,” the source explained.

“There are looting and robbing going around the country especially here in Juba,” added the source.

The source also states that Uganda’s truck drivers are now stationed in the northern Ugandan town of Elegu, demanding protection from the authorities.

The Ugandan government is the regional ally of the South Sudanese government. Uganda is widely viewed in South Sudan as the largest South Sudan’s trading partner, exporting more goods than any other East African country.

The source discloses to the South Sudan News Agency that Ugandan and South Sudanese governments blame an unnamed armed group for the incident, saying “it is an attempt by Juba and Kampala to keep their diplomatic relations fresh.”

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  • No wonder, it is a friendship of two dictators who are both blood thirsty and corrupt. The cutizens of these two countries are but a victim if Kaguta and Kiir terrorism schemes


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