South Sudan killed 7 people in February

South Sudanese president Salva kiir. Photo: Reuters

March 1, 2019 (SSNA) — South Sudan’s government has executed at least seven people this month, the Amnesty International says.

According to the report, the people who were killed include three people who were of the same family members.

“All the victims were men, according to the human rights organization. Three were from the same family.

Amnesty said in a statement Friday the execution of the three men was “shrouded in secrecy” and their family “was not informed of their impending execution and only learned of the death of their loved ones after they had been executed,” the rights group says.

The agency accused the South Sudanese government of having no respect for human life.

“South Sudan authorities have absolutely no respect for the right to life as they continue to totally disregard the fact that the world is moving away from use of the death penalty,” Amnesty International’s deputy director for East Africa, Seif Magango explains, adding, “Rather than execute people, the authorities should rehabilitate prisoners and make them well-adjusted individuals that can contribute positively to society.”

Magango states that his agency is horrified by the actions of the government.

“We are shocked and dismayed that executions have become the order of the day in South Sudan,” Magango said.

The South Sudanese government has consistently been accused by many rights groups of killing people simply because they were critics of the government.

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