South Sudan could return to “full scale” war, UN warns

Photo: UN

New York/Juba, September 16, 2019 (SSNA) — South Sudan’s rival factions could easily go back to a ‘full-scale’ war at any time, a new report released on Monday by a United Nations panel shows.

The report also says all parties to the September 2018 peace agreement have resumed recruiting child soldiers to increase their numbers.

“Ironically, the prospect of a peace deal has accelerated the forced recruitment of children, with various groups now seeking to boost their numbers before they move into the cantonment sites,” the panel chair says.

South Sudanese rival leaders President Salva Kiir and the leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-In Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) Dr. Riek Machar met last week in Juba to work put ways to speed up the implementation of security arrangements.

The two leaders have not released any official statement about what they agreed on. However, their close assistants said the only issue they did not agree on is the number of states issue.

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  • The international organizations such as UN plus others as well regional organizations like OAU and IGAD are killing South Sudanese intentionally. Regional bodies have failed to do any thing with regard to peace in the country. The only solution is to invade the country by any of the western powers to rescue innocent people.

    • when they invaded Iraq,did it solve any problem? when they did the same to Somalia,Libya,Syria,Yemen etc,they innocents civilians claimed to be rescued or protected died more than in a “half- razor shape situation”
      I,n simply saying Marial,the solution to our country problem must not come from outside but within us and in South Sudan only,history has it all,Indonesia among other examples was one of the countries built on fear until 1960-70s when the activists,scholars and religious heads started the revolution to a democratic state,until then,there has been a direction and the only thing we hear oftentimes from Indonesia are natural calamities,you cam name them.
      my personal opinion and analysis !!!!!

  • القاده في جنوب السودان لابد من سماع صوت الحكمه والعقل والنظر لمستقبل الجنوب بعيدا عن المحاصصة التي تعلموها من حكومه المخلوع البشير وهناك جيل متعلم ووطني غيور في الجنوب كما في شمال الوطن …. والجنوب به موارد طبيعيه كثيره .

  • South Sudanese leaving in Kenya are an embodiment of what is happening back home in their country. Can they really be entrusted to solve their problem (they actually don’t realize they have any!) without being forced? Sometimes i sympathize when i often meet them, in our public vehicles, pubs etc, to them things are ok! They are easily, they look cool No wonder stories are vivid how they kill our kenyan brothers in their country; suppose we did the same to them?

  • Dear Mr. Marial Kon please come to your sense, have ever seen a country which had been invaded by the western and its peace jad been kept ?
    Are you living in present day’s world? Or you are from somewhere else? Remeber what is happening in a countries once we know Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afganistan and all prolonged crisis in all african countries. Ask critically who created the problem?
    Have ever seen a country of its peace had been kept by the intervening the so called UN peace keepers? . The western are the sole importers of all crisis through all means, and they become the managers of the crisis behind.
    So come to your senses, a peace had to come within, never ever look your eyes to the western to solve the existing problems.

  • The South Sudanese problems are basically ethnic distrusts and greed, just like invmany African countries. South Sudan should have been managed by United Nations for a few years before a full-fledged independence. The mess will continue to fester until an all-out bloody civil war splits the country into autonomous states similar to Somalia

  • Nyang Angelo Ater
    September 17, 2019 9:02 am

    The tool for destruction is a South Sudanese who agree to liaise with foreign agencies to destroy the life and future of our innocent people. How is it possible for other South Sudanese to call Western Invasion of own country as an alternative to political instability. It is ridiculous for a patriotic citizen to request foreign invasion on own country unless the person acting like that doesn’t have vision and nationalism towards our innocent citizens and country at large. It is a mere dream. Can someone think of a tangible solution other than giving own country to the external actors? Remember, the agencies compiling such reports are inconsistent with their reports. Yesterday on 15 Sept. 2019, UNSG Mr. Antonio Guteres in a press mentioned that ceasefire is holding at large; and today is another story of expected large-scale war. Does this communicate something realistic, really? Please feed the readers with the right info rather than bringing confusion and fear to our societies. We are working together for peace, and that is what we need as citizens of South Sudan.

  • This shit won’t work any more and me be like very sorry for those who would rejoy for that so called WAR
    We love ourselves and hopefully ready to unite this time round
    NO WAR any more

  • The Narrative Behind The Political Instability Is Triggered An Orchestrated By Two Folds; The US Denied Control Over South Sudan Enormous Resources And Shelved South-South Dialogue Mechanism Espoused In the CPA Which Should Have Preceded The Referendum.
    The US: US Had Been Swept Aside By Sudan Government Of National Unity After It Had Relentlessly Sacrificed Resources And Time To End The Sudanese Longest Civil Conflict. In The Contrary, Bashir Government Had Contracted China; US Main Rival In Neo-scramble For Africa And The Enemy On The World Trade & Economic Control. GOSS Should Have Immediately Corrected This Course And Embrace US, Norway, And UK Diplomacy. Besides, Military Procurement And Sales World Wide Is A Proxy War Between Russia, US, China And The EU. This Had Angered The US Seeing South Sudan Following a The Footstep Of Bashir As A US Sanctioned HOS And Govt. It’s Not Ayii Late a to Reverse the Course And compensate The TROIKA Of Its Support For South Sudan Independence.

    Bashir Had Held For Long Time That US Grab Resources Without Development Compared To China. this ideology had been Instilled In Our Leaders And Citizens Hearts.

    South-South Dialogue:
    The Essence Of S-S Dialogue As Espoused In The CPA Was To Reconcile And Heal Wounds And Build Bridges Among The South Sudanese Community. The Enmity Among The Tribes Had Existed Since 1983 Due To Wrangling For Leadership Of the SPLA/M. Dr Garang And Comrades Like H.E President Kiir Had Known This And That’s Why They Had Equal Representation Of All South sudanese In The high Command And Political Wings Of The Movement. However, Bashir Had Severed This Dialogue By Creating Obstacles On The Way To CPA Implementation; That’s Engaging In Attacking South Sudanese Territories And Swayed GOSS From Putting It’s House In Order.

    When UN Said That There Is Possibility Of Returning To Full Scale War, It’s A Well Research Article Because UN Security Council Permanent Members Had Their Interest Denied In South Sudan And Seeing china and Russia reaping Where They Had Not Sow Anyway.

    But In Amy Opinion, This’s A Miss-guided Statement Of Intent And South Sudanese Have Opportunity To Disprove The Hearsay as Unfounded By Putting Our Dynasty Loyalty And Personal Interest Aside And Save The Dream Of It’s People.

    In The End Of The Day, West Will Support Armed Opposition Today And Turn Against It Tomorrow If Its Interests Are Not Met.

  • Peace will be achieve if there is way to teach Kiir and Riek supporters what peace really means to them. Start teaching from the grassroots level. Because majority of South Sudanese are born and growing up during the wartime. Their blood are easily immune to war and tribal lines of support to their tribesman. To bring peace in the country like South Sudan is difficult. Unless tribal ideology need to be address first from grassroots level. Also, starvations becomes issues too, everyone is looking for a way out of robbing the country through violence means. Another, way is get rid of Kiir and Riek from the power. Although, there’s will be more violence, but will die down slowly. Riek and Kiir are obstacles to peace in South Sudan. Get rid of them and peace gonna come.

  • I need peace in my Country so that we can go back to our Country peace make people proud and feel happy always peace make country great and strong 100% people feel happy always and forever when there is a peace everyone do whatever they want and we received a lot of blessing through God is power

  • No more war,people of South Sudan need peace.

  • Nyara Moses Yamba
    September 18, 2019 8:35 am

    South Sudan president is animal which never think of tomorrow or next day.

  • Akeen garang Akeen
    September 18, 2019 10:23 am

    Igad are doing nothing in the war of South Sudan, what they need is money and that is it.

  • What is the action discussed after leak the plans fight again both side?

  • When the problem identified always resolution must be. I hope this time we have learned so much scenarios covered us in which sometimes, we blaming ourselves or point finger out external elements are behind current situation in our country. All these are facts that undeniable. But what can be our responses, if we believed South Sudan is our country we fought for to gain freedom and stability. To me, peace is and unity of South Sudanese are crucial. This is the way to final resolution and strong mechanisms must stop all suspicious elements.


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