Position of Gajaak SPLM- IO leadership in Juba on the defection of Hon. Dak Duop Bichiok

Seen in this photo are members of the Nuer community in a past meeting in the United States. photo: SSNA

Date: 19th of April 2020

April 20, 2020 (SSNA) — The Gajaak leadership in Juba has learned with dismay the defection of Hon Dak Duop from Sudan People Liberation Movement- in Opposition (SPLM-IO) to Sudan People Liberation movement-in Government (SPLM-IG), in a press conference held in Juba on the 16th of April 2020.

The reasons as to why Hon Dak defected are the followings:

  1. According to their press release, the group stated that SPLM-IO is being run as a family business. 2. Hon. Dak complained that he was left out of the government. 1. An allegation that SPLM-IO is being run as a family business. In response to this allegation, it is important for the viewers to know that Mr. Dak was a senior member of the SPLM-IO Polite Bureau, the only highest post representing Gajaak community in the movement until his defection and was chairperson of Petroleum committee for SPM-IO. Hon Dak was also appointed in 2016 as the Minister of Petroleum representing Eastern Jikany Nuer community; an appointment, which was rejected by some of his colleagues who were competing for the same Ministry. His appointment was partly blamed for the defection of some SPLM-IO members to Government in 2016.

As a member of the Polit Bureau, Hon. Dak had all the opportunities in SPLA/M-IO to address the concerns in the movement. Furthermore, before the appointment of National Ministers, SPLM-IO Chairman Dr. Riek Machar conducted a consultative meeting with Jikany community in Juba on their nominees. Prior to the consultative meeting, Jikany community submitted two separate lists: 9 candidates for Gajiok, and 2 candidates for Gajaak that included Hon Dak himself-making the Jikany candidates for National position to be 11. More importantly, the consultative meeting gave the chairman an option to pick any person from the list of 11 candidates for the position of National Minister. Chairman acted and appointed Hon Puot Kang from Gajiiok community, a decision that was appreciated and welcome by the Gajaak community. In the revitalized peace agreement that led to the formation of Government on February 21, 2020, Dr. Riek Machar Teny gave back the same ministry to Jikany community, but this time, the position went to Gajiok community; a decision which was appreciated and welcomed by Gajaak intellectuals because all of us have equal right to get any political appointment that represents all Jikany community. Contrary to the argument made by Hon. Dak and his group, all procedures were transparent, and the community members were consulted, hence there was no evidence of family Business.

  1. An allegation that Hon. Dak was left out of the current government The allegation that Hon. Dak was left out of the current government is undermined by two reasons.

Firstly, most of the government appointments are not completed from National parliaments, national Advisors, and specialized commissions, and state government; therefore, his argument that he has been left out is not valid. Secondly, the Chairman assured the Gajaak community that Hon Dak would be considered in the other positions.


We Gajaak SPLM-IO leadership in Juba regret such a desperate decision by Hon Dak and condemn it in the strongest term possible. However, we would like to make it clear to the public that Hon Dak left alone without single follower from Gajaak leadership (see the list of the defectors) We, therefore, urge SPLM IO supporters in general and Gajaak community members in particular to cease communication with Mr. Dak from the time this information reach.

We Gajaak community stand firmly behind the SPLA/M –IO leadership under the 1st Vice President of South Sudan and Commander in Chief of SPLA-IO, Dr. Riek Macahr Teny. It is our conviction that SPLM-IO is not fighting for individual positions, but for a total transformation of South Sudan.

Major Gen Stephen Pal Kun Kek, Former Governor of defunct Adar State SPLA/M-IO

ViVa Dr. Machar Teny

VIVA Gajaak Community

VIVA South Sudan ViVA

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