South Sudan National Security behind SPLM-IO split, Source

Akol Koor Kuch (in black suit), the head of NSS Internal Bureau. Photo: File

Juba, October 13, 2021 (SSNA) — The internal split and conflict between top political and military leaders of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-In Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) was caused by South Sudan National Security, a high-ranking national security officer who demanded his name not be disclosed for fear of reprisal told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) in Juba today.

The agent explained that Akol Koor Kuch, who is the head of the NSS internal bureau formed a private team that regularly deals with the SPLM/A-IO officials. The officer also asserted that bribery was the main tool used in the division of the SPLM/A-IO.

The goal, according to the source, is to weaken the armed opposition and then use the division as a reason to further prevent the delayed full implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.

“Akol met with a few senior SPLM/A-IO leaders in January, March, and the last in July this year,” the source disclosed, adding, “money and empty promises were used and worked.”

The SSNA understands that SPLM/A-Io split in early August this year in what is now popularly known as the “Kitgwang declaration.” The group is currently being led by former SPLA-IO Chief of General Staff 1st Lt. General Simon Gatwech Dual.

The group accused SPLM/A-IO leader and First Vice president Riek Machar of being soft on President Kiir over peace implementation.

SPLA-IO newly appointed Chief of Staff General Gabriel Duop Lam calls the split “government-sponsored project” and promises that the movement will prevail without what he described as “destructive elements.”

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