Late Chuol Tut Kuannyang. Photo: File

In Loving Memory: Honoring Father and Heroic Grandpa Chuol Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen

Late Chuol Tut Kuannyang. Photo: FileHeartfelt Letter to Honoring the Loving Memory of Father and Heroic Grandpa Chuol Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

June 19, 2024 (SSNA) — It is hard to believe that two years have passed since you left us. Every day, we think of you and your remarkable legacy. Our village owes so much to you, and we want to honor your great memory and the profound impact you had on all our lives. We remember the time we were growing up hearing stories being told when our village was facing a severe food shortage. The crops had failed, and many families struggled to find enough to eat. It was a dire situation, and hope was fading. But you, Dad, stepped up and became the hero the whole village needed.

The people will never forget the day you decided to hunt the hippo. You knew that the meat from such a large animal could provide enough food to sustain our village for a considerable time. The decision was not easy, knowing full well the risk involved was immense, but you were driven by the heart of service to ensure that no one in your village would go hungry.

As people recalled the ordeal, through earlier evening hours to the night, you prepared your hunting gear (Leany & Canoe) and set out determined in your hunting skills. The entire village was anxious, knowing the dangers that lay ahead. Those who knew your bravery prayed for your safety and success to save lives. The hours seemed to stretch endlessly as people awaited your return.

When you finally came back, victorious, with the good news that hippo meat was waiting for the whole village to enjoy, the relief and joy that swept through the village were indescribable. You had done it—you had secured enough food to feed everyone. Your bravery and skill had turned the tide of desperation into one of hope and gratitude for vulnerable families. The meat from the hippo provides nourishment for weeks and months, and it brings back a sense of security and stability to the community you love unconditionally.

But your heroism did not stop there. You made sure to transfer by sharing the knowledge, experience, and techniques you used with other hunters, empowering them to provide for their families and contribute to the community’s well-being at large. Your selflessness and willingness to share your skills strengthened the strong bonds in the family. with our village and fostered a spirit of unity and resilience for all.

Throughout your lifetime, you often worked tirelessly, putting others’ needs before your own to the day you took your last breath at 8:00 pm on Sunday, June 19, 2022, in Khartoum Sudan – you continue to rest in power in a place you called home Ghap, Ayod county, South Sudan. Your sacrifices and your unwavering commitment to our well-being left an indelible mark on all of us. You taught us the importance of perseverance, courage, and the value of helping others in times of need is an unmatchable generosity spirit you kept for a lifetime of one hundred years on earth.

Your story spread beyond our village, inspiring neighboring communities to take similar actions. Your efforts demonstrated that with the love of family in the spirit of unity, determination, and compassion, we could overcome even the greatest of challenges. You showed us that one person’s actions could indeed make a world of difference.

Dad, Chuol Tut Kuannyang Jock Meen, aka (Borjiok Nyakuem Luoy) you were more than just a father to many – you were a savior to our entire village and the family. Your legacy of love, bravery, and tireless dedication continues to inspire us all including your grandchildren across the globe. The values you instilled in us – hard work, integrity, and the importance of helping others – guide the family every day. We strive to live by your commendable exemplary and to honor your memory by continuing the work you started.

Although you are today no longer with us physically, your spirit lives on in the hearts of the people you saved and in the community that thrives because of you and the family you carried on your shoulders. We all missed you deeply, but we find comfort in knowing that your legacy will never be forgotten.

Thank you, Dad, thank you beloved Grandpa for your unwavering courage, your boundless generosity, and your enduring unconditional love. As a family, we are equally forever proud to be your children on this planet earth, and we will carry in our hearts your memory always.

All our love to you rest in peace, Borjiok!!

Signed by the Tut Family on Wednesday, June 19, 2024