The Creation of Another Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia

Press Release

March 22, 2014 (SSNA) — The SPLM/SPLA Youth League would like to register their voices and unwavering support to the leadership of the SPLM/SPLA particularly on their stand toward achieving a meaningful peace and security in our nation. We also applaud our leadership on being open minded, courageous and stand firm on the principle of inclusivity since, it’s our believe that this crises cannot be resolved without the participation of all the people of South Sudan regardless of their tribes or political affiliation. However, we would like to bring to the attention of the SPLM/SPLA Leadership the following areas of concern, which we demand immediate examination and intervention from both the IGAD and its Partners.

1. Creation of parallel forces to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan by the IGAD and its Partners: we condemn this in the strongest terms possible and we want say that as Youth of this beloved nation we are not ready and we will never and ever be ready seeing another Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia being created at our watch. The so-Call ‘Stabilisation Force’ or ‘Deterrence force’ carry no meaning and it doesn’t help South Sudan whatever the reasons may be but just a clear plan to colonize our people and loot our nation under the claim of the protection of civilian and vital infrastructure because of the following reasons.

First, inclusive of the IGAD stabilization force, there will be seven (7) different forces in South Sudan namely:-

1. SPLM/SPLA Forces
2. Salva Kiir Forces
3. Musseveni UPDF
4. JEM   Sudan rebel group
5. SPLM North Sudan rebel group
6. UNMISS Forces

Secondly, the IGAD head of States praised the role of Uganda in protecting the vital infra-structures in South Sudan when we actually know weapons (Cluster bombs) that is prohibited under the International Humanitarian law was used by UPDF in Jonglei State.

Thirdly, the creation of the said parallel force shall undermined the UNMISS roles and it shall be in conflict with resolution of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to deploy additional 5,500 forces. If it’s true that the intention behind the creation of such force is to protect civilians than expand the mandates of the UNMISS so as to cover the intention or move a motion in the UNSC to deem UNMISS irrelevant and get them out of South Sudan before the deployment of the said force.

Fourthly, if the IGAD still claim to have taken this resolution in a good faith and they cannot reverse it than the SPLM/SPLA Youth League shall have to believe that the participation of the Countries within IGAD shall result into regionalization of the conflict and therefore we purpose to both IGAD and its Partners to only deploy troops from Western part of Africa and Southern part of Africa and if at all they cannot move out of IGAD Countries and they cannot listen to the voice of reality because the intention is to declare war on our people like they did when they permitted Uganda to go and fight long side Salva Kiir and use cluster bomb on the civilians target than it should only be Ethiopia and Sudan to be deploy but not any other Country.

2. Political Detainees: The IGAD turned around and violated a document signed under their mediation. The release and the participations of the eleven (11) political detainees is clearly mentioned and defined by the Status of the political detainees signed on the 23rd of January 2014. We still believe that Kangaroo Court in Juba wouldn’t produce any meaningful solution to the conflict instead will make it worst. 

Inclusion, we want to be clear and very clear to the whole world and to the IGAD AND its Partners that our motive and objective is that we are fighting for a Free, Just and Prosperous South Sudan where the principle of Equality is embraced. A nation where Lado, Gatluak, Deng, Gwado, John, and Mohamed can sit side by side on a table of brotherhood.

A nation where its resources shall belong to the people of South Sudan not ABMC as it’s the case at moment. Because of all these reasons we want to say let no man blaspheme the cause that the dead generation of South Sudan served by giving it any other name and definition than their name and their definition. For all these reasons, we pledge to South Sudan our sincere love, and we pledge to the dictatorship in Juba our hate and disappointment and therefore we shall never and ever choice the path of submission and suffer the most sacred right of our nation and our people to be violated or ignored by any external or internal force.

Cde. Puot Kang Chol
The Representative of the SPLM/SPLA Youth League, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny
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