Save the image of South Sudan

By: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, M.D.

January 9, 2010 (SSNA) — It has long been said that a letter is known from the external address. This can also be partially true of our situation as related to southern Sudan, and those who have no any clue about the people of south Sudan will definitely resort to the available media outlets in order to satisfy their curiosity.

But do we the ‘ South Sudanese literates, at any moment of our reckless handling of the media and our commentaries on the websites of which the Sudan Tribune takes the led, ever bothered to think what type of impression, about ourselves, are we giving to the foreigner visitors of those websites. Should a politician be corrupt, he can only be called so, but do we also need to insult his family members, clan or tribe?

Anyone who has been following the many disgusting commentaries that routinely appear especially on the Sudan Tribune website would have one time or the other expressed their dislike for what is happening. The degree of vulgarity is so demeaning that you are left with the impression that south Sudan is a home for savage thugs who lack family values and the basics of civilized language to address one another.

Those heartless individuals who are paid to reduce the image of South Sudanese on such a website that is widely visited but also quoted, are none but the fifth columnists implanted in our midst with the sole intention of frustrating southern Sudanese from constructively using the media technology in favourably forging the necessary unity amongst our people and initiate the mass emancipation of our people.

If we are to be very frank with ourselves, and view every thing that takes place around us with due importance and put some effort into digging out the root causes, we will not be surprised that it is the same inter ethnic gun fights that have engulfed the entirety of the semi-autonomous south Sudan, has through some tribal sick and hired individuals are now bent to create another battling front on the Sudan Tribune website.

But as the combatants on the website are conscious of the fact that they are hired individuals on a disgraceful mission against their motherland South Sudan, the traitors are using fake identities and remain ashamed for their undignified work to the extend that they are more of cowards to come out openly nor do they have the pride to show the honour put on them by their parents who gave them family names that now they have to hide, being self conscious of the disgraceful role they are undertaking.

It is not a coincidence for a crazy individual who do not have respect to public domains and who are not at all ashamed of the filthy and vulgar languages that they often resort to in their futile attempts to cow down the voice of the truth. And as such I am inclined to think that, a very massive distraction campaign is in the play.

At any rate should this be the level of our intellect or at least of those who have chosen to get this low , our future is not only in the hands of a few mocking disgraced individuals who have been placed officially behind hired computers to fight this loosing battle on behave of their masters, but those who would want to spread the culture of constructive criticism while have to adjust to fight both the hired cheap personalities until they either come out openly as responsible people of chose to quit ones and for all.

The other front to tackle would obviously be the webmasters of these abusive websites. And as a leading example in this non ethnical practice is the ‘Sudan Tribune’, which though a widely visited website, but unfortunately it has failed to keep to the acceptable standards of public conduct. Of course unless Sudan Tribune itself has something to benefit, I don’t really understand the reason behind it not subjecting the comments made by the different visitors to pass through a scrutiny where it could have the sole right to publish only those articles and comments that abide by the acceptable standards found on the other websites. The Sudan Tribune needs to review its stand and it is for its own reputation that it does not publish any material that carries vulgar language, rude, personal insults and abusive connotations.

If for any reasons the Sudan Tribune is not going to correct its stand and allows for the personal abuses on its website, then people will have to conclude that there is some conspiracy theory in action in which the southern Sudanese are being intentionally exposed to ill treatment and non ethical media bombardment that must stop.

And if the worse comes to the worse and this website (The Sudan Tribune and others) continue to maintain that south Sudanese are that cheap bunch of people, I am sorry to say that, it will soon loose many of its contributors amongst the south Sudanese.

At this juncture I also call upon all the other south Sudanese regular article contributors to the above website to revisit their positions. We are all for a sound democratic debate and constructive criticisms within the domain of civilization. Otherwise is it worth all these abuses and personal insults to continue writing on a website that is infested with indecency?

Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, MB, BCh, DRH, MD. Secretary General of the United South Sudan Party (USSP). The party that stands for the independence of South Sudan. Can be reached at either [email protected] or [email protected]

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