What if National Elections Commission Rejected Kiir Nomination To GoSS Presidency?

Surely, the time is approaching where Kiir’s rule in the South shall fall by its own misgivings like an overripe piece of fruit from a tree. Individualization of profits by Kiir’s bad governance beneficiaries with socialization of loss later to all the people of Southern Sudan shall never be acceptable any more. My judgment here is not a practice of irresponsible sensationalism of the press but a real concern for realization of genuine democratic change in Southern Sudan as her people moves closer to full independence from autonomous dependence on Khartoum.

After April 2010 elections, Southern Sudan deserves a fairly and transparently elected salvation government (not NCP/NIF salvation style) run by her own sincere sons and daughters with the interest and common good of the people in their hearts, and with leadership qualities of tolerance, competence, dedication and flexibility in practice rather than in mere theory and political speeches for public relations purposes.

Dr. James Okuk is a concerned citizen of South Sudan and he could be reached at: [email protected]

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