Rescuing South Sudan from Bad Leadership

By Dr. James Okuk

January 25, 2010 (SSNA) — Hello Brother Jacob K. Lupai; wake up from your slumbers and come down from the sky to the ground in Southern Sudan under the current weak government, which is working for the “Somalization” of our beloved land rather than “Americanization” and the common good of the people.

But Eh Man! Don’t just wake up from sleep and flip flop sentences according your cognitive mood from the blues. Go and read in the comment of Dr. Lam Akol on “suicide thing” put wrongly into his mouth by some biased journalists. Also go and read the apology of the journalists who misquoted Dr. Lam out of context by wrongly using the phrase “Independent of South Sudan will be a suicide” and you will see your article as outdated and ancient.

Please brother, lift yourself out from the past so that you could fit into the present for the sake of better future with good governance from good leadership in the South. Have you not been told these days that Hon. James Wani Igga run away from Juba to avoid the heat of flashback of dictatorial SPLM Politburo’s elections nomination by senseless handpicking? Now Hon. Igga has gone back to his Ostrich’s style of behavior of hiding the head under the sand when things become too hot to touch. Now the hypothesis that has been known within the SPLM/A circles that “if you want to kill a project, just give it to James Wani Igga” is becoming a proven theory with what is happening right now in the South regarding SPLM’s candidate’s nominations for elections.

Have you realized how Dr. Riek has resorted to passivity and tactics of let-it-fall-and-why-bother regarding Kiir’s bad decisions bades on Dr. Luka Biong’s and Dr. Luka Monoja’s bad advices? Now it has become clear in a bright daylight to the Southerners who should be the doctor of what and when!!!! Now the Southerners have come to know that penadol and aspirin does not heal any disease. It is time for Kiir to fire the right doctors in the wrong profession or leave them to be fired once the next president of the GoSS forms his government and cabinet in May 2010.

Have you realized how Hon. Abdel Aziz Adam Hilu has abandoned the SPLM these days because of Kiir’s bad governance and incompetent leadership!!! And have you realized how Hon. Pagan Amum is leaving Kiir alone to carry his own cross if he does not step down from the SPLA’s command before he submits his elections nomination application to the National Elections Commission (NEC)!!! Mr. SPLM Secretary-General has rightly warned Kiir to do it, or else, he will be taught a constitutional lesson and made to understand the rule of games of democratic politics by Hon. Judge Abel Alier that there is no individual or a political party above the law and beyond the power of the people.

Surely, under the present weak government in Southern Sudan, many things will continue to fall apart. But the good cap of hope is that the sign of times and maps of elections politics are indicating that the majority of the people are silently waiting to express their disappointment with Kiir and other incompetent SPLM leaders in the April 11th – 13th, 2010 ballot boxes. Majority of Southerners shall elect Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin to be the next president of the GoSS so as to complete the good work of self-determination he has started with Hon. Bona Malwal, Dr. Riek Machar. Mr. Peter Abdelrahman Sule and other Southerners who have the interest of the people in their hearts as the history of evolution of right to self-determination for Southerners tell.

Don’t waste your time trying to reform the deformed Kiir’s rule and rescuing the un-rescueable because five years is enough to evaluate a leader whether he is a success or a genus of failure. With no doubts, when the honorary PhD holder, Dr. Salva Kiir Mayadit goes home after April 2020, a lot of things shall become well again in South Sudan. The South shall rightly be prepared to embrace “Rock independence” with right leadership rather than “Banana Republic” with bad leaders.

But if some people attempt to keep Kiir in the GoSS even for one year only (up to January 2011) has it as been agreed secretly and foolishly by some gentlemen in the recent SPLM Polituro’s meeting without considering the possible opposite results of the elections and without consulting the people and respecting the constitution, many more things will fall apart in the South and Southerners shall continue to suffer and be cheated by unjust Northerners on many issues!!!

If Kiir is foolishly given another term to lead the South, some wrong elements within the SPLA will continue brutalizing school kids, beating pregnant women, kicking grandmothers with boots, boxing females and Catholic nuns journalists in Bakhita FM and other media houses in the South, and shooting with AK-47 whoever they feel bad with. The LRA will continue causing havoc to civilians in the South without any defense or offence on them by the SPLA who are supposed to be on guard of South Sudan borders with the neighboring countries rather than guarding only the corrupt and incompetent SPLM leaders.

Is this the South we want as it is now under Kiir’s bad rule? For me, I will always categorically say Big NO. Mr. Salva Kiir must go so that the South can be become a safe country with development and security of the people, by the people and for the people.

In return, Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin should be voted in as the next president of the GoSS for a serious preparation of South Sudan for inevitable Independence in 2011. To rescue the South from collapse, leadership bankruptcy, and many bad things happening there from different angles (corruption, tribalism, insecurity, job-incompetence, poverty, SPLA and GoSS police indiscipline and brutality on innocent citizens), just let us work hard enough to vote in Dr. Lam as the best possible next GoSS President and the political prophet of genuine change within democratic umpires. This is the only best way forward for the good of the South and the common good of all.

Dr. James Okuk is a concerned Southerner for genuine change, can be reached at: [email protected]

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