What South Sudanese Educated Have In Common With The National Islamic Front (NIF)?!

By Luk Kuth Dak

February 2, 2010 (SSNA) — It’s a well known fact, no doubt, that every year, both the National Islamic Front (INF) and the National Congress Party (NCP) of the embattled President Omer al- Bashir, dedicate billions of dollars to bribe some wickets selfish African heads of states, international organizations and any inpidual who might try to block their way in robbing the country of every penny there is, and their compulsive appetite to remain in power for as long they could, as a mean to continue enriching themselves, and also to protect their leaders who are wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), for war crimes genocide in Darfur.

For example, the former African Union (AU) executive Dr. Salim Ahmad Salim and his colleagues, demonstrate, by the letter, the ability of the NIF’s pit bulls to bribe just about anybody and everybody, who dares being a huddle to their uncivilized ideas and principles of radicalizing the Sudan and turning it into a racist state, for Arabs only.

Virtually, Dr. Salim’s future, and that of the other crooks behind him, is all but settled. And for the rest of their lives and beyond, no longer will they need to worry, ever, about finding jobs to make a living like the rest us do. After all, they walked away with more than the lion share of the Sudanese peoples’ hard-earned money, in returned for their unconditional support to shield the world’s most famous fugitive, President al Bashir, from the ICC.

On the domestic front, the regime uncontrollably continues to spend generously and massively in support of its Southern “ Golden Boys” and their militias, of course, in order to undermined the authority of the Government of South Sudan ( GOSS), under the leadership of Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, and most of all, to destroy the unity among the South Sudanese people, particularly as elections and the referendum, are only a matter of months away.

Unfortunately, that NIF’s pide – and- rule policies, are actually paying off their pidends, and very handsomely so, among some self- loving Southerners, who do not seem to give a damn, about the nearly three million lives that perished at the hands of this Islamic and bigoted regime of President Omer al- Basher.

Mush to the bafflement of the Southern Sudanese in the United States, the current Sudanese Ambassador to the United States of American and a ranking SPLM leader, Dr. Akech Khoc, unfortunately, represents what the NIF is capable of achieving in penetrating the SPLM defenses, and root out those who clearly suffer from trust and self-esteem issues.

Matter of fact, when Dr. Khoc was bestowed to the helm of one of the most important diplomatic mission in the world, it brought such a joy, particularly among the South Sudanese. They thought that­, rightly so, that his first order of business would be to repair the damage caused by his predecessor, former Ambassador, John Ukec Lueth, who has literally trashed and tarnished the SPLM’s reputation with its most important allay, being the United States of America.

But no. Dr. Khoc did not disappoint the regime of tyrant Omer al Basher. Regrettably, he has proven anyone and everyone dead wrongly, by following the foot step of his predecessor, Dr. John Ukech Lueth, so much that the NIF leaders including al Tayib Mustafa, ( President al Basher’s uncle and Editor –in- Chief of al Intibaha) could not hide their satisfaction with his services to their best interest in the capital of the United States of America, Washington, D.C.

In an interview with al Sharq al Awsat’s Mohammad Ali Salih, he was quoted as saying: “ The Government of the National Unity (GoNU) is currently undertaking some important projects in South Sudan, that will ultimately make unity all the more attractive.” But when he was confronted by the author to name just one of Such lucrative projects he was boasting about, he simply froze. “ My words have taken out of context, he said.”

And in his speech on the Sudan’s Independence Day, Dr. Khoc was in a serious and dangerous contradiction of the highest order, of the SPLM’s stance on the celebration of the so – called Independence Day. And by glorifying the so-called heroism and the braveness of those whom he allegedly suggested that they have liberated Sudan from the colonialism, to given us the freedom we all enjoy today, the Ambassador has not only disrespected the nearly three millions who have lost their lives at the hands of their fellow countrymen, but he insulted their families as well.

Now, the legitimate question for Dr. Khoc is : by comparison between the so – called National Governments,( who have turned the South into a morgue, for over two centuries and counting) and the Great Britain tenure in Sudan, how many Southern lives were lost, and how many of our young girls and mothers that were raped and enslaved by the British colonizers, so mush that their departure became such a memorable event to cherish and celebrate?

Meanwhile, if Dr. Khoc would have taken the time to visit with those he represents and ask their opinion on the Independence Day, he could have been told, unanimously so, that they would have much preferred to be under the British rules as oppose to the National Governments, that had only robed them their dignity and humanity for far too long.

And so while I am not accusing the Ambassador of being bought, because I have no proof in my hands, and although he won’t admit it, sources tell me that, for some mysterious reasons, the man is anything but an SPLM ! His Embassy is irreflective of a perse Sudan that the SPLM has fought for. In another word, it’s still a colt dominated by the same faces who have been looting the country since 1956.

Further more, Dr. Khoc delivered his speech in the Arabic language ( which, by his own admission does not know it very well) to an audience that mostly, if not all, speaks and understands the English language so very well indeed !!

However, the question that lingers around so much, especially in South Sudan gatherings is: has anyone ever wondered as to why does it seem as though of all segments of the society in South Sudan, the brightest, and the most educated are actually the easiest ones to succumb to the lucrative bribes packages of the NIF regime, that eventually, they turn their backs against the very people who- along the way- assisted them in reaching their pinnacles?!

The short answer is: greed, greed and more greed.

In the best sense of the word, most Southerners I speak with are basically at a loss and so flabbergasted that such preposterous betrayal conduct doesn’t seem to raise a full scale outrage in the South, to the point that some people continue to lend their unconditional commitment and support behind those treacherous inpiduals, even if it means losing one’s dear life and property for them!!

Furthermore, it’s necessary to distinguish between joining any Northern political party, be it al- Umma or otherwise. After all, Sudan is still a one nation until further notice. However, it’s a whole different issue for a South Sudanese to justify an alliance with one of the most murderous regime with over two million lives of innocent children and women under its belt. Indeed, isn’t it the policy this is a radical regime to wipe out as many black people as possible, and to destroy our African culture and religious beliefs?

Final thought, the SPLM can’t afford to have a disloyal representative in the one of the most important countries in the world, particularly as we are headed for some major challenges of our life time. Namely, the April general election and the subsequent referendum in 2011 referendum.

Dr. Khoc must go! And he must go now.

The author is former anchorman with Juba radio. He can be reach at: [email protected]

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